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will it ever go away?
Started by acain
Posted: May 29, 2018 at 15:15
My history. I work as maintenance at an apartment complex. I apparantly must have touched something during a plumbing repair or something and got the bacteria on my fingers without knowing. One day I thought I had jock itch. I had scratched to the point of almost raw. Next couple of days I developed huge sores in the pubic area just below my belt line. probably five or six of them. I also had one small sore on my face where I had scratched an itchy spot. The doctor took one look and said "its mrsa". she put me on ten days of mrsa antibiotics and it cleared up. I was relieved. Three or four months later I bumped my left shin on some concrete stairs and broke the skin and bruised it pretty bad. Whithin two days it was full blown mrsa. Back to the doc, ten days of antibiotics, all gone. good. couple months later one day I suddnly noticed a boil on my left leg just below the knee on the thick part of my calf, and again, in two days it was a large gaping wound. These sores are small little bumps or scrapes, or boils one day.. and two days later they are rotting ugly painfull areas the size of half dollars. Ten day courses of antibiotics knock them out. After the fifth or so occurance, the doctor told me my only choice from now on is this... "the instant you see or even suspect your developing another sore, run right here and get on the antibiotics". WELL IM SORRY, BUT I THINK THAT SUCKS! I researched different creams and lotions and through hours and hours and hours, came to the conclusion that antimicrobial silver has great killing power, but to be affective youd need to apply it every twenty minutes because it has trouble actually breaking through cell walls and getting to the neucleus of the mrsa cells. It needs a delivery system. So i mixed silver with tripple anti-biotic cream. It seemed to work pretty good, as long as I caught any sign of infection immediatly, like on the first or second day. I healed a few sores myself with success and decided to begin letting my bodies natural immune system try to fight it. I think the antibiotics, even the correct ones for mrsa and even the proper doses, are making my immune system weak. This SEEMS to work ok for almost a year... along with a cap of bleach in a hot bath daily. (its just chlorine, like being in a pool)all that said.Im still getting the occasional (every four months) sore on my legs. The last three appeared in my thigh, the meatiest part of the leg, wich gives the infection lots of meat.. The last one became a deep dark oozing abccess big around as a silver dollar. It was like a bullet wound. and these things dont just "hurt".. They also BURN like hell. Its like a bullet hole with a third degree burn around it. The last few sores that came up I was able to clear nicely. but after the infection goes away and the hole fills in, the skin isnt growing back over it and I have nickle size patches of raw meat showing that wont heal over. I have three now and just got a new boil that hurts.
Re: will it ever go away?
Reply #1 by Bob Anderson
Posted: May 30, 2018 at 03:21
Hello acain -

Welcome to the world of the antibiotic apocalypse. What you are experiencing is becoming the new norm with bacterial infections and it is only going to get worse as time goes by.

It seems to me you may be a carrier so that when your acute episodes subside, it retreats to your nose and whenever you break your skin, you re-infect yourself.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics can kill bacteria if they can chemically bond with a receptor on the outer surface of a bacterium. If they cannot bond with it, they cannot kill it. Bacteria have mutated new receptors; however, with different chemical bonding sites and antibiotics can no longer bond with them, thus cannot kill them. The result is antibiotic resistance and the worst is yet to come.

I'm not a doctor of any kind, nor do I want to be; all I can do is discuss an ancient herbal folk remedy and how and why it works and let people and their doctors make of it what they will. The use of natural garlic goes back many millennia and natural garlic is immune to antibiotic resistance and kills all bacteria, no matter how resistant they may be because it kills in a more direct way and does not need to bond with any receptor, it simply penetrates the bacterium , causing it to swell up and burst, killing it. Bacteria cannot become resistant to that any more than you or I could become resistant to being stabbed or blown up.

If this is of interest to you, read the Garlic Success Stories thread in this forum in which people write about their experiences with garlic baths. If you find that interesting, you might read my garlic and garlic water posts in this forum to see what all the excitement is about and exactly how and why natural garlic does the almost miraculous things it does when one knows how to use it.

