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MRSA in bloodstream
Started by Joyce Thomas
Posted: November 10, 2017 at 22:51
I awakened on a Thursday morning October5, 2017 with a noticeable low back
pain on the right side of my spine, I am 51 yrs old and in fairly good health. The
next day I went to work and pain became increasingly worse by the end of my
workday as I was screaming with any movement. I drove straight to Urgent Care
Facility and was treated for pulled muscles in my back, given steroid and anti-
inflammatory shot and sent home with muscle relaxers, pain meds and anti-
inflammatory drug. The next day it was not much better and by the evening on the
3rd day was unable to sit upright to travel by car to the ER. My fiancÚ called an
ambulance and my fever spiked to 103 degrees. Thankfully the ER doctor on duty
felt the need to do blood cultures after MRI showed infection in muscles up and
down the right side of my spine. I was positive for MRSA in my blood stream with
Sepsis. The doctor said I was a very sick lady.I was in the hospital for 9 days and
treated by infectious disease doctor with vancomycin treatment and currently at
home with PIC line and injecting the antibiotic Cubicen daily. I go back to
infectious disease doctor next week to see how much longer I will have PIC line
with infusions.I also felt like I was dying while in the hospital.I am still recovering
physically and wonder how long it will take for me to feel normal again. I am
easily fatigued and take 3 hour naps at a time, and need to go back to work, but
honestly do not feel I can handle the hours due to the chronic fatigue
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #1 by Bob Anderson
Posted: November 11, 2017 at 14:20
Hello Joyce Thomas -

Sounds like you have been through the wringer and still need some recovery time. I hope you come out of it completely and fully recover your previous good health.

I am not a doctor of any kind and do not want to be so I cannot give you any medical advice.

While you are in this forum, you might want to look around and learn all you can about MRSA and the ways people are coping with their MRSA. Knowledge is power and the more you know about your situation and all of your alternatives the more informed decisions you can make about your health. Ultimately, we are each responsible for the results of the decisions we make.

The future for people with bacterial infections is foreboding with the antibiotic apocalypse of antibiotic resistance rearing its ugly head as antibiotics become less effective every day and they will eventually become totally ineffective. What are people with MRSA going to do then? Big Pharma has no new antibiotics under development and there are no plans to develop any.

Some options that will still be available to people are old-fashioned herbal folk remedies using natural (non-irradiated) garlic. It might sound crude, vulgar and even barbaric to some but natural garlic, used properly, still kills all bacteria on contact, no matter how resistant that bacteria may have become to commercial pharmaceutical antibiotics.

If this is of interest to you, you might search this forum for my garlic and garlic water posts. Oh, be sure to read the Garlic Success Stories thread to read about the experiences of people in this forum; they don't post here anymore because they no longer have MRSA.

Good luck to you.

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