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Started by Warwick
Posted: August 5, 2006 at 13:34
I believe that Active UMF manuka honey from New Zealnd or similar will cure MRSA better than any other treatment. Another advantage with using it is that the dressings will not stick to the wound which also aids in healing. I have heard of some remarkable successes on other infections too. What have you got to lose as you can use it in conjunction with "normal" treatments anyway.! Good worked for me as it has with sinus infections also.
Reply #1 by Warwick
Posted: August 6, 2006 at 13:33
Hi Cathy.
I use UMF 30+ Manuka honey for any topical infection and swear by it. I occasionally get a sinus infection and after "sniffing" the honey into my nostrils I get almost instant cure although it does sting for a while but that shows it is working. Do that every couple of hours until it clears up. Also good on sore throat infections, etc. I have not tried it on burns yet but I think it would work well. There is just so much positive information on the net in praise of this amazing product. A young man here in my town, in desperation, applied manuka honey to his ulcerated leg a few days after the doctors told him that they would probably have to amputate it. However, his wound healed dramatically and his leg recovered. I wish I still had the article to show you all. I personally have suffered from a minor leg ulcer that I treated with manuka honey which healed up successfully so I am just passing on this information to others. Slowly, some in the medical profession are starting to take notice of the power of honey and it is up to people like us to spread the word. Unfortunately, my 95 y.o mother has just been diagnosed with MRSA so I will be insisting that she uses this product. She goes into hospital on thursday to have it operated on so I will keep you informed as to her progress. I hope I do not meet with too much resistance from the medical fraternity by using the honey but fortunately my brother in law is a pathologist so I should be able to influence him somewhat. All the best for now.
Reply #2 by Mina
Posted: August 6, 2006 at 18:48
I use manuka honey on any pimple that I bandage up. Put a little on the bandge itself.
Reply #3 by Mina
Posted: August 6, 2006 at 18:49
I also had a small sore in my mouth. Don't think it had anything to do with mrsa, but I put some honey directly on the inside of my cheek and it went away within a day.
Re: Manuka honey cure??
Reply #4 by Warwick
Posted: August 8, 2006 at 11:04
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