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Possible MRSA Infection - Bob Anderson
Started by Jessica
Posted: May 13, 2017 at 04:51
This topic is directed towards Bob Anderson; I was reading much of
your advice on healing MRSA with garlic and I would like your opinion
on what I'm dealing with now.

I had a skin biopsy done for a mole and it eventually started getting
yellow pus. I was applying triple antibiotic and I read some advice
online that the area should be washed, so I did just that which I
think caused it to spread!

After washing the area, I woke up the next morning to see welts under
my skin in a pattern near the incision site. I started treating it
naturally and was taking garlic by eating it, but just today applied
garlic directly onto the area. I took the gauze off tonight and saw
oozing from some of the welts, but what alarmed me is that there are
large areas of red spread around the bumps, leading me to think it
turned into cellulitis. In one of the areas, the skin looks bleached!
Could this be the effects of the garlic? Could the garlic have caused
the redness and not cellulitis and maybe a sign it's healing it? I saw
you mentioned something about garlic burns. Maybe I have that. I
really want this to work, so I would appreciate your insight! Thank
Re: Possible MRSA Infection - Bob Anderson
Reply #1 by Bob Anderson
Posted: May 13, 2017 at 23:52
Hello Jessica -

Not being a doctor I cannot give you any medical advice but I can discuss the properties of garlic and how they change depending on how garlic is processed and used.

After reading your post I have some questions and observations.

First, where did you get your garlic and what variety is it? Where was it grown? Did you crush the garlic cloves? Was there any burning sensation after you applied the garlic? I ask these questions because the answers could help you and your doctor understand the redness.

Not all garlics are equal and some have more activity than others, usually due to differences in allicin produced when crushed. Yes, garlic can burn when applied directly to the skin without diluting it in water. Garlic water works without burning. Irradiated garlic from China is in most American grocery stores has no antimicrobial properties because it cannot form allicin. Actually, Chinese garlic is good garlic until the distributors radiate it to prevent sprouting and the radiation kills the bulb so it cannot form allicin. It is the allicin which works against bacteria.

If you used irradiated garlic, it would not burn you, just smell garlicky but it would also do nothing to slow down the MRSA and it would spread unabated and the redness could be from that.[ It would also not cause redness unless you are allergic. If the redness is from a garlic burn, it is likely that you would see overnight improvement. If you used irradiated garlic, not so much and it would continue to get worse not better.

This time of year it is hard to find fresh firm natural (non-irradiated) garlic because last year's crop is wilting or wilted and the new crop will not be harvested until mid-July so many people use hot-tasting garlic powder (not garlic salt!) instead.

I encourage you to read as many of the Garlic and Garlic Water kill Staph posts as you can. There is a lot to learn about garlic and that will become more useful than ever when antibiotic resistance renders all antibiotics useless.

Re: Possible MRSA Infection - Bob Anderson
Reply #2 by Jessica
Posted: May 15, 2017 at 21:22
Hello Bob,

Thanks for your reply. The garlic did burn after applying it and I was
eating it and it gave a burning sensation similar to eating hot
peppers. I also saw the green centers so I'm sure the antimicrobial
properties were still in the garlic. I got it at Walmart and I'm not
sure what variety it is. I know now I burned myself because I saw
several small fluid-filled blisters. So even though I gave myself a
bad burn, can I still soak in garlic water? Also, if it's just staph
and not the MRSA kind, will the garlic kill that as well? Thanks so
Re: Possible MRSA Infection - Bob Anderson
Reply #3 by Bob Anderson
Posted: May 16, 2017 at 03:38
Jessica -

Since the garlic was hot, you probably burned yourself but like a bad sunburn, it will heal itself in time and the blisters may have come from the burn as well. when garlic is diluted in water it still kills staph but it doesn't burn so you could take a garlic water bath and probably come away with an enhanced sense of well-being. I the infection does not clear up it will be time to see your doctor again to do a follow up or just check for an ongoing infection or to make sure it has healed.

Yes, the allicin in crushed natural garlic kills all bacteria on contact, resistant or not because it kills in a different, more direct way than commercial antibiotics.

Good luck to you.

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