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What to put on the boils and Other Questions
Started by Depressed
Posted: July 26, 2006 at 07:05
What can I put on the boils that will help them to heal quicker? Everything I have been trying has only made it worse. Someone suggested this Allimax creme and spray or lotion. Does anyone know of anywhere this can be purchased in the San Francisco Bay Area? I have called 4 or 5 major health food stores and no one has even heard of it. I was able to order it online but by the time I get it, it could be too late. If anyone else know of something else I can put on them, please let me know. Also, will it help to put hot compresses on them or soak in a tub with epsom salts?

I just started taking Bactrim. Has anyone else used this? What are the side effects like? How long does it take to start working? I know that Vandomycin is the strongest antibiotic. Is Bactrim the next strongest or are there others in between?

I really feel alone in this, and I have a lot of anger. Other than problems with anxiety, depression, and stress, I have been totally healthy my whole life. I am so pissed off that this has happened to me. I feel very, very afraid of telling other people about this. I am afraid that when this thing hits the media, everyone with MRSA will be treated like lepers, just like the way people were run out of town when AIDS first came out. My mother and boyfriend have been very supportive and I am grateful for that.

Has anyone read the book Killer Germs by Dr. Cass Ingram? He has a protocol for MRSA where you take 2 different kinds of oregano and drink these germ killing juices. I don't feel like it is really helping, has anyone else had success with this?

Along with taking Bactrim, I have continued to take Vitamin C in large doses, vitiman B complex and some other vitamins. I am still taking Oregano because the kind I am taking is supposed to be food grade and is not supposed to interfere with other medications. I am guessing that Allicin is okay since Garlic is a food. I have stopped taking other herbs. Does anyone know exactly what natural supplements and foods should and should not be taken with Bactrim. I can't ask the doctor because he thinks natural treatments are stupid.

Also, I feel so ugly. These things have left awful scars on my legs and I probably will never be able to wear a bathing suit or skirt again, but I guess this is a small concern considering I could die from this.

If anyone knows of treatments that have cured this or can offer something positive or inspirational, that would be great, because I feel like I am hitting rock bottom.
Re: What to put on the boils and Other Questions
Reply #1 by nyker
Posted: July 26, 2006 at 07:24
I am so sorry about your situation. Most all of us on this forum have been through or are going throough what you are experiencing. Don't give up! Please read my log, "My Infectious Disease Specialist Says..." I was Mrsa free for 14 months, and now it's been 5 months.

Hot compresses help. There are others on this forum that can give detail as to what to put on the boil. My last horrible outbreak on my face went away with Septra and by having a Doctor insert a massive needle in my face. It was gone in a week, but stroll around this forum and you'll find suggestions that can probably cut that timing in half.

Take Care----and get lots and lots of sleep!!!
Re: What to put on the boils and Other Questions
Reply #2 by Mina
Posted: July 26, 2006 at 19:44

I took Bactrim for one month straight and it seems to have done the trick for me. I have not had any more boils or infections. I believe it is a very good antibiotic, that is effective against MRSA if taken for a long enough period. I had no side effects but to try to diminish the risk there is of candida overgrowth syndrome sometimes associated with antibiotic therapy, I took probiotics the entire time I took antibiotics and for months afterwards.

I also worked on getting my immune system up. MRSA knocks it way down as it is, and mine was down in the first place making me more suseptible to MRSA.
I took a good multiple vitamin. Read the label and make sure it doesn't have PABA in it. Some do and it may interfere with sulpha drugs.

I also took measures to try and decolonize by adding essential oils to my shower gel and using Sinofresh brand nasal spray. I also kept house exceptionally well, during my infectious period. You have to try and diminish the bug in your environment or it will take the opportunity to reinfect you.
Now I keep my immune system strong by eating only organic fruits and veggies and keeping my refined sugar intake low. And I drink Kefir. Which is a good probiotic drink, that is excellant for people needing an immune boost.
Take care, hope this helps.
Re: What to put on the boils and Other Questions
Reply #3 by Sue
Posted: July 26, 2006 at 21:19
I took Bactrim for about a week. It seemed to be working, but I developed a reaction to the drug and had to stop taking it. Same as you, I had huge boils...on my butt no less. A combo of Riphampin and Levaquin finally did the trick, but it was months of fighting before I won. Watch for flu like symptoms, and if you get them, get into the doctor. That's how my reaction started. From there, I got a horrible rash.

Good luck.
Re: What to put on the boils and Other Questions
Reply #4 by mattb
Posted: July 26, 2006 at 22:10
Sue -

For whatever it's worth, I was prescribed Levaquin by an ER doctor before MRSA was diagnosed. This was because I had an infected abscess. When the diagnosis came back from the lab, I was told by the doctor who called with the results that Levaquin, although a powerful antibiotic, is one of drugs that MRSA has won the battle over and to stop taking it, because it would have no effect.

Re: What to put on the boils and Other Questions
Reply #5 by Cindy
Posted: July 28, 2006 at 03:08
Use straight antibacterial soap on wound leave on for atleast 1 hour to let it soak in.
Re: What to put on the boils and Other Questions
Reply #6 by Sue
Posted: August 2, 2006 at 16:58

Thanks for the info. The Levequin was prescribed by an Infectous Disease doctor, and along with the riphampin cleared my abscesses. Maybe it was the riphampin alone that worked, but I'll never know for sure. She did a culture, so I assume that she learned from that culture that Levaquin might work. She told me that if this approach did not work, there was only one other drug to try, and that is was very expensive. Luckily I didn't have to go that far! From what I've learned, MRSA has many forms, and they do the culture to find out what might work and what won't.
my son ha mrsa
Reply #7 by joel Overstreet
Posted: December 29, 2007 at 20:56
what can i do? he is in the hospital? help!!
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