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how long to heal??
Started by kevinm
Posted: September 18, 2006 at 19:17
I have had MRSA for almost 2 months now. I am an HIV positive 22 year old male living in the US. My symptoms are either boils under the skin that break and don't break. I've been through 2 bottles of 2 perscriptions of antibiotics. It was after that that I seeked help from my Infectious Disease physician and I am now on my second bottle of Bactrim and am seeing moderate improvement. Only moderate. Having MRSA has taken away largely from my life and I can honestly say is a living nightmare. My questions are does the bactrim work slowly and how long can this infection take to heal??

Re: how long to heal??
Reply #1 by Mina
Posted: September 18, 2006 at 21:10
I think it does work slowly, and that you have to take if for an adequate amount of time, so that it will be effective towards the strongest MRSA bacteria left in your body. I took it for 30 days straight every twelve hours on the dot. I don't know how much you've been prescribed, but take it right on time.
I think your body has to work with the antibiotic for the full effect, but that's my opinion on it from what I've read. That's probably why it's important to do a combination therapy of antibiotics and health improvement. Concentrating on nutrition, lot's of rest, moderate exercise, cutting stress, and probiotics. I'm sure you know the drill. :-)
The probiotics may help your body recover from the long periods of antibiotics.
Re: how long to heal??
Reply #2 by tonym
Posted: September 19, 2006 at 22:19
I had my first MRSA infection when I lived in LA in January 2002 and have had recurrences a few times. Let me first say I completely understand how you feel and the impact it has on your life. I am a 37 year old HIV + male and when I first got it and I was hospitalized for one week and treated with IV Vancomycin. Unfortunately, those infections, which had to be surgically removed, left 2 scars on my buttocks. I could have avoided that if the doctors I visited at the time recognized it was MRSA but they didn't and it progressed to a worse level. You are in a good place, however, because doctors know much more about this and there are more antibiotics that can be taken orally with equal success. You ask, "How long will it take to heal?" This depends on: your immune system, the strain of the bacteria (some regions in the US have more resistance and this could determine the antibiotic), how well you treat and cleanse areas on your body that are prone to colonising and, I believe, how your body begins to adapt to this bacteria (my body and my mind has gotten very good at detecting the infections early and then keeping it localized or under control until that point). Bactrim has worked very well in addition to Rifamparin (sp?)which is combined with another antibiotic. I am receptive to medications and they seem to work quickly for me. I have had 7 or 8 MRSA infections since my first one and on the average, if treated promptly, I could have the infection almost cleared by the end of a 2 week antibiotic treatment. I have been prescribed many antibiotics and some responded better than rhyme or reason. If I may offer some suggestions to make it easier for you:
1) If you even think you may have an infection starting, see your doctor immediately and start treatment. Your intuition is usually always right. You are young, but sound inquisitive, so I suspect you will learn how to read your body better as you age and it will help you stay healthy for a long time.
2) Defintely do the Hibiclens wash and Mupirocin ointment makes a difference.
3) Become more aware of public places where benches, towels, saunas, etc are shared. I even go so far as to not reuse my own towel at home...but that may be too extreme for some...I just did not want to go through that torture again.
4) The last reply was also right on when she said "health routine"...especially eliminating stress. MRSA is on 30% of people in the world and stress has always been the trigger for me when the MRSA take's its hold.
5) For quicker healing, leave the infection alone as much as possible and if it opens up, treat it like you would a cut for it to heal.
6) And last but not least, from my 2'nd hospital experience...ask questions. My 2'nd hospitalization at one week was not necessary. My infection could have been treated with Bactrim, yet they saw my insurance coverage and told me that because I was HIV + they had to treat me with IV Vancomycin and I had to be monitored. I did not even have fever and the infection was hardly as big as the others that were treated orally and gone in 2 weeks. Be aggresive with it but also be informed of all your options.

