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mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Started by danielle
Posted: April 25, 2013 at 21:20
does anyone here know what mrsa does to the brain or neurological structure. what are the scientific facts? how does it affect the brain structure? if it does go to the brain and nervous system. i heard it can affect any system if it becomes systemic or in the blood.

im asking because i got sick from mrsa an agressive form of it that is very difficult to treat. i got sick from it a few months before i was 26 yrs old, now im almost 30 and have been sick for 4 yrs.

i noticed that within weeks of getting the infection as it was getting worse i started to get terrifying symptoms such as not being able to think or concentrate anymore, trouble with my short term memory suddenly. out of nowhere i felt like i was suddenly getting alzheimers at 25 ys old. i felt my mind slipping away and a sudden decline of my mental skills

it took my doctors months to even diagnose me correctly and my mrsa was left untreated for half a year until i got antibiotics, by then it was resistant to everything out there. but within the next year i started going bat crazy developing sudden mental illness symptoms out of nowhere along with neurological problems.

i couldnt speak sometimes, or id slur my speech, i couldnt think of simple words, i was going delirous had seizures. i became delusional too and developed bipolar symptoms, manic episodes and then depression

i could no longer have abstract thoughts anymore. i was completely fine with an amazing memory before i got mrsa amd suddenly i was loopy and confused like an 80 yr old grandma with dementia

i was like what happened to me, my social skills declined and my behavior got too bizarre that i have to avoid social interaction

i dont even recognize myself anymore i was so different before 2009 before i got sick.

i cannot work, even my doctor told me im too sick to work

i cant concentrate on movies or tv shows anymore. i think my reputation is ruined due to my bizarre behavior and thoughts that people dont understand me. the only people who dont judge me are my doctors and relatives. v

due to my age, 29 now people think im crazy or on drugs or an awful person but no. they dont understand whats happening.

i dont know what to tell people, i dont want to tell people i have mrsa because i dont want to be treated like a leper. but i dont know how to explain my behavior and thoughts.

i had a mild silent stroke a few months ago due to the mrsa, i suffered from numbness on one side of the face and droopy face muscles on the side. which is mostly better now due to face exerfcises

i dont know how to explain to people whats been going on with me, its easier for me to type than speak, when i speak i have trouble thinking of words

how do i socialize with people again, i lost my social abilities. i forgot how to do eye contact, or how to apropriately speak to people. sometimes ive become inapropriatelu flirty or forward with the opposite gender with men and i dont mean to but it might be due to my dementia, mental illness
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #1 by danielle
Posted: April 25, 2013 at 21:30
sometimes ive caught myself blurting out inapropriate flirty comments to men in public. and i dont know why i did that but have crosesd lines. its the opposite of how i was before i got sick. i think its due to my dementia symptoms/bipolar where i dont realize what is apropriate. or ill think things are funny that are not. inaproptriate response

but that is all due to the brain function issues from mrsa. i think the mental illness wont be permanent, i really hope

that if my mrsa toxins go away that my mental ilness will go away.

i havent recovered yet from the mrsa, its systemic

how do i explain to people whats been going on with me? especially the mental illness symptoms and the dementia that is caused by the mrsa

does anyone know the facts about mrsa and the brain. i know dementia can effect anyone at any age if its due to an infection

but it took a terrible toll on me and some people around me

i missed alot beccause of having mrsa and becomig homebound and socially, mentally disabled from the illness

i have embrarassing muscle weakness too, loss of bladder control too which is awful. chest pain too, joint pain

how do i explain the mrsa affects on my brain to people? what are the scientific facts.

Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #2 by Anonymous
Posted: May 12, 2013 at 23:11
Oh my gosh, I am 34 and have had unexplained acne for over a decade. I say
unexplained because I went through three rounds of Accutane when in collage,
which got all the bad stuff, but mild-moderate acne persisted that didn't respond
to any Rx or OTC antibiotics, cleansers, creams, blue light therapy, etc.

Last August I got a cold, a cold that I couldn't shake for 6 months. A few months
into that cold, I started having mild symptoms that almost exactly match your list,
down the line but just not as severe. Well, the cold has been gone now for about 3
months, but the other symptoms persist.

I finally had a dermatologist diagnose staph (without a culture) and suggested I
take daily bleach baths, which I have been doing for the last two weeks.

Last week, I finally got in to see a neurologist about all the other symptoms as
you describe, and am awaiting insurance approval for a brain MRI for possible MS
or a mimic disease.

But now that I see your post, I'm wondering if it's all connected....

