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MRSA in siuses
Started by Donna
Posted: October 9, 2006 at 21:33
I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has mrsa of the sinuses most of the people on this site seem to have the skin type. I have been dealing with this for over a year and have had one sinus surgery and done a 5 week course of vancomycin neither of which helped. If there is anyone out there that has a similar situation I would love to hear about it.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #1 by Darice Nations
Posted: October 30, 2006 at 15:57
I had sinus surgery in Feb. 06 after suffering for years with recurring sinus infections. When the lab work came back following surgery my dr. told me I had MRSA and put me on antibiotics and nasal wash. It clears up while I'm taking antibiotics but within 2 weeks the infection is back with a vengence. I am at my wits ends, because I am tired of feeling like crap. The dr. even had me on a no longer used antibiotic. The pharmacist said it used to be used to treat tuberculosis. At this point, I'm almost ready to try dynamite to relieve the pain and overall crappy feeling.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #2 by mary
Posted: November 1, 2006 at 12:38
i have it in my sinuses also and probably taken the same medicine. what type of nasal wash did you use darice. what were your symptoms
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #3 by mary
Posted: November 16, 2006 at 20:17
im pretty sure i have mrsa in my sinuses i was wondering if anyone with it in their sinuses could email me at i wanted to discuss symptoms and treatment what has and what hasnt worked for you. im so tired of this disease. the public needs to know more about this. my mother passed away and had it in her lungs kidney and bladder and skin. i think thats how i contracted it. please email me
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #4 by Daniel B. Wheeler
Posted: November 17, 2006 at 12:22
I have been treating probable sinus infection with Bactroban Nasal Ointment. Only effective after any lesions have healed, as I understand. Each tube contains antibiotic in petroleum jelly base. Squeeze half the tube in each nostril, squash nostril to spread/distribute, and try to keep from sneezing or breathing through nose for a couple minutes. Seems to be working.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #5 by Elizabeth Hoffman
Posted: November 18, 2006 at 01:29
I was diagnosed 7 weks ago with MRSA of the sinuses and Mandible. & weeks of Intravenous vancomyacin has cleared my sinuses on CT scan but I still have 4 new skin lesions. The MD's stopped my vanco, pulled my pic line and now I have no idea what to do!! I feel so much better since the vancomyacin, and wanted to stay on it, but the all knowing MD's don't agree. Help if you know a specialist who treats only MRSA. I am willing to travel anywhere!!
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #6 by wendy
Posted: December 1, 2006 at 07:04
What are the symptoms of MRSA in sinuses? I have been having sinus pain off and on since before I got my first boil. An x-ray showed nothing and a course of antiobiotics did nothing.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #7 by Elizabeth Hoffman
Posted: December 14, 2006 at 22:37
Ask your MD for a 3-D CT scan, diagnosed my MRSA of the mandible. Just had surgery, spent 6 days in the hospital, now on 12 weeks of IV vanco, rifampin, avelox. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Infectious medicine treating my illness as serious. Skin lesions are clearing up, surgery site is healing, finally, some hope. E-mail me if you want to talk.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #8 by Judi
Posted: December 19, 2006
I was wondering if Colleen is feeling better with the garlic? I was just diagnosed w MRSA in my sinuses. Have been on the wrong ABX for two weeks. seeing an ID tomorrow.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #9 by Linda
Posted: December 29, 2006
I'm a staff nurse at a local hospital.. I'm now trying for workman's comp for MRSA in my sinus. I had two sinus surgeries and IV Cubicin twice.. first 3 weeks then 6 weeks. I've now been healthy for a year.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #10 by mary
Posted: January 1, 2007 at 05:09
what are the symptoms of it in your sinuses. ive been on antibiotic after antibiotic and nothing is working. i dont want to have to go through sinus surgery. please email me at
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #11 by MP
Posted: January 2, 2007 at 05:54
I contracted MRSA in my sinuses after sinus surgery. I have had 3 PICC lines w/IV antibiotics & IV steroids. MRSA was gone after each IV treatment but came back 2 more times. 3 PICC lines in 3 years. I now have other hospital borne infections (pseudomonas & fungal) that I have had for 2 years straight that even the IV treatments cannot get rid of. I have my sinuses sunctioned out by ENT dr. every week & use fungal meds & steroids in nebulizer as I can no longer tolerate any of these meds through IV. I have a port-a-cath in my chest as my veins are no longer any good for PICC lines. I have also been found to have an immune system deficiency for antibody deficiency so I get monthly transfusions at hospital. Even w/all this I cannot get rid of these problems in my sinuses. Latest trip to hospital showed that the infection also went into my lungs and pneumonia.

