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MRSA and belly pain
Started by Julie
Posted: May 31, 2006 at 06:05
Hi, this is my first post here so the story might get a bit long.....
Back in Jan 2002 I had been suffering from depression, so much so that I did a drug OD of Diltiazam CQ( a blood pressure medication). I had no idea that what happened after this was even possible. I wasn't even trying to kill myself, I just wanted people to know I was in pain...
At any rate, the OD caused my large intestine to go necrotic due to lack of blood flow. I lost all my large intestine including some of my Ileum. The first surgery I coded on the operating table and was admidistered 10 min of CPR. The surgeon had told my husband, before the surgery to start calling the relatives and prepare for a funeral. Nobody thought I would live. I was in a coma for over two weeks and when I finally woke up they weren't sure if I would ever regain my mental faculties....I was put on wound-vac treatment for over a month and had an ileostomy.

In October of that same year I gave myself an incarcerated hernia. After emergency surgery the mesh became infected w/ MRSA. Another month in the hospital with more wound-vac healing and massive doses of Vancomycin(SP?) Later I was declared MRSA free. Since 2002 I have had more surgeries on my belly, none of which became MRSA-fied. This past March I had another surgery (emergency again) and a couple of days after the staples were removed part of the incision opened up again and was swabbed and found MRSA in the incision and in my nose. Originally after this surgery I was pain free after suffering from chronic pain from past surgeries. A couple of adhesions were removed and I felt great>>>Untill the reopening of the incision. I have done the oral antibiotics to no avail(bactrin and the stuff that starts w/ an R). My incision is very slow in healing and I find myself in worse pain than ever before. I have no energy, I don't want to eat and when I sit or stand or walk for any length of time my pain level soars and my pain meds don't help. Just putting dishes in the dishwasher kills me. My husband has had to stay home to get the kids to school because of the pain. I'm in trouble w/ the school now because I called them 2 days in a row and told them my kids were staying home because I couldn't drive them to school...I couldn't even get out of bed! I did have a touch of a partial bowel obstruction about 2 weeks ago but I should be over that. I discussed w/ my doctor the need for a Infectious disease doc and she said there was no need. My surgeon said that there is no abcess and my lab work looks good. How come they seem so unconcerned?>>>>>Is this normal??????? HELP! Of course now I'm probably just thought of as some druggie who just wants more medicine. Ya right, that way I can fall over myself while chasing my boys 7yr and 10yr....thank you for reading this
If it's not one thing it's another!
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #1 by Julie
Posted: June 3, 2006 at 06:17
I'm not sure about immune support. I imagine it might be a little bit of a challenge when considering that I have no large intestine what so ever. I do have to watch what I eat and some of the very healthy stuff is now a no no. For example: Salads and green leafy vegtables can give me an obstruction, celery, tomatoes, legumes are all dangerous. I do eat some of these, even knowing the risk. For folks that have the surgery that I have had (J-Pouch) the kinds of foods that cause trouble vary tremendously. I can eat a salad and I can eat popcorn, but not on the same day. One of the things I make sure that I do is chew, chew, chew... I also run the risk of B 12 deficiancy due to the fact that I also lost part of my Ileum. A lot of my diet contains carbs. Not always the best for weight management although since January I have lost over 20 lbs>>> Which is GREAT! I needed to lose some weight. Taking vitamin supplements don't always mean there is absorbtion. Due to lack of bowel.
I do take probiotics because it helps control diahrea and some very uncomfortable conditions that can hit the pouch. Most of the folks that have a J-Pouch got it after major problems w/ UC(Ulcerative Colitus) Or FAP, Cancer.