What kind of specialist do you go see for this type of cross-specialty
diagnosis??? Has anyone else out there had symptoms like these?
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #3 by danielle
Posted: May 21, 2013 at 05:31
yes, mrsa like any other type of infection can dsmage brain function. even any issue with the immune system can cause issues with the brain.

theres different things that can happen but im not sure what .i even hheard some people got mrsa absesses on their brain. maybe the mrsa bugs itself chew on the brain wires or receptors. or the acid produced by the mrsa bacteria as a residue is a toxin to the brain and prevents enough oxygen to getting to the brain or it burns away at important brain cells one by one causing neuroligical issue.

or the immune system attempting to fight the mrsa attacks the brain. i dont know

but i read stories out there of other women my age who suddenly got a physical illness, infection or immune disfunction and their mental abilities declined and they thought they were getting psychiatric problems or neuroligical things and it turns out the underlying csuse was their medical issue that attacked the brain.

for them their neurolgical symptoms were reversible once they fixed their immune system and the medical reason
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #4 by Anonymous
Posted: May 21, 2013 at 15:40
Can you please post links to others' stories?
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #5 by danielle
Posted: May 22, 2013 at 23:22
there is something called anti ndma receptor encephalitis. those women didn't have mrsa infections but they had mystery immune system problems

where the immune system attacked their brain and they had a rare unknown new brain disorder that doctors thought was psychiatric at first.

I think all of the hundreds of immune system issues work the same way even if they are all different. they can do similar damage , maybe not to the ndma receptor but to any of the many brain parts or other receptor

here is one link

some woman named susan wh
o is a newspaper reporter and inspirational survived

mrsa is very unknown and the chances are if you have reccurent infections for years or if it dosnt go away after a long time then it probably took down your immune system and all types of comolications can happen. I heaRD YOU can get acidic your ph level will be off balance

you can get other effects from the mrsa toxins.some people got bacteremia. but this is difficult to test for. even staph itself is difficult to detect on any test especially if you ever took antibiotics it messes up the test

but I noticed that my neurological symptoms were very similar to what she went through but the only difference is hersymptoms progressed fast within days, weeks

for me mine got worse over a long time (years) then tapered off and I never became catatonic, I went from lucid to extremely delirous back and forth over the years which is the level right before you become catatonic and then next die

theres like different levels of cosciesnous I think some scale system they use to see how aware people are.

it can progress at any rate for different people. like rabies it can take 2 days to 20 yrs to get symptom. every person is different.

go to youtube and look up anti ndma receptor encephalitis theres videos of young women there who tell their story and what I heard was similar to what I went through. sudden change. but I don't have what they do because theirs affects a certain receptor only. whatever I have is a slower progressing thing that affects different receptors and parts of the brain

if you can draw a picture of a clock 1 to 12 numbers correctly then you don't have their disorder.
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #6 by Eric
Posted: June 29, 2014 at 04:28
I do not have mrsa but the feeling of someone knowing you have a daisease I have hep c and very ashamed to let people know for the same reason being treated as a leper. their is one thing for sure I have leared do not fear what others think what you are going through is bad enough. to my surprise a lot of people suffer from different disorders. be the best you can be.if people treat you without respect their not worth wasting youre time on. I prey you find some comforetin this if not only to care about youre self. my own farther is scared to be around and many others care about you you just don't know us.i hope u find people who care and love you. sorry my spelling not good
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #7 by Laurel
Posted: June 28, 2015 at 18:49
I contracted MRSA in 2008. I was in Mexico when I developed MRSA. We
didn't know what it was at the time. I spent the entire vacation in
my hotel room, crying, screaming and throwing up. MRSA is the most
[painful thing that I have ever experienced), including child birth.
I have noticed difficulty in understanding abstract ideas and
thoughts. I have worked as a probation officer for 31 years.Ever since
I contracted MRSA, I have struggled at work. It's embarassing because
it has had a huge negative impact on my ability to do my job. My
memory is bad, and I have a difficult time dealing with this.I have
also have poor balance, and fall easily. My hands don't always listen
to my brain and I often drop things. I am scared to death of all
social interactions because I blurt out words for no reason. I get
lost when driving. Even when I go back and forth between work and
home, despite the fact that I have worked in the same place for 31
years. My eyes began to feel very dry immediately after I contracted
MRSA, and I am constantly trying to get the sleep out of my eyes.

On the positive side, I have always been a saltaholoc, and put salt on
food before I taste it. Since I contracted MRSA, everything tastes
too salty. I have also developed a constant craving for sweets.
Prior to MRSA, I rarely ate sweet things.

God bless all of you who have been brave enough to put your questions
and concerns about the residual effects of MRSA. I have felt like I
was alone with the issues that have developed since I got MRSA. I
have shared my concerns about my cognitive deficits with my doctors,
and they treat me like I'm imagining things, then figuretively pat me
on the head, like you would a child, after they have told you about
about an imaginary friend.

Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #8 by Hello Laurel -
Posted: June 28, 2015 at 20:29
Hello Laurel -

Welcome to our forum. I have a few suggestions I hope you will find helpful. Too much salt is bad for the kidneys and sugar feeds infections Those are important things to know in fighting your MRSA.

I can't say anything about any possible side-effects of MRSA, all I can do is discuss the properties of natural non-irradiated garlic and how they change when they are processed and used in different ways and let people and their doctors make of it what they will.

People often report losing their MRSA following a series garlic water baths. Many people's experience seems to have been good.

Not being a doctor, I can't recommend anything to anyone and I don't; all I do is discuss the characteristics of garlic and how they change with it being processed and used in different ways. I cannot keep people from trying the things I discuss in their own at home as desperate people will do desperate things, the very foundation of some modern medical practice.

If you still have it after seven years, whatever you have been doing hasn't worked yet. Look around the forum and see what has worked for different people and learn. You may be able to learn about dietary and other physical changes that have helped others cope better. learn all you can about your situation and your choices from people who have been there.

No, you're not alone, in fact, you have a lot of company and we're here for you. You can tell your story and listen to other's stories. What works for you may not work for another and vice-versa but all in all, we try to help ordinary people cope with a difficult situation.

Good luck to you.

Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #9 by Ms Cary
Posted: July 15, 2015 at 12:57
My ex husband has had MRSA for seven years. It just can't be gotten rid of. He's
had sepsis and pnuemonia this year already and required IV antibiotics.
He has a persistent MRSA rash on his face, which was once smooth and clear.

He has become incredibly strange. He's developed tics when he can't get the
right words he wants to use when speaking; leading to angry outbursts because
he's so frustratred. He is very moody, even cruel at times. Yelling at me that he
CANT talk, he doesn't want to be around anyone, he HATES other people in
general etc...
This man was once a gifted mucician and actor with dozens of friends and a
bright future. When he contracted MRSA in 2009 he began to have seizures and
today, he is not the man I loved 15 years ago. Now I know why. :'( I feel so badly
for blaming him when he was only being influenced ny the chronic MRSA which
he cannot be rid of. :(
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #10 by Bob Anderson
Posted: July 15, 2015 at 17:31
Ms Cary -

Welcome to the forum.. Look around, read the posts and participate.

Please read the threads about garlic and garlic water baths and see what they have done for others. I don't know that a 60 to 90 minute soak will do anything to improve his emotional distress but they seem to have a relaxing effect on people. If they help people cope with their MRSA, so much the better.

Some folks have claimed that their MRSA actually just went away on its own after a series of garlic water baths. People just have to make sure they get natural, non-irradiated garlic as irradiated garlic does not have any antimicrobial properties.

Good luck to you both.

Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #11 by Jude
Posted: July 22, 2015 at 18:51
The sulfa and floxin antibiotics
used tovtreat mrsa can also cause
long term pyschological side effects
and muscle/nerve damage.
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #12 by D.J.
Posted: September 26, 2015 at 03:14
hey everyone im 17 years old and got mrsa this year in april and have
gone back to the doctor 4 times since then because it keeps coming
back it first was under my arms then went away, then reappeared on my
sides and my stomach and left scares then went away, and came back on
my face and hasn't left. the doctor has given me bectrum which we
figured out im allergic to and then she gave me clidimicen 3 times
(sorry i have no idea how to spell those) which took it away two of
the times and third time i took it, it didn't take it away and now she
won't give it to me again because when you take it too often it can
kill the good bacteria in your stomach which in turn causes another
problem. she gave me one ointment that didnt do anything and then a
cream to put on my face and I used half of a tube which also didnt
work and now she gave me clidimicin in a gel form to put on my face
and then an antibiotic that starts with a "T" that i start taking
monday i know that you will always have it,its not possible to totally
get rid of it. but i wish it would go away so i wouldnt have to wake
up every morning and look in the mirror and see that and know theres
nothing i can do to make myself better and now i have a boyfriend my
first boyfriend and im scared ill give it to him and he knows abt it
and he says theres no way hes leaving me so im glad i have his support
but reading everything that you guys have gone through and are going
through scrares me and ive also read that if you have kids you can
pass it onto them and ive told my boyfriend that if i EVER give to him
or if i have kids and give it to them i will NEVER forgve myself and
today i also found out that i might have low IGA i dont know what else
to say im scared and my mom apart of her just thinks its acne and for
those of you that do showers and baths try taking a cap full of bleach
and adding it to your bath and then also washing yourself with dial
PUMP soap
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #13 by Bob Anderson
Posted: September 26, 2015 at 16:25
Hello D.J. -
Actually, things may not be as glum as they seem. There are effective ways of dealing with it at home and getting over it for most people, you just have to think outside the box a little and be prepared to try new things.

