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My Affordable Home MRSA TreatmentMy
Started by fukushimademise
Posted: September 2, 2015 at 20:44
A DIY home treatment for MRSA, is a affordable, natural, readily
available garlic infusion containing allicin. Allicin is produced when
the garlic clove is damaged, and can kill MRSA. You need allicin, the
MRSA killing component, not necessarily stabilized allicin, as one
costly product states. Based on my experience, there is more than
enough allicin, in my homemade garlic brew, to create a dramatic
benefit, despite, what the public is being told. The clove creates the
allicin, all you have to do, is to institute the process, and harvest
it. You need lot's of garlic cloves. I suggest you get the large bags
of peeled garlic cloves, sold by Costco and other stores. A food
processor that chops, some water, ideally distillled, a plastic or
glass bottle, a seive, and refrigerator... that's it. Place a number
of cloves into the processor. Could be 20, 50 etc. Then chop them to
particles. This releases the enzymes in the clove, to create allicin.
Let the mixture stand for 5 to 7 minutes, so the enzymes have time to
work on creating allicin. Add a cup of water, to the mixture, so the
allicin, infuses into the water, then mix it again for 5 sec.. Then
strain the mixture, so that all the garlic particles are removed,
leaving just a fluid. Paper towels can make good filters, if you don't
have sieves. Use it immediately, and refrigerate the rest, in a
sealed bottle. I advise mixing your dose with a neutral or alkaline
fluid, as acid may destroy the allicin in it. I use soy milk, never
citric juices. This is potent stuff, and can burn even when diluted,
so make sure you're not allergic to garlic, and dilute to tolerance.
Tollerance is the point, which you can handle. I pour some soy milk,
in a glass, then add the garlic infusion till, there is a slight burn
to the soy milk. I can't tolerate much more, and it can burn and
injure my throat, and upset my stomach. I often switch to capsules
size 00, filling them, with the brew, which provides some relief for
my throat. It helps if the fluid you mix it in, is chillled, and I
also add ice. Food in the stomach, helps me. This allows me to treat
myself at home, for MRSA, affordably. My garlic brew is more potent,
than the stabilized garlic costing me thousands of dollars, and I can
make it anytime. I've used the mixture effectively so far up to 16
hours, but because my condition is extensive, I prefer, to make
frequent fresh batches. I've also created a skin lotion, mixing aloe
gel with the garlic infusion, or DMSO. I keep everything refrigerated
to prevent rapid loss of potency. I experimented, and discovered the
effectiveness of my own home made brew, after going into debt, using
the widely costly stabilized allicin. Now I rely on my own homemade
brew, which seems more potent, probably because it's freshly made. I
can make it as strong as I want, or can tolerate, by substituting a
cup of the fresh made brew, instead of water, into another batch of
cloves, ready to be crushed. This doubles potency, but is to
Re: My Affordable Home MRSA TreatmentMy
Reply #1 by fukushimademise
Posted: September 2, 2015 at 20:53
I posted my article, prior to seeing the posts from others on this
subject. I was so ecstatic having found an affordable solution to my
MRSA, that I ran to the internet, to announce it. Having spent enough
money, to buy a car, on corporate patented stabilized allicin, and now
in debt, and still with recurrent bouts of MRSA, I was rejoicing to
find an affordable solution.
Re: My Affordable Home MRSA TreatmentMy
Reply #2 by Bob Anderson
Posted: September 2, 2015 at 22:15
hello Fukushimademise -

Thank you for coming here to post about your discovery and help other people. It was very generous and warm-hearted of you.

Stabilized allicin is simply sales hyperbole for garlic powder. It doenn't matter how much garlic you eat or how strong it is, it cannot cure MRSA because it gets digested; the garlic water baths are the best way to use garlic. If you will read all the articles in this forum about garlic, you will come away with a whole new understanding of the different kinds of garlic and why and how they work. If You mix in a little DMSO in the bath water along with the garlic it should increase the absorbtion of the water-bonded allicin.

Good luck to you.

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