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Shelf Life of Garlic/Allicin in Oil
Started by Jackie
Posted: January 17, 2019 at 04:10
Hi Bob, thank you so much for this forum.
I posted this a minute ago and then
realized maybe I should have started a new
topic. I have had a staph infection for
over six months that was initially
misdiagnosed as bedbug bites (not MRSA, I
don't think, though nothing I've done has
completely gotten rid of it yet).
I am wondering what the shelf life of
garlic/allicin is in oil as opposed to
water? I have read of people who have had
success with mixing garlic with coconut
oil and applying it to the infection, and
I like the idea of oil because it seems
like it stays in place better and
longer/and perhaps helps form a protective
barrier, plus it is
moisturizing/emollient for the skin
instead of drying. Also it is very
difficult for me to manage the baths right
now because I am a single mom working full
time and it's nearly impossible to find
time to sit in the tub for an hour or baby goes hysterical. I tried
putting garlic in coconut oil recently but
my daughter was very allergic to the
coconut and she broke out in welts
everywhere I touched her. So then I tried
refined soybean oil, but it didn't seem
effective as my spots started spreading
again after a couple days. So then I tried
mixing garlic with extra virgin olive oil
(1 clove put in the blender with 1 cup
oil) and that seemed to really shrink the
spots overnight and no new ones have
appeared. However, it's been 2 days and
I'm wondering if it might be losing
potency and I should make a new batch or
just use water... I have used both water
and oil and I do prefer the oil
aesthetically as a carrier but just want
to know if the oil (or if certain oils
like canola or soybean) somehow inactivate
the allicin. As a side note, I started
using extra virgin olive oil on my
daughter recently at diaper changes and it
has cured a recurring yeast diaper rash
we've been fighting several months. Thank
you so much in advance,

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