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gram positive coccus & aerogenes
Started by Ann
Posted: January 26, 2018 at 18:14
My daughter had a terrible infection after a wisdom tooth extraction. She had
several surgeries to insert drains and there were concerns about her airway
closing. The lab results indicate gram positive coccus & aerogenes.

She still has residual effects, including numbness in her tongue, headaches,
and hearing loss. Can these things be related to the infection?
Re: gram positive coccus & aerogenes
Reply #1 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 27, 2018 at 17:02
Hello Ann -

These days it is hard to know whether any subsequent symptoms may have been caused by the infection or the treatments. Sometimes people use an old folk remedy, gargling with natural (non-irradiated) raw garlic water in the evening helps them feel better and after morning teeth brushing, no residual garlic breath if the water was not swallowed. It's actually helpful if swallowed but can result in a garlicky odor for a while.

The main thing is finding the right kind of garlic this time of year but it can be done. Garlic in the produce department usually comes from China and has been irradiated and will not kill germs. Garlic in those little boxes in the spices department usually is domestic and has not been irradiated. Same with the cellophane bags of garlic in the Hispanic foods department. Size doesn't matter so much as long as it has not been irradiated. Radiation prevents garlic from being able to produce allicin so it has no ability to kill germs. One way to tell is to taste the garlic raw and if it burns the tongue it has not been irradiated and will work in herbal folk remedies.

Good luck to you and your family and I hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon.

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