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Forum shutting down
Started by Bob Anderson
Posted: August 10, 2018 at 17:22
I tried to message you through the link on this site but that did not work so I am submitting this as a post to try to get some answers. You can email me at if you would prefer not to respond in the forum.

Rob -

May I inquire as to the reason(s) why the forum is shutting down? Is it diminishing traffic? Is it something I wrote that may have offended someone in the pharmaceutical business or the medical profession? Lady K once told me a lot of doctors visited the site.

Is it a need for more moderators? Is it too much of a distraction from your other duties? Is Lady K OK? Her posts indicate she had been sick previously.

Will the forum remain up as a resource for MRSA sufferers but just no new postings allowed? Will the forum simply disappear?

Would the intact forum be for sale to an interested third party with the requirement to relocate it or something like that? I have been contacted by a number of people expressing concern about losing a lot of good information and there appears to be some interest in salvaging it if possible.

I look forward to your reply.

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