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aggressive mrsa
Started by mike
Posted: April 24, 2013
most people on this forum have the "normal" form of mrsa which is found in hospitals.
but there are many agressive strains which are genetically altered forms

an agressive form is found in "ICE" users,Ice being a form of metamphetamine produced by genetically alter bacteria.this drug can only be produced in a sophisticated laboratory.
it is this form that continues to be be genetically modified.

currently "they" have produced strains of mrsa tha induce atrial fibrillation, heart attack, stroke as well as tissue eating strains and strains that turn your skin into leather and infect etire muscle groups.

mrsa is being added to marijuana as a delivering system ."they " have also created throat viruses that carrying the mrsa into your system. this method of delivery is used for introducing atrial fibrillation, heart attacks and strokes.

so i suggest that one never smoke pot without knowing where it came from and the person you offers it.

also if you have politcial attitude that does not agree with current government policies and are focal about it, you are epecially liable to be surreptisionly being "dosed".

mrsa has become a political issue.and is being used as a means to eliminate people.

i know this because everything i am writng has been done to me.

Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #1 by danielle
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 07:33
i know what you mean. i feel like ive been eliminated from society at age 25.

i dont know who they are, but what if you catch community mrsa from a meth user who had it. it is very easily spread person to person in living settings and crowded areas. it is opportunistic

i became disabled from the mrsa at age 25 and a shut in and developed a stroke but i never did drugs. i got it from someone who got sick from someone else.

who are they? that you mean. i know i feel like its a bio terror attack, how can this be. so many people getting sick and doctors and hospitals have no cure for it.and no government guidelines. alot of cases are antibiotic resistant to every antibiotic

Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #2 by danielle
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 07:45
you might be on to something tho , because strangely i developed mrsa for the first time months after i became government property ordered by a supreme court judge in my state. maybe something to eliminate me because i have an untreatable form of it that i almost died from

within that year is when i developed mrsa.

the supreme court did something sinister to me ,illegal they did something to hurt me and within months i developed mrsa
Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #3 by mike
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 20:47

i am afraid it is very true, mrsa is being used politically.
i was in fact re-inoculated with mrsa in a hospital.
on another thread i briefly described how i was refused treatment for mrsa after i ad been given a IV of vancomycin in this hospital ER.the doctor said it was imperitive that i return in 12 hours for the second IVof vancomycin. he told me to return immediaely if he mrsa swelling spread. well 2 hours late a had o eturn for more swelling .the second doctor said it was smrsa also .he only gave me a saline solution IV. but also said it was imperitive o come back for he second vanco IV.

so when i returned the third doctor said it was only a gum infection and reused to gove me the second IV of vanco.he said thereis nothing they could do and essentailly to go somewhere else(i had no insurance at the time)continue.....
Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #4 by mike
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 21:16
continued from above

the doc gave me a script form ominceft which i did not take and rersearch showed that omniceft is specifically NOT a drug to take with mrsa.
so i left and two hours later the swelling had so distorted my face as to be unrecognizable. i returned to the ER and got a fourth doctor who did not even exam me or touch me but said it was a gum infection.
what was happening was purely economic. it is illegal for a emergency room to deny treatment to life threatening disease.the first doctored had said this aggressive form was life threatening.
this the corporate office had recently said they were going to close the ER because of ther economic clearly this was what was happening. i argued for 3 hours with these frauds i demanded the second vanco IV and she(doc) threatened "call security and have ne thrown in the street " if i did not leave.i would described the flat out lies i was told.the problem was i never the truth and called them on every lie they told me.i mean every one lied ,doctors,nurses, patient advocates. after 3 hours ,they realized i saw throuvbhevery lie and simply said they were not going to give me vanco even though a one point they said they would give me vanco because they could not counter my replies to their lies.but then they reneged again.but in the end i realized i had better go because clearly the police would not believe me over the entire emergency department.

the single vanco iv finally kicked in 3 days later and the grotesque sweeling started to slowly go down after 2 months of herbs tha i was using.

this is so complicated it may seem like a line of BS, but i will continue as us mrsa victims must know what we are up against.

the second dosing i recieved was from a coveert government agent who was infiltrating the local "drug" scene with the intention of replacing the "domestic drug dealers" with government/cia drug dealers. i wanted the local "kids" about this guy and for a while they turned him away. but someone told him i had warned these kids.
and i met him at a camsite ad he offered me the last toke of his excdllent pot. i knew i was in dasngdr but thought that if i acted "normal"|then it would be i took ONE HIT.20 minutes later the mrsa had spread to my cheeks after being almost totally gone..i eneded up in another ER at 3 in the morning.. but i had been drenching my face with tea tree oil for the 3 hours it took e to get to the er.after waiting another 3 hours the tea tree oil had kicked in and the swelling was nearly gone.because my lungs were clear because of my drinking pleury root tea, the doctors did notbelievbe it was mrsa but instead said it was just a allergy.
the point is i was infected by a cia subcontractor using marijuanas as a carrier.continuing...........
Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #5 by mike
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 21:37
continue from above

the pleurisy root had kept my lungs free of the mrsa iinfection which is why the doctors did not believe i had mrsa.this is the maiun draw back with pleurisy root. if you do have to go to the hospital for mrsa, they willnot believe you because agressive mrsa attacks the lungs.but a my lungs were clear.....

