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Contracting VRE MRSA Question
Started by Suzy
Posted: August 2, 2006 at 19:25
I recently was in an elevator with an VRE MRSA patient who was lying on his bed, being transported from one floor to another. Because of the closed quarters of the elevator, whe I had to get out on my floor,my clothes brushed against his urine bag, is there any chance I could contract the bacteria this way?
Re: Contracting VRE MRSA Question
Reply #1 by Linda
Posted: August 3, 2006 at 20:44
If you are suffering from a suppressed immune system for reasons as simple as getting over a sinus infection, or have a open break on your skin, no matter how slight,(even a paper cut or infected hang nail) you could very likely be compromised. If you are a healthy individual with no cuts or scratches, and haven't been on any antibiotic treatments recently, then you are probably safe. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to aquire any strain of MRSA anymore. Linda
Re: Contracting VRE MRSA Question
Reply #2 by Mina
Posted: August 3, 2006 at 22:49
MRSA is everywhere, sorry. If you've visited a hospital lately, you've probably come in contact with this bug and many others as well. I wouldn't worry about brushing up against a patient's urine bag. Yes, people are sick with these bugs, but a hospital is a cesspool of bad bugs. There may have been more germs on the elevator button than on a patient's urine bag.

Wow, I'm a little surprised at the level of worry here. I remember when AIDS hit, people were afraid to be in the same room with infected AIDS patients. It's true that MRSA and VRSA can be casually transmitted, but they are everywhere now and like linda said, unless you are immune compromised, you shouldn't worry too much, about a brief brush against this patient.
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