I am not a doctor so I cannot give anyone any medical advice; all I can do is discuss the physical properties of garlic and how they change when processed and used in different ways.

All I can do is suggest that you learn everything you can about your disease and all of the different ways it can be treated so that when you are old enough, you can make more informed decisions as they pertain to your personal health.

If you are not allergic to garlic, you might read the posts in this forum about garlic and its many uses other than to season food. I think you will find them very educational.

Antibiotic resistance greatly limits what doctors can do these days to cure bacterial infections but it does not affect garlic, just so you know. Learn all you can and discus it with your family and doctor. For you, there's lots of hope.

Good luck to you

Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #14 by staphanie
Posted: September 4, 2016 at 17:04
danielle you say you have no access to abstract thoughts and your short term memory is fried.
how is it that you can present such detailed information then? anyways i have mrsa in my blood
and guess what I'm having psychological issues like hallucinations. guess what though its all in
my mind, and 50% of women have the same psychogenic reactions under stress. have you tried
drugs? they're great i have mrsa thanks to heroin. i still love heroin, its a natural antidepressant
and it relaxes me better than pills. it sounds like you need some drugs, maybe just some benzos
for now but really you need to chill and try some mushrooms or dmt. and no more sugar babe it
just kills your brain.
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #15 by Matt
Posted: February 15, 2017 at 17:47
I cant concentrate, when i do it seems like my
head is about to pop. I have boils and my nose is
raw, idk, i want to cry.
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #16 by Bob Anderson
Posted: February 16, 2017 at 17:09
Matt -

I suggest you read the threads on MRSA in sinuses and MRSA in nose. Garlic water can do wonders if it is natural (non-irradiated) and used correctly. You might also read my posts on garlic and garlic water to understand exactly how and why this old herbal folk remedy still works at a time when antibiotics don't work so well anymore.

Good luck to you

Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #17 by B A Gardener
Posted: August 16, 2017 at 19:17
Neurological symptoms keep being mentioned but what specifically-
headaches? Hearing changes? pressure? dizziness? I'd like to know what
it actually does to the brain in a MRI can it bee seen? Thanks if
anyone knows please share.
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #18 by Trish
Posted: October 17, 2017 at 08:46
LED Light Therapy has been the most helpful treatment for me for MRSA boils. It kills MRSA dead. I've been dealing with MRSA for 10 years, and anytime my immune system is down, I run the risk of an outbreak.

I just got over a series of boils. Stopped them with the light therapy (also used supplements below for assistance) but have been having brain fog and realize that a couple of weeks of MRSA has had an impact on me. I happened on information about using LED light therapy for brain damage. Article here: I used my device on my head and have felt clear headed all day. Something to consider!

Also, for anyone new to MRSA, here is a list of the supplements and treatments that have helped. Can't say I'm MRSA free but I'm still standing.

Here goes:
*Essential oils - particularly lemongrass, oregano, and tea tree oil
*Garlic - for me however, I can only use for a short time as I start to have an allergic reaction
*Probiotics to keep immune system running
*Manuka Honey
*Coconut oil
*Bee Propolis
*Olive Leaf Extract
*Stinging Nettle
*Wild Oregano extract
*Red Clover
*Vitamin C
*Choline supplements to support brain health. My favorite is Citicoline
*Grapefruit Seed Extract
*Berberine or Goldenseal
*Elderberry Extract for immune support
*Cats Claw for immune support
*Turmeric and/or Curcumin
*Bentonite Clay
*Activated Charcoal

And 2 new things I bought but have not tried:

*European Chestnut Extract

I hope this is helpful for someone!!
Re: mrsa affecting the brain, scientific facts?
Reply #19 by Bob Anderson
Posted: October 17, 2017 at 15:25
Trish -

Is your allergic reaction only when you eat it or do you experience it with garlic water, too?

If you are allergic to garlic, you are rare as very few people are truly allergic to it. If you weren't allergic to it, your MRSA would have been gone years ago and you would not have had all those recurrent flare-ups.

I truly hope you find/have found something that works for you. Garlic certainly isn't the only thing but I can explain exactly how and why it works and that's why I write about it.

While eating garlic can help build up the immune system and have good long term effects, it cannot stop a raging infection; only direct application of garlic water can do that (and in some cases, just breathing in the fumes).

Good luck to you in your quest.

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