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Unorthodox treatment that has worked for me
Started by Dom
Posted: October 16, 2018 at 05:14
I thought I would share my experience for
whatever it's worth. I contracted a staph
infection initially over 2 years ago,
starting with a bump that grew into a
giant boil under my armpit. I was living
in Central America where I got it. I was
prescribed antibiotics and it went away. 2
months later it came back angry as mrsa
and led to 6 or 7 giant boils so painful
I couldn't put my arm down. Long story
short, I went though 4 episodes of its
return within 1 year. I did the
medication, special soaps, creams,
lotions...etc and it did help, but after
going to see a highly recommended
specialist of infectious diseases, the
doctor told me to replace my deodorant for
milk of magnesia. It sounded ridiculous at
the time, but honestly that's the best
advice I could have ever received. In
doing that, I never broke out again. I
have stopped using the MOM full time, but
anytime I start to feel an outbreak coming
on, I apply MOM for a couple days instead
of deodorant and it works like a charm
stopping the outbreak in its tracks EVERY
time. It is like a miracle lotion. I can't
explain the science behind it, nor am I
even saying to apply this therapy without
consulting a doctor first. I just thought
it might be a solution to others to help
cure their misery. I hope it helps
Re: Unorthodox treatment that has worked for me
Reply #1 by Jackie
Posted: January 24, 2019 at 10:41
Hi there, did you apply the milk of
magnesia to the boils or only use it in
your armpits?
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