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Ingrown Hairs..MRSA?
Started by Man_Nuka15
Posted: May 29, 2018 at 01:30
I occasionally like to manscape and within the past two months after I shave or trim my groin area and chest I've developed what seems to be infected in-grown hairs that presents similar to acne with whiteheads.

A brief background: I had my first ever (age 51) boil on my right chest around four months ago after I squeezed what look to be a small pimple.Within a couple days it grew to larger than quarter size. It was lanced, drained and cultured as Clindamycin (MRSA) resistant. Three months ago I had two small hair follicle infections on my face and both left minor scarring.

Two months ago I shave my pubic region with a razor and five cystic, hard, painful, pea-sized bumps arose. Two of them stayed below the skin and three developed a small white head. Since I was concerned they may be MRSA related I treated them with crushed garlic (allicin) water for three days and oregano oil + coconut oil at night before sleeping.However, they didn't subside so after further research I used benzoyl peroxide and they subsided within a few days and were completely gone after two weeks. My fear at the time is if they are not staph/MRSA related then they might be HS (Hydradenitis Suppurativa). I no longer feel this (HS)is the case though and no recent bumps in that area..I haven't shaved that area since then either. Prior to this outbreak I had shaved that region many times over the years without incident.

Last week I trimmed my chest hairs carefully within an electric trimmer and a few small acne (with whiteheads)like bumps arose. They are not painful, stayed the size of a pencil diameter, and reduce in size with the use of benzoyl peroxide. I applied crushed garlic on them overnight but it didn't remove the white core or reduce them.

I don't squeeze or try to pop anything on my body anymore. Since the two outbreaks on my face three months ago I've been taking natural and vitamin supplements..including enteric garlic extract, occasional crushed garlic + water washes,four ounces of master tonic daily and eat and drink probiotic foods and liquids. Wash hands many times a day, avoid touching my nasal hairs or nasal droplets, wash my body twice a day with tea tree castille soap. I spray my razor and trimmer with lysol after each use and only use the razor (triple blade) a few times before discarding. Since the outbreak on my face I use hydrogen peroxide after I shave my face followed by tea tree soap and that seems to work well.

I am curious whether these outbreaks after shaving are MRSA, non-mrsa staph, allergic reaction, bad luck or other? Never had prior ingrown hairs or pimple-like outbreaks on chest or elsewhere before initial boil four months ago.
Re: Ingrown Hairs..MRSA?
Reply #1 by Man_Nuka15
Posted: May 29, 2018 at 01:51
A few more related observations: The bumps on my chest are in line with my car's seatbelt (friction) as was the area of the intial pimple that lead to a boil. I just noticed another small pimple on my leg where the cuffs of my shorts rubs against. My beard and neck seems to always be itchy for the past few months. I did a bit of research after the post above and what I'm experiencing may fall under Acne Mechanica:
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