Re: will it ever go away?
Reply #2 by acain
Posted: May 30, 2018 at 13:46
Thank you Bob, for the welcome, and for your interest and time in helping people. I should mention as well that a couple years ago I developed throat cancer and had a total larynjectomy and now I have a hole in the front of my neck that I breath through. It goes straight into my lungs and to talk I have to cover the hole with my thumb. Theres the very real danger of infecting my lungs, throat, the hole.... not to mention that since my nose no longer connects to my lungs I cannot sniff. Its physically impossible. So the nose simply drips continuous. that could be a very dangerous problem for one carrying mrsa there. Beyond that, perhaps you might be able to shed some light on a few things for me Ive been wondering about. Have you an idea why the sores on my legs refuse to heal over with skin after the infection goes away? I now have three open sores that are quite clean, no infection. They are past mrsa sites that cant seem to fill in with new skin. granulation tissue I believe. Will garlic help with this, or is it only going to knock out the infections? I made two trips to the market last night. on the first trip I bought some garlic that turned out to be dry and brown when I got to the center of the cloves. I went back and found another brand that was very moist and fresh looking and had the little green sprout poking from the top. I do plan on starting the baths this evening. But Im curios, if it does work as wonderfull as I understand, why isnt mrsa gone already you'd think it would be all over the news and everyone would be doing it, and everyone would know about it. Im not being a skeptic but if its really that easy would'nt everyone be doing it? Any way.. How long do you suggest one soaks in the bath, and would you bathe normally, with soap and such, or simply soak in the garlic water alone, get out and dry off. Will I smell like garlic at work? And I assume mixing bleach AND garlic would be a bad idea. maybe alternate several days each? Im sure Ill have many more questions as this goes along. Ive been fighting this for almost three years now. A few times I thought I had it almost beat. It is SO depressing when you think that.. then one day realize its back. or never was gone. I will say this then stop my ramble. There is TONS of information all over the web about mrsa. One could research facts for days and learn all there is to know about the science of it. But there is VERY little support and communication amongst public and proffesionals alike.. nothing like the on line support groups youd find for other problems folks have in life. Im going to beat this. In all things I believe attitude wins half the battle. Ill be sure to update and post how things develope so others affected might benifit as well. And thank you again, as well as a huge thank you to everyone else involved here on this board.
Re: will it ever go away?
Reply #3 by Man_Nuka15
Posted: May 30, 2018 at 19:59
Sorry to hear about your situation Acain.
I don't want to speak for Bob concerning the lack of public support and information of Raw Crushed Garlic (RCG) to combat MRSA and other infections so I will give my own opinion that may also reflect his (on other post). First off our (U.S) government does need to do more to increase public awareness of Communtity Aquired (CA) MRSA. It's a growing problem worldwide and should recieve worldwide funding, research and public education to try to solve or limit this issue.

Why isn't RCG a widely known treatment for MRSA? Big pharma has no intention of cutting into their profits by researching, applying for FDA approval,losing out on antibiotic pill sales and any other expense involved in a treatment that you or I could go down to our local farmer's market, buy a few bulbs of non-irradiated garlic and treat ourselves with for dollar or so. As with many illnesses there is no money in it for big pharma to find a cure when they can profit way more on treatment. Why doesn't our government do more? Because, pharmaceutical companies have lobbyists that influence decisions among legislators to keep their profits flowing.

Are you a diabetic? If not, have you been screened recently for diabetes or other type of imbalances that may be effecting your immune system.

Antibiotics do not descriminate they just attack..they temporarily wipe out both good and bad intestinal flora. Ingesting probiotic rich foods and liquids may help restore flora after antibiotic usage and may bolster immune system when consumed regularly.

Along with garlic baths you may want to try (UMF certified) Manuka honey 15+ or higher. It's pricey: around $40 and up for real UMF certified but goes a long way if just used topically. Use cotton tip applicators one at a time to avoid cross contamination when applying to skin and then keep the wound bandaged. Moist wounds heal faster and with less scarring than air dried wounds. There's many strains of staph areaus including a strain that can cause necrotizing fasciitis.

You may want to consider seeing a specialist such as an Infectious Disease, Immunne System or even a Dermatolgist concerning your wounds.
Re: will it ever go away?
Reply #4 by acain
Posted: May 30, 2018 at 22:08
Thanks Man_
Ive never been diabetic, never had a problem with blood sugar of any kind, and aside from the throat cancer Ive always been very healthy. Im tall and thin and very active. Ive racked my brain and researched from one end of the internet to the other, and for the life of me, I cant find anything about wounds that wont heal after the infection has gone, OTHER than... as you mentioned, from being diabetic. wich Im pretty sure Im not unless it just happened. I do maintenance work, and have no insurance to speak of, so getting to a specialist isnt an easy task on such a small budget, but I may have to try.All of the wounds I have at this point are on my UPPER leg, and that also puzzles me. Any information Ive located so far about this type of problem has been about the lower legs and ankles. so Im stumped. But my first concern obviosly is irradicating the mrsa.
Re: will it ever go away?
Reply #5 by Bob Anderson
Posted: May 31, 2018 at 01:04
Hello again, acain -

Man_Nuka15 is right; the problem in the public not knowing about the marvelous healing power of garlic is not only Big Pharma and most of the medical profit centers but big media also big media, which do the bidding of those who buy large numbers of ads and commercials and so things that negatively affect their bottom lines never get reported.
People think unbridled greed is rare and the drug companies are trying to help them but that is delusional as Big Med is totally about maximizing the profit from each victim, I mean, patient. The pharmaceuticals aren't intended to cure anything, but to continue treating it at great profit. How many people die from their treatments is of no concern to them. Welcome to modern lassez-faire capitalism.