Sorry to be so lengthy but I have had too much experience to not have it shared and used by others. Good luck.
Re: how long to heal??
Reply #3 by Debbie
Posted: April 4, 2011 at 17:43
Thank you for the information you shared. I am so scared of MRSA because it killed my daughter four years ago and now I am struck with it. I refuse to die the horrible death that she endured and will fight this to the best of my knowledge. No one told me about the baths to take I just took it upon my self to use Dial antibiotic body wash and seperate clean white rags for the area. I hope I haven't spread this horrible thing.
Re: how long to heal??
Reply #4 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 5, 2011 at 07:02
Debbie -

My heart goes out to you and I'm sure everyone here wants to help you help yourself. This time around, there may be some weapons you never knew about before that will make the difference.

You're in the right place to learn more about your options. One of those options is to learn all you can about crushed raw non-irradiated garlic (crg) because it kills MRSA on contact and MRSA cannot become immune to it. Several of our members have used it successfully, perhaps you cann, too.

This forum is the best place on the internet to learn about how to use garlic in different ways to kill MRSA and make our lives better. If you can find a better way to kill MRSA, do it.

I urge you to read the obvious garlic threads but also other titles as well because there is much to learn here about somethin g that could turn your life around - garlic.

As you cruise through the threads you will learn how to tell good garlic from irradiated garlic that does not work. You will learn how to use crg in water to kill staph all over your body, inside and out.
Long warm/hot soaks in crg baths with occasional full submersion usually show good results in just a few days if not overnight.

Learn all you can about how garlic works and decide for yourself whether you want to try it or not. It could just be the thing you've been looking for...and you can cook with it, too.

I post in this forum a lot because I used garlic to cure a staph infection and I wanted to share this good news with others who suffer from MRSA, the worst form of staph. Garlic actually kills it, it really does if you know how to use it. There's a lot more to it than eating it.

I have also met with some of the most prolific research scientists and discussed the chemistry of how it works and I now freely spread this information for the MRSA sufferers' free use to help heal themselves of this terrible disease. Once you understand the chemistry of it, you understand why MRSA cannot become immune to crg.

Interlaced throughout this forum are posts from people telling of their experiences, I hope you will become one of them.

Garlic is something you have to learn about yourself. Even if your doctors know, they are not allowed to tell you because there is no FDA treatment protocol that involves the use of garlic so patients are all on their own when it comes to alternative therapies.

If you suffer from MRSA or any other staph or bacterial infection, we're all on your side here.

So, look around, read a lot of posts and make up your own mind about things and if you decide to try anything, please let the rest of us know how you did.

Garlic should become your new best friend. The life you save may be your own.

Read these posts and learn and then decide for yourself.

May you find new life here in this forum.

Good luck to you.

Re: how long to heal??
Reply #5 by angel
Posted: August 28, 2011 at 20:40
i just found out i had mrsa i am scared to death i am married to a wonderful man ,but i am still scared does anyone realy know how long it takes to recover also i dont have aids or anything i have be very healthy until i went to the hospital for the first time and the doctor said it was a boil gave me some bactium an sent me out the door two days later i had to go back and they addimited me in the hospital and said the had to do surgury they did the surgury and two days later the nurse to me that i had mrsa,was this caused by my first hospital visit the doc never washed his hands before he touched my side pls help
Re: how long to heal??
Reply #6 by Bob Anderson
Posted: August 29, 2011 at 01:36
Angel -

Read the post directly above yours and then read some of the other garlic threads. It really works.

Re: how long to heal??
Reply #7 by worried sick
Posted: November 15, 2011
i just found out i have mersa the doctor just called, i have been putting antibotics on it and keeping it wrapped and cleaning it every time i dress it up, ive also been reading that this is very deadly. i dont have HIV and i am very healthy also. I have a young daughter who is now not allowed anywhere near me, is there anything i can do besides take my antibotics and where do i find the garlic you were talking about in the post 3 above mine?
Re: how long to heal??
Reply #8 by Bob Anderson
Posted: November 15, 2011 at 02:42
Worried sick -

Now is the time to take charge, before any major damage is done and if you go about it the right way and stop it asap major damage can be avoided.