Symptoms for me are copious amounts of green discharge (liquid & big hard crustlike pieces that I cannot get out myself--dr. has to suction out). Severe face & tooth pain, very bad fatigue, etc. I cannot drive because of balance issues & have lost my job of 20 years due to this.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #12 by Warwick
Posted: January 2, 2007 at 14:16
I occasionally get sinus infections and treat it by "sniffing" in Manuka honey into each nostril. It is the only thing that works and usually gives instant relief and cure. It may sting for a while but that shows it is working so put up with that. But you must use a manuka honey from New Zealand with a high UMF factor...the higher the better. Apply as often as you wish and the more the better. Good luck all.... from Australia.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #13 by mary
Posted: January 3, 2007 at 03:33
elizabeth hoffman ive tried to email you how are doing now im curious could you please email me
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #14 by mary
Posted: January 3, 2007 at 03:36
linda the nurse could you please email me. i would like to hear your story. i tested positive for mrsa and am sure its in my sinuses. could you email please
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #15 by mary
Posted: January 3, 2007 at 03:47
can you please tell me what pseudomonas is and does it reside in your sinuses also.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #16 by MP
Posted: January 6, 2007 at 07:05
Pseudomonas is another hospital borne infection that I have in my sinuses. MRSA gets & stays under control for a while after IV antibiotics. Pseudomonas is treated w/different antibiotic & does clear after IV treatment but not for long. I just finished my last IV treatment in Nov. & dr. believes it may be back along w/the fungal infection which I have had since mid last year. Have not successfully gotten rid of the fungal infection because I cannot tolerate the IV meds needed for that one. Cultures can be taken in dr's office but my ENT usually takes cultures in O.R. because he gets better samples from deeper in sinuses & because I have to have regular debridments in O.R. anyway. Having another one done in a little over a week. I have not had MRSA anywhere other than in my sinuses (so far). I have HA-MRSA that I received during my initial sinus surgery 3 years ago and it has been just awful ever since. I have not left my house in over a year except for dr's, hospital visits, or lab works. I used to be a very active workaholic. For me, the Pseudo & fungal have been even harder to get under control than the MRSA because at least I get a short break from the MRSA after the IV treatments. 2 hospital visits ago they tested my immune system & said that I don't make enough of the antibodies needed to fight infection so that is why I keep getting & can't get rid of infections. I now get transfusions of these antibodies each month at the hospital called IVIG.

Mary, Do you have MRSA skin lesions & think it is in sinuses also? What did they culture? Just a nasal swab or a culture from a lesion?

Hope I answered some of your questions. Let me know if you have any others I might be able to help you with.
Re: MRSA in My husband's siuses
Reply #17 by Dee Dee
Posted: January 6, 2007 at 17:36
I'm not sure, but I think my husband has another serious MRSA sinus infection. His eyes are swollen just underneth the lower lids and are turnuing a blueish/pink color.Has a fever,cough,headache and bad bone and muscle aches.
He's had chronic sinus infections in the past and several boughts of pnuemonia. Two years ago '04 our daughter almost died from this MRSA she caught from a DOCTOR! He had tested positive for MRSA, but did not know it at the time and had done a minor surgical procedure on her face. He didn't use very sanitary practices as I was there while it was done.Just afterwards both my husband and I were advised by him to be tested for MRSA cultures in our nasal cavities. In three days his came back Pos! Mine was Neg! He needed to see ENT ASAP! The meds given to him did the job then!
Now we can't get an app. for weeks. The antibiotic the doc just gave a few months ago him was for the pneumonia. He seemed to recover from that just fine. A week later had a sleep study at a sleep clinic (for severe snoring or apnia) where I think he picked this THING up again! They put him on a breathing mask during sleep! I think it was contaminated with the MRSA bug. He was just fine till then. Does anyone think that once you have this MRSA you'll always be suseptable to it again? I'm terrified of this bug taking him from me.Waiting for doc app. Please someone advise us.
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #18 by mary
Posted: January 6, 2007 at 22:27
mp thank you so much for posting back. i had a nasal culture done and it was positive for mrsa it was a 4+ growth buit it showed other gram positive cocci at 2+. my mother contracted mrsa in the hospital in her lungs and bladder and an open wound. i believe she was septic also. she has since passed away in aug. i believe thats where i contracted this mess was in the hospital. thats when i got real sick. my family doc put me antibiotics that didnt take care of things and did culture after culture because thats what he diagnosed me with. i was at the hospitl visiting mom everyday. they made us use no protection. her ventilator came apart i dont know how many times while i was in there with her so ithink thats how i got it. i think there was an outbreak on that floor. anyway i kept having severe nasal itching. then sinus infections, stuffy nose, just plain sick.they kept trying to treat me for allergies but i keep telling them thats not it. i never had allergies like this before.also having utis and back pain. well this stuff started moving up into my sinuses it felt like something drilling in my sinus cavity. my face swells under my eye at times i get severe sinus headaches and i feel this grainy stuff that comes out of nose onto my face thatmakes it itch burn red and swells my lip up. if i rub my hand on it my hand breaks out. ive had three leiosions under my nose that have came and gone twice that did not get cultured. i had one on my hip when i tried to pop this pimple like thing but nothing else. ive been on bactirm and bcatrim and rifampin combo amoxcillin levaquin doxy nothing has worked. i probably have the ha mrsa like my mother. i had eczema on my back so i had been using steroid creme for two years straight ad they say that depresses your immune system i think thats why i caught it and no one else did. im miserable right now i have another uti brain fog back and sinus pain and this crap coming out of my nose. i cant breath through my nose anymore because when ido it feels like its going deeper into my sinuses and triggers sneezing i cant stop not to mention a burning sensation and pain. i have an appt to see another id doc actually its the one my mother had when she was in the hospital. im hoping he will do something. i think if they would have treated me correctly the first time i wouldnt be this bad. did you have any of these kind of symptoms at all please write me back i feel so alone and am truly scared. if you want you can email me also at
thank you mary
Re: MRSA in siuses
Reply #19 by mary
Posted: January 6, 2007 at 22:35
hi deedee
dou you have and infectious disease doctor, if not i would cosult one right away. this is a horrible disease and is contagious. ive read of nurses on the internet who have contracted this in their sinuses just from working in the hospitals. i m looking for advice my self hopefully well get some here.
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