I post here to educate people about something few people know about or understand and I am trying to spread the word person-to-person so that people who pay attention can help themselves when doctors can't because of resistance, to which garlic is immune. I don't give anyone any medical advice; all I do is discuss an old herbal folk remedy that really works and now we understand how and why it works and can use it in many ways - baths are just one.

Also, forget about the FDA living up to its mission of protecting the general public from medical fraud, for lots of monetary influence, they protect the medical extortion industry from the righteous indignation of the masses. I see no change of that relationship even after antibiotic resistance starts killing politicians, regulators and doctors. What are they going to do when all antibiotics are completely ineffective and customized phage therapy is hugely expensive and takes time to custom develop for each patient? The average price for gourmet varieties of natural, non-irradiated garlic is $18-20 /pound, even the very powerful Romanian Red, Korean Red Rocambole and other cultivars which produce more allicin than average.

Garlic and water only for garlic water baths; no soaps or other things that may alter the desired chemistry. An hour a day is about how much time most report. They need to be done in series as a single bath is not enough. People report the average duration of a series to be several weeks or until the infection stops returning. They report that if they stop too soon, the MRSA comes back although in weaker form. It is when their MRSA stops coming back at all that they discontinue the baths and resume their normal lives, confident they know what to do if they or anyone in their family ever get MRSA again and the earlier one catches it, the better chance they have.

Please read as many of my garlic and garlic water posts as you can because they explain exactly how and why garlic does what it does and the more you understand, the better quality decisions you can make. Each of us is ultimately responsible for the results of the decisions we make concerning our personal health.

Good luck to you.
Re: will it ever go away?
Reply #6 by Man_Nuka15
Posted: May 31, 2018 at 01:22
The real concern with MRSA goes beyond boils..if MRSA staph bacteria enters into open wound or deep laceration and gets into a persons blood it could possibly cause sepsis, septic shock and death if not treated by a single or combination of antibiotics in a timely manner. During the infections (boils) have you ever had a fever,felt weak or dizzy? If you ever do please seek medical attention asap.

The other issue with MRSA is no one can say they have 100% cured themselves of it as it can lie dormant for years (no breakouts). So, a better approach is to find ways to prevent or lessen outbreaks and stick with it. Also, one has to be very diligent about not reinfecting themselves with pus from draining sores and nasal droplets (snot). MRSA tends to colonize nasal hairs so it's best to wash hands if touching nostrils or after blowing the nose of congestion.

Things that can help prevent reinfection around the home:
* Washing clothes in a laundry detergent plus a booster that contains borax
* Spray or wipe showers and countertops with a 10 to 1 mix of water and bleach and lest stand for 10 minutes before rinsing.
* Washing hands thoroughly and often for twenty seconds or more including fingernails with regular (non-antibacterial) soap.
* Using aerosol spray disinfectants that list *kills staph areus/MRSA
on toilet seats, handles, door knobs and basically anything that gets touched often.

In addition to garlic baths you may want to try a body-wash that includes tea tree oil. One person recently posted that they are using tea tree cream in their nostrils + tea tree body-wash and hasn't had a breakout in a year. Take a shower twice a day and especially after work. Throw work clothes into the washer immediately after arriving home.

Diet wise:
Try avoiding processed sugars and animal meats raised on antibiotics.
Drink lots of water..mineral (spring) water may help. Eat plenty of greens.

Supplements that may help:
* High quality turmeric extract (usually includes pepper or coconut oil to help absorption in the liver) between 500-750 milligrams per capsule.
* Vitamin C 1000 to 2000 milligrams per day
* Garlic (Allicin) extract in enteric coated tablets
* Others that I haven't mentioned but you may find through research

Other than one boil five months ago I have had just a few small pimple -like breakouts mostly after shaving so I feel my daily regiment may be working so I plan to stick with it indefinitely. Mr. Anderson has helped me with questions I had on garlic baths and inhalation (for nasal hairs) We are fortunate to have him here as a resource and hopefully his knowledge of CRG may eventually be tapped into for even more widespread use.

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