You can find natural garlic at many natural food stores and farmers markets. It is planted in early fall and harvested in early summer and will store at room temp for four to ten months or more depending on variety. Some are hotter and stronger than others and they are the best for medicinal usage.

Most available gourmet garlics, that is garlics with a varietal name, are already sold out as the demand for them exceeds the supply and the remaining varieties are selling down and will be sold out completely in a few weeks.

Fall is basically the only time these gourmet garlics are available; not all grocery store garlic have been irradiated, just some of them. It's nice to know how to tell if they have been irradiated; cut open or tear one apart and if you find a little growing sprout inside then it is good garlic and will work, especially if it is hot to the taste.

If you can't find any locally then there is an online farmers market where these gourmet garlics can be purchased online and the grower ships directly to the customer. The website is While you are there you might want to check out all the information about the various kinds of garlic and also the health information.

No matter where you get your garlic, if it is good, you can plant some of it and each separated clove will become a full multi-cloved bulb in early summer if watered and weeded.

My website will also teach you how to plant and grow your own garlic - what could possibly be cheaper than that?

This forum has the most information anywhere on the internet about using garlic and garlic water baths to fight MRSA. I urge you to search this forum for the word garlic and learn all you can.

The allicin in crushed raw garlic (crg) kills all bacteria, including MRSA, on contact and because it kills in a different way than pharmceutical antibiotics no bacteria, including MRSA, can become resistant to it.

Learn all you can about MRSA and educate yourself as to the treatments available and decide for yourself what is best for your family.

Good luck to you.
Re: how long to heal??
Reply #9 by damian corona
Posted: January 20, 2012 at 20:21

cat's claw bark, black seed and cell power help get the defenses stronger. of course not to ignore antibiotics and other treatments
Re: how long to heal??
Reply #10 by Lola
Posted: January 31, 2018 at 18:06
My daughter age 28 has been diagnosed with MRSA through a saliva test and then treated more than twice with super bug antibiotics. She has new boils weekly and sleeps all day. How long does it take to heal completely and as a parent do I need to worry?
Re: how long to heal??
Reply #11 by Bob Anderson
Posted: February 1, 2018 at 02:23
Lola -

If she has MRSA, she is already in trouble because commercial antibiotics are longer as effective as they once were due to antibiotic resistance. Pharmaceutical antibiotics need to be able to chemically bond with a receptor on the outer surface of a bacterium to be effective but if they cannot bond with the receptor then they cannot kill the bacterium. Bacteria are in the process universally of mutating new receptors and the antibiotics cannot bond with the new receptors so they are rapidly becoming less effective and will ultimately become basically useless. What are doctors going to do then? What are people going to do then?

Fortunately, there is an old herbal folk remedy that still works and people who take series of garlic water baths report it going away and coming back a few times before it just stops coming back. They write of being able to see improvements overnight and completely going away over a few weeks.

If this sounds interesting to you, lookup the Garlic Success Stories thread where people talk about their experiences with it in this forum. You might also read my garlic and garlic water threads where I explain clearly exactly how and why natural (non-irradiated) garlic does what it does.

Garlic works by a simple universal principle that controls or affects all things in the universe, electromagnetism. So does bacteria but in the opposite way. This will become clear to you when you read my garlic and garlic water posts. It is important to understand how and why it all works so you can know the ways to use it. Notice I did not say eat it but use it. Eating garlic has some nice long term benefits but eating it will NOT kill MRSA garlic must be diluted in water and applied transdermally in order to be effective.

When antibiotics become completely useless, folk remedies are all people will have fall back on. Fortunately, if you have knowledge in advance you will be better prepared to deal with any infections that come up because the antimicrobial, allicin in garlic kills all bacteria no matter how resistant they may be to commercial antibiotics because it kills in a more direct way and does not need to bind with any receptor.

If you Google garlic water baths, you will find lots of very reputable websites discussing them and the results they get. None of those websites existed until we started to discuss it here in this forum and word of their success has spread widely.

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