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MRSA staph in throat
Started by Anders Rosendal
Posted: July 13, 2018 at 09:25
Hi - I (and the remaining five members of my family) struggle with
MRSA. We have been treated successfully so that not external MRSA
could be detected, but it has remained detectable in our throats.
I had an additional test made recently, showing that it was again
detected in my nose and externally..

Authorities do not want to treat us further, as we are all fully
healthy. No issues whatsoever. But I am concerned about how this
could spread to friends, grandparents etc. I want to get rid of

Garlic. Understand that there are ways of treating with garlic.
How would I treat myself and family members with garlic, to get
rid of the MRSA staph in our throats?

Thankful for advice,
Re: MRSA staph in throat
Reply #1 by Bob Anderson
Posted: July 13, 2018 at 15:30
Anders Rosendal-

Yes, Anders, there are ways to use natural (non-irradiated) garlic to clear MRSA from the nose and throat in herbal folk remedy ways that may seem crude but are quite effective and have been for thousands of years.

The modern evidence supporting these particular ways goes back to a study published in Food Science Journal in 1936, I think, Walden, et al where they put all kinds of bacteria in a large Petri dish in specific places and placed a clove of freshly crushed garlic in the center of the dish in a still room with no air current. Four hours later, all bacteria within eight inches of the crushed garlic were dead just from the fumes. I believe inhaling garlic fumes would kill any MRSA in the nares, sinuses and throat and maybe the ears and even down into the trachea and lungs.

It can be used in a nebulizer but should not be used in a steam vaporizer as the heat will destroy the allicin and convert it into less potent compounds. What worked for me was to get a new painter's respirator and remove the filters and replace them with crushed raw natural garlic wrapped in gauze and wear the mask and breathe the fumes for hours. Crude and utterly sophisticated but very effective.

The most important thing is to start off by using the right kind of garlic to begin with. Most grocery store garlic is from China and has been irradiated to keep it from sprouting and the radiation kills the garlic so it doesn't sprout. Neither does it have the normal health benefits of garlic because dead enzymes don't work and no allicin forms and they are impotent against bacteria, resist or otherwise. It was actually good garlic before they irradiated it.

Please read my garlic and garlic water posts in this forum to learn exactly how and why natural garlic does the things it does. Also learn how to tell irradiated garlic from natural garlic. Just Google gourmet garlic and you will find lots of growers you can buy from direct online.

Also, please read the Garlic Success Stories thread in this forum where people tell about their experiences with it.

No, I'm not a doctor and do not want to be one so I can't give anyone any medical advice, all I can do is write about garlic and its characteristics and how those properties change based on how it is processed and used and let people and their doctors make of it what they will. As is with all health decisions, people who decide to try things do so at their own risk.

Good luck to you and your family.

Re: MRSA staph in throat
Reply #2 by Man_Nuka15
Posted: July 13, 2018 at 20:32

In addition to Mr. Anderson's suggestions for garlic use you may want to consider ingestion of probiotics:
Probiotics are in kefir drinks, naturally fermented sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, tempeh, kombucha, miso and many more foods.

High quality (wild grown in Greece) oregano oil by mouth is a likely option as well but if you go this route do your research and know the pros and cons. Like, Mr. Anderson I am not a doctor and whatever you choose to try for your health is at your own accord and discretion.
Re: MRSA staph in throat
Reply #3 by Lucy
Posted: July 18, 2018 at 19:29
Hi Bob,
My boyfriend's kid has been recently diagnosed with MRSA and presents boils
on the skin, on and off for months. He's been taking him to the hospital to
treat his boils but now it seems to be spreading in the household and found
out he got it as well, in form of a pimple in his genitals. I'm really scared for
his family and think about what could happen in the future for us.

I came across this forum and read about garlic. I'd like to suggest to him how
to use it effectively. Could you please give me as much detailed info on what
steps to take. From what I've read it has to be natural garlic, can you tell me
which name to get exactly and where to get it from and how to proceed with

Do you still suffer from this or are you fully recovered just using garlic? I so
much appreciate any advice you can provide.

