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Negative Nasal Swab result after Bactrim
Started by Steph
Posted: October 26, 2018 at 16:44
Hello all,
I tested positive for MRSA about a month ago. My doctor did a
nasal swab test. Throughout the summer I had around 10 sores on
various parts of my body that I knew were some kind of staph
infection because someone who I had had intimate relations with
basically told me he thought I could have gotten it from him
because he had once had a staph infection and never took
Antibiotics. So, I waited all summer to get tested!? Anyways, I
took the Bactrim as prescribed and 10 days after finishing the
prescription I had another nasal swab test and just today I got a
call from the doctor that the test came back negative. I am
wondering if this means that I am actually free of it. I asked
this of the nurse who called. I asked specifically if this means
that there is no chance that the bacteria is on my skin anywhere
or in my body and she said no, there is no chance.

Can I believe her? I am fully aware that there is always the
possibility that I could pick it up from my immediate environment
again (home, pets, my lovely friend with whom I am no longer
intimate..but we do hug hello and goodbye and spend time together)
but I really am just I seriously cured (for now)?
Re: Negative Nasal Swab result after Bactrim
Reply #1 by Man_Nuka15
Posted: October 31, 2018
There are many strains of MRSA and MRSA can infect individuals in terms of length and severity in different ways. Some people may contract MRSA, take a ten day course and never have another outbreak. My primary care physician is one such examle as she told me she was stung by a wasp on her inner thigh sixteen years ago and at the time had the wound cultured and it tested resistant to some types of antibiotics. She said she has not had another skin infection since.

Some people get recurrent infections that present as boils, some get recurrent cellulitus and it can go on for undetermined amount of time.So there is no standard and it may just be a situation of wait and see. Nasal swabs however only determine if a patient is carrying staph bacteria in their nasal hairs at that particular time of testing and not a true determination if one has completely eradicated MRSA.
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