back to thwe story.
i week later i woke up with Atrial Fibrillation and i realized it was from the new mrsa strain. i suffered through a week then realized the A Fib was not lessening and needed to go tothe hospital.

now is where it get macabre.

in the next ER they identified the Atrial Frillation( not hard as my heart was a tribinh between 130-190 beats per second.
i told themnn it was mrsa induced. but they said mrsa can't cause A Fib. they wanted to treast me with a Trib meds. i argue through 4-5 doctors and finally one said he knew all about mrsa, he had written a 25 page article and if i wanted to be treated for mrsa then he would give me clindramuycin which woud kill the mrsa.another of the string of lies.he advised not leaving the hospital because atrib was dangerously high. but i was not going to take a drug i did not need.
so i checked out but in a comedy of errors, my heart started to poud ou tof my chest so a rteturned in 20 minutes to the er. this timne it was the same, mrsa doesnot cause A Fib.but with cklear reasoning one doctor explaiined that the A fib was life threatening now, whereas the alledged mrsa was dangerous in the long term hence theuyneeded to treat the A Fib and ignore the mrsa. finally i agreed to take a drug that slowed my heart down, it did notstop the A Fib but it knocked down my heart rate toabout 90 - 130 beats per minute and they admitted me to the cardiac wing under isolation for mrsa.
i had made the misdtake telling the doctors about my intial experiences at the first hospital. i have since found out they stick together in spite of the malpractice of the first ER room.

this is where it blew my mind.

i amin the cardiac ward, i test positve for mrsa and they put me on a monitor overnight.
well about 3 hours into muy stay my face starts swellinf and the A Fib starts picking up.i have my tea tree oils ready as i found that applying the tea tree oil mover my heart that it would temper the A Fib down from lethal levels of heart beats.the nurse came in and asked me whatv was wrong becaiuse she had seen the momntor showing increased Atribbing. i expalined the mrsa was active and the A trib was getting worse. so they gave me a antibiotic that i could not get them to identify. well the swelling went down as well as the a trib.

Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #6 by mike
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 21:47
continued from above

well a strange thing happened. about 2 hours after i was admitted to the cardiac ward,while a nurse was present, i had a "wet" cough in my upper palate. doesn't sound like much but i had just come from the ER anf they had xrayed my lunggs twice and i had absolutely clear lungs. so there was not reason to have aforiegn cough in isolation. no big thing i thiught and told the nurse it was probably just from the milk i had drank. but i knew this was bs because i drank not fast milk which doesnot cause mucous build up as whole milk does to me.
anyways next morning i get aniother ominious cough but this time lower in my lungs. now i started thinking. how could i be getting a "cough" while in isolations, so i started paying attention. about this time a nurse comes in to take my temperature. it was with thermmeter connected by a line to a console.
after see took it out of my mouth, she should have put in a disinfection container before the next use. buit watching closely i noticed that she did NOT immerse the thermometer in the disinfecting solution.she pretneded to put it in but i could clearly see 80% of the thermometer did not get immersed. hmmm

Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #7 by mike
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 22:04

okay so on day two in cardiac he docor finaly comes in.
she says she has looked over my readouts and is oing o stsrt me on A Fib drugs. i counter and said "look your records show tha my A fib was controlled by antibiotics as well as my msa infection. that is i had an infection causing the A Fib.which is what i said from the beginning. it was mrsa induced AND the A Fib was a symptom not the cause. she reused to consider her own data and poceeded o prescribe A ib medication. well i refused and told her to check me out.this so upset her tha she old the nurse to PURGE my records from the computor.
so the evidence that mrsa caused my A Fib was erased and my postive test for mrsa was erased. so now my medical record says i have no evidence of mrsa even though at least 5 doctors have refused to even swab my nose to confirm i have mrsa.