From what I understand...This MRSA that I have is contained in the open spot of my body. So far, it has not spread to any other part of my body. I was dx w/ the MRSA in the nose too...By the way...HOW the heck does it get in your nose?????
Can someone tell me if having the MRSA may make the healing process more painful? I seem to suffer from stomach aches and some nausea...I know it could be my wound but can MRSA do that too? any ideas?????
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #2 by Linda
Posted: June 3, 2006 at 14:57
Has your doctor put you on B-12 shots? I Have to take them due to having pernacious anemia, which I aquired after having a partial gastrectomy. I had an advanced condition of ulcer desease that became pre-cancerous. I have the absorption problem as well since they removed the bottom half of my stomach. In order to combat that, I have to take a much higher dose of vitamins and suppliments and I divide them up and take them 3-4 times daily. This was even without my body absorbing thing correctly, I get what it need to keep my immune system strong. Since I started taking an eniva product called VIBE, I've been able to eliminate the extra C, B complex, garlic, because it already has high doses of all of them in it in a liquid form which absorbs better for us. I also have problem with eating the healthy food like salad. It usually runs right thru me the same way it went in. I have IBS symdrome too.(irritable bowel) Anyway the VIBE, plus a handful of other herbs, as well as B-12 shots at least twice a month has helped me recover. So this might help you as well. When I was started on the shots I gave them to myself 2 times a week, then after so long it was dropped to 1 time a week and now only once or twice monthly. But I have to take them for the rest of my life, because with pernacious anemia you will eventually die without the shots. I guess it causes something in your body to mimic leukemia in the bone marrow.
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #3 by Julie
Posted: June 4, 2006 at 06:51
Funny thing>> I havn't had a B12 shot in quite a while. My old doc was giving them to me and with my other doc the subject hasn't come up. Probably more my fault since I am trying to deal w/ all this pain and for some strange reason(LOL) I keep thinking about that issue. I went to my wound care person today and she is concerned because it looks like there has been some degradtion(sp?) of the tissue. Of other concern is that the opening is getting so small it's getting hard to get the swab in there. I guess I may have to see the surgeon and have him open it up some more for better access(Yippee:<). I see my regular doc on Monday. She is a bit more conservative then my other doc and will probably want a blood test before being willing to give me a B12 shot.
It sounds like you have a lot of the same issues as someone with a colectomy Linda. Do you have problems with diahrea as well? Do you have problems with abosrbing medications?
With my gut the way it is a lot of things look the same as when they went in..LOL I try to avoid foods with a lot of dyes in them. Does it help you if you chew your food extra careful? The GI doc at one point wanted to put me on Zelnorm which is totally contradindictated for me. I assume it must also be contradicted for you as well. I can't imagine why a doc would want to put me on a medication that increased diahrea and raised the posibility of bowel obstrcutions so significantly that it is black boxed on the prescribing litature.
Was your condition related to FAP?
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #4 by Linda
Posted: June 5, 2006 at 14:44
I usually go thru 3 different bowel modes every day. By that I mean that usually first thing in the morning is probably the closest to a normal bowel that I get. Then throughout the day it alternates with diarrhea, often to the point of a gushing water faucet. I guess I've gotten used to it. While I was on all the antibiotics that didn't work for me caused me to get C-Def which is a bacterial infection of the bowels that causes mucus and such in the stools. I just thought it was the irritable bowel, but since that has been cleared up, I have felt much better, and the stools are improved, but I still have regular diarrhea daily. And yes I have a serious absorption problem. that's why I take such large doses of suppliments and divide the doses up 3-4 times daily. This way I have the best chance of actually getting the amounts that I need to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. And except for some oil based vitamins and a few toxic herbs, most are water based and your body will naturally sluff off what it doesn't need so no need to worry about toxcitity or build-up in your system. I take Oregano oil about 3-4 times a week to control the bowel abnormalities and it works fairly well. The plus in this is that it's also a good immune builder and is also good for other ailments including leaky gut syndrome, ulcers, and most gastro-intestinal problems. I just take about 10 drops on the tongue and chase it with a glass of water. It's really nasty tasting, but I'll take and do whatever I have to to have a certain amount of control over my life. And this product helps me do that. And to your last question about what caused my stomach problems, it was due to ulcer desease. I had 1 ulcer in the duodenum and 1 small one in the bottom third of my stomach, and during a 9 month period of trying to treat it with every ulcer product they had on the market at that time, my condition progressed to having over 13 individual ulcers in the lower third of my stomach and was said to be pre-cancerous. Linda
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #5 by Julie
Posted: June 6, 2006 at 07:50
Linda, so sorry to hear of all your tummy has gone through! Gosh! And I thought I was in bad shape! What in the world happens to you when you get the flU??!! I've gotten the flu a couple of times. One of them actually put me in the hospital for 5 days. do you still have your gallbladder? I would imagine the amount of bile secreted would be way different. Hi or low I don't know. Has anyone suggested Zelnorm to you?
I would like to suggest to you that you try This is the site I use all the time. you may find some ideas on diet that may help the IBS. Also if you have any problems w/ your diahrea making you raw on the backside....Generally referred to as buttburn, on the site. Let me know if you check it out...
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #6 by Linda
Posted: June 8, 2006 at 02:41
Julie, fortunately, I have only had the flu a few times since these stomach surgeries after which the doctors told me to make sure I got a flu shot every year. And when I've gotten it, although it hasn't been fun, I've survived and it only lasted a day or 2. I have had food poisoning 3 different times though and I've never been so sick in my entire life. The first time, my son had to wind up taking into the emergency room at 1am in the morning. I've never had anything hit me so hard, so fast and take so long to get over. I just got back from my doctors apt today for a follow-up check on the open wounds that were left to heal. They are doing very well, but not yet completely closed so I have to see him again in 2 months. In the meantime, I have a lump in my left armpit that I've had since december, or at least that's when it was noticed and it was thought that it was due to all the infection and the MRSA in my system. But I've been MRSA free since the end of march and the lump is still there so he wants to biopsy it just to be safe. And he wants it done in the next few weeks. My problem is I'm scared to death that going back into the hospital and having another surgery will bring back the MRSA. I've been working hard getting my immune system strong and healthy, but with what I've been thru since 4-7-05, I don't have faith in the hospitals anymore. But I guess I really have no choice but to go thru with it. My track record ain't great and my genetics are even worse. My Mom had breast cancer, her sister, and her mother as well. I've already had the dbl mastectomies because I had the gene, and had several non specific abnormalities in the breasts at the time of removal. The oncologist said I'd made the right decission then. I just hope that this doesn't start everything all over with the MRSA again. I've already had 25 weeks of IV vanc since 7-1-05 with 3 different picc-line insertions. Say prayers for me Linda
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #7 by Sandi
Posted: June 8, 2006 at 04:50
Good luck to you and keep on fighting. I have MRSA and the Vancomycin makes me tired and maybe that is part of your problem. I know you like me have to take this drug, but it is powerful. I have had active MRSA three times since first dianosed in June 2004. I took my last dose yesterday and I have been on it 12 weeks this time. All told on Vanco about 30 weeks in two years. I had two PICC lines, but the last time they could not get a pick in the Vancomycin has turned my veins to concrete. I have a groshan cathier in my chest. I am also fighting this thing, so you fight too. I will be praying for you. Sandi
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #8 by Linda
Posted: June 10, 2006 at 17:31
Julie and everyone,
Well my biopsy is scheduled for thursday june 22nd. My husband will just take a day of vacation and take me. I don't know if they will remove the entire lump or not. And I don't know if it will be set up for someone in pathology to be there and check it then so that we'll know if anything else such as lymph glands and/or scar tissue will need to be removed or not. Most likely, I will have to wait for a path report to come back and if anything is there, then I guess that I'll have to go back in again to have whatever needs to be removed. But I feel relatively sure that the lump is caused from the 3 picc-lines that i've had in that arm as I think that it's threaded thru the vein thru the armpit on into the chest cavity. Well, that's all I know right now, just trying to think possitive and keep busy until the biopsy is over. Thanks, guys for keeping me in your prayers. Linda
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #9 by lindsey
Posted: February 9, 2012 at 17:57
look i am 23 years old and i have had mrsa 6 times in two months now i have it and my belly is killing me and i left leg hurts should i be worried ?

Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #10 by Bob Anderson
Posted: February 9, 2012 at 21:59
Lindsey -

It looks to me like you are in the right place to learn more about your disease and how to cope with it and cure it. First, you must learn all yoiu can about it and what your treatment alternatives are and how to choose what is best for you.

First, learn what you are up agains by reading all you can in this forum and asking questions. People will try to help but ultimately it is up to you to learn enough for you to make good decisions. In order to give yourself the best chance of success put your own best interest first and learn all you can so you can recognize what is in your best interest. You can bet everyone you deal with in the health care industry will be looking out for their own intereast.

If you are not getting satisfactory results with the mainstream care you are receiving, look into alternative therapies and see how they work and who has reported success using them.

As for me I try to cure it with home remedies first and if that doesn't work then I go to a doctor and then if the doctors can't do any good, I start looking into other modalities to see if they make sense to me.

I will say that in my experience using crushed raw natural garlic in a garlic water bath is very effective in killing MRSA if the right kind of garlic is used the right way by people who are not allergic to it. It sounds unlikey because it is odorous, inelegant and unsophisticated but it really works if used properly.

You can go back to the forum topics page and use the searsh topics function to find threads based on the words you search for. If you search for garlic you will find many discussions. You might check them out to see if you can learn anything you might find important.

Good luck to you.

Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #11 by Jerry
Posted: October 11, 2017 at 16:07
Help I've had abdominal pain for a
year the hospital addmited me did a
upper and lower endoscopy they found
nothing they also did a nasel w
Swab which was pos for mrsa I was in
isolation for 3 days then they just
turned me lose with no treatment and
my stomach is killing me could this be
active mrsa in my stomach
Re: MRSA and belly pain
Reply #12 by Bob Anderson
Posted: October 11, 2017 at 19:29
Jerry - It could be any of a lot of things but a doctor needs to diagnose the cause of the pain and recommend a treatment based on what they think it is. Heartburn, gall bladder, ulcer, esophageal problem, there's lots of possibilities but a doctor needs to determine the root cause of your symptoms. Pain is your body telling you something needs attention. Doctors usually have answers but not always but you always have start there.

Once you know the diagnosis you can begin exploring your treatment options.

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