Thank you,

Re: MRSA staph in throat
Reply #4 by Bob Anderson
Posted: July 18, 2018 at 23:58
Hello Lucy -

All of the answers you seek are here in this forum in my garlic and garlic water posts and the Garlic Success Stories thread where people have posted their stories of their experiences, you will just have to read a lot of my posts and if you do, you will have all the answers you seek.

I set this up this way because I am an old man of 79 and I will not always be here to answer people's questions so I wrote my posts in such a way the any person who truly was motivated to find the answers could do so but they would have to search for them but the answers are here.

In time, all antibiotics will become unable to have any affect against bacteria due to antibiotic resistance. Oh, sure, the rich will have super expensive customized phage therapy available to them but the rest of us will just die by the millions. Antibiotic resistance is going to drastically change the way medicine and, particularly, surgery is performed - many caesarians and all kinds of elective surgery will be too great a risk for most folks.

Since the pharmaceutical extortion industry has no plans to develop any short term, relatively low-cost temporary treatment medicines but prefer to make treatments that do not cure but require the patient to take the medicine all the rest of their lives in order to maximize income from each patient. This behavior puts drug dealers behind bars for life, why does the medical extortion industry get a break?

I am not a doctor and am not allowed to give any medical advice and if I tell individuals how to use these herbal folk remedies for their own problems, some could think that constitutes medical advice and I could find myself in a federal penitentiary so my posts need to be made in such a way that people can educate themselves and decide for themselves what to do, if anything. I never give anyone any medical advice; people and their doctors have to figure it out for themselves.

The Antibiotic Apocalypse is very real and lots of people are going to die real deaths and ordinary people have few weapons they can use to defend themselves and their families but natural garlic is one of those natural weapons and if they know how to grow and use it, they have a better chance for surviving a while longer. I post here to educate people as to their options and how and why this one option works. All I can do is help people learn how to help themselves naturally and let events become whatever they will.

Good luck to you and your family.

Re: MRSA staph in throat
Reply #5 by Man_Nuka15
Posted: July 19, 2018
This read concurs with Mr. Anderson:
Minus any mention of garlic, of course. Also, within that article this statement is incorrect: [Vancomycin] is a cost-effective antibiotic for preventing and treating infection caused by MRSA. We have been lucky that MRSA have not become resistant to vancomycin yet,
Some strains of MRSA have become vancomycin resistant.
Re: MRSA staph in throat
Reply #6 by Man_Nuka15
Posted: July 19, 2018
Maybe there's hope?:
Re: MRSA staph in throat
Reply #7 by Anders
Posted: July 19, 2018 at 22:34
Thanks a lot, both, I'll be looking into this
right away.

Man_Nuka: I have been taking oregano oil (two
drops mixed in Manuka honey) for a month, but
a recent test showed still have mrsa in my
throat. Did I do something wrong? Too little
oil or too few intakes?

Thanks for your advice.
Re: MRSA staph in throat
Reply #8 by Man_Nuka15
Posted: July 20, 2018 at 06:46
I am not a doctor and really can't answer that. Is the oregano oil you are using a high grade that contains a minimum 86 % Carvacrol and Less than 2 % Thymol, Free from Chemicals & Additives?

I hope you researched the pros and cons of ingesting oregano oil as there are side effects. It's not recommended to ingest oregano oil over long periods or at high doseage amounts. Maybe this read will help:

I think Mr. Anderson's following advice may be your best option: "What worked for me was to get a new painter's respirator and remove the filters and replace them with crushed raw natural garlic wrapped in gauze and wear the mask and breathe the fumes for hours. Crude and utterly sophisticated but very effective."
Re: MRSA staph in throat
Reply #9 by Bob Anderson
Posted: July 20, 2018 at 14:08
Oops! Obviously, the word in that last line was supposed to be "Unsophisticated". I Just washed my hands and can't do a thing with them. They seem to have minds of their own more often these days.
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