that night i felt a virus in ny throat. it ook 4 hours of constant self medication with herbal teas,tea tree oil, gsrlic, apple cinder vinegar NS bit of vodka before the "virus" was gone


i was homeless at his time so i returned to camp and about 11 th
Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #8 by mike
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 22:17
continuing from above

the next day the virus in my throat returned and it took another 3 hours of the same treatment before it was "gone". next day there was only a small "irritation" in my throat but for the most part i assumed the virus was gone. but that night i was struck by violent A Fibrillation. so i used the tea tree oild again and after a few applications the A Fib was moderated enough that i could go to day the A Fb continued and i continued with the tea tree oil.again it moderated the A the same time i was chasing this virus aound my day the A fib is gone but i get a severe sore throat. i was starting to panic . but surprisingly i simply sucke on s garlic clove for 5 minutes and the viruent feling sore throa was GONE. i have never in my life had a throat virus that seemed so virulent, dissappear so quickly with only sucking on garlic for a few minutes. hmmm
next day all seems well so i decided to go back to the ER at the hospital where i got this virus from. it hadn't totally dawned on me that i had been purposely infect with this mrsa strain yet. my fsaith in doctors being positve, i when tothe ER and go one of the octors i had tsalked to the previous weekend.
i made the mistake of telling him i ha got htis virus inthe hospital ad that was why i was returningat tha time it all when south.
Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #9 by mike
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 22:33
contimued from above
the doco put me on the EKG for a couple of hours and siad you have not indications of Atrial Fribrillation. i replied that is exacly what i was saying last weekend. it is mrsa that is causing this.but again sorry mrsa canot cause a A Fib. furthhrmore he refused to test mrsa and old me there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. incredulously i pointed out i had a still had a small inflamed throat and asked for a swap. he agreed to this. now usually when one gets a swap taken, they take two samples. this time she took one AND instead of swaping my throat she gagged me with the q tip and i could feel she did not even touch the point of inflamation in my throat. she did not take another and with no surprise it came back negative for anything. i questioned how this could be when my throat was visibly infected.she simply sais,"yes., it is a litle red" then asked why i was coming to this hospital and implied i should o some where else.

so it slowly dawned on me that this was a "conspiracy" to eliminate me. some of the doctors were protecting te oringional doctor fom evidence of malpractice. clearly they asummed the virus they dosed me with would supposed to have killed me. all to protec the intial doctor's malpracice.
the story gets even more twisted
Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #10 by mike
Posted: April 24, 2013 at 22:49

continued from above
why would they go to such lengths to protect this doctor?
obviously they had done this before because they had this mrsa carrying virus ready to come down to economics. if you are poor,you are liable to be eliinated to take you out of te corporate healh care system. at least that was my firs impression but as i researched furthur, it as become clear hat mrsa is going to be used to "eliminate not just poor peple but a braod swath of the population.
more popel die fom mrsa that aids and hep c combined ,yet research fund are less tha one tenth of the research on aids.

they now that a garlic chemical will kill te mrsa on contact.yet the medical/idusrial/military complex will not produce this becasue tey can't get a patent on natural chemical....or so they say.
if you go to youtube and click on jesse vetura or alex smith ,you will find indisputable evidence of the goverment has built dention/concentration camps through ou the USA. manned but unfilled. you will also see that the government as 100s of thousand of coffins stockpiled a varios locations around the usa. what are these coffins for??????

my story gones on but i must let it be known that covert agency have been infecting me wih more virulent mrsa strains to silence me.
if it wasn' gor bob anderson and the garlic bath protocls he establishedi woulld be dead months ago

some months lat
Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #11 by Getoffthemeth
Posted: August 27, 2016 at 22:05
Seriously, man. Get off the meth.
You are not winning. And it's so
very obvious you're using and that
would readily explain your recurring
staph. You wanna get better? Or
just shout your victim story on and
on? You wanna get better? Get off
the meth. And to anyone else out
there on the verge of believing these
paranoid delusions, do realize HE'S
ON METH. these delusions are a very
common side effect of prolonged meth
use. So is a weakened immune system
and recurring staph inductions...
look it up.

Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #12 by staphanie
Posted: September 4, 2016 at 17:09
lol meth sucks biotch, try some heroin. shit i used the same rig for a month and guess what i just
have a reggy version of it. I'm taking vancomycin into my veins through a picc line but you know
they havent called it super mrsa so i think its better if you just stick with heroin which is hella
more natural than rat poison and shit i mean it comes from a beautiful poppy and they only cut it
with shit like coffee and sugar and chocolate
Re: aggressive mrsa
Reply #13 by Fkmrsa
Posted: February 1, 2017 at 04:18
Sigh ok I do think this is true
because I contracted my mrsa from a
junkie. .no I'm not on drugs ..I
thaught he was a recovering addict
who was trying to get back on his
feet so I hired him to give me a
tattoo bad mistakes. .any way Iuts
ugly and the medical comunity will
not help me it's like they are brain
washed zombies. .or evil..I can't
deside which. .I am treating mine
natural cures and keeping it at bay
so the doctors don't believe me when
I say I feel it inside my whole body
eating me alive. .and my boils would
be huge if i wasn't dumping every
known natural cure I can get my hands
on 29 times a day ..the freaking
morons..I swear.n of course I'm the
working poor so I have no insurance.
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