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MRSA in bloodstream
Started by Karen
Posted: February 2, 2006 at 17:26
Hello All.
I am wondering if anyone has ever had MRSA in their bloodstream, and if so, how are you doing now? I pray no one knows of anyone that died from this. My husband just had blood drawn to test for it. His health is declining, and I'm so worried. His symptoms are, frequent lowgrade fevers, chills, shaking, joint pain/swelling, loss of strength. Some of these could be contributed to by his Cauda Equina Syndrome, but he's progressively getting worse. Any advice appreciated.
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #1 by Theresa Nix
Posted: February 21, 2006 at 07:45
Yes, my mother did and sadly to say she did not make it. I will keep your husband in my prayers. I will say that my mona had several other things medically wrong. Please let us know how he is. What hospital, what state?
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #2 by Kay Simmons
Posted: February 21, 2006 at 23:44
I am so very sorry to hear this. How old is your husband? Age has a lot to do with his ability to fight this. I lost my father (age 88) last May, but didn't want to be the first to tell you. Please don't give up hope and I too will keep him in my prayers.
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #3 by ADAM
Posted: February 22, 2006 at 05:27
I have been doing alot of research and it sounds like it might be toxis shock syndrome from the mrsa, you might want to say something to his doctor because the symptoms are the same. My mom has mrsa right now and im getting all the information I can. God bless
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #4 by debbie ford
Posted: February 23, 2006 at 13:24
hello! i too am saddened to hear that your husband has mrsa in his bloodstream. my twin daughters also died from this in their blood. a lot of it depends on whether your immune system is weak or not. mrsa will attack a weak system. after being in a nicu with lots of babies with mrsa in their blood not everyone dies like my daughters did. i will keep praying for you. i just finished an interview for a series of articles on mrsa for a local tv station. there are no lawyers to help us so we have to be the voice for the victims of mrsa and educate people on this and other staph infections. wherever you live don't be quiet people have a right to know how bad this is and not to be afraid to tell a nurse or doctor to wear gloves and masks or to ask that the environment they are in to be clean. educate yourself on mrsa as much as you can. remember there is a difference between mrsa on the skin and mrsa in your bloodstream. bloodstream is much more dangerous.
you have my prayers

Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #5 by julie
Posted: February 28, 2006 at 21:38
My father was diagnosed with MRSA 9 weeks ago. He has, over the last week had angry red spots appearing all over his arms , legs and torso. the doctors are cagey saying they don't know what the spots are. Can they be MRSA of the blood?
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #6 by Cindy
Posted: February 28, 2006 at 23:11
Julie, My husband got these spots all over him it was severe. He got this shortly after we found out the whole family had MRSA. He went to the DRS. they said it was hives.The spots went away within a week. He has not had them since. I think people react differently. Myself I got so sick vomiting dirarere,fever,chills for three days straight. I have never been so sick in my life. My husband never vgot sick like me and I never got theses so-called hives. but we both got MRSA the very same month. Im still not sure if we have MRSA of the blood. To scared to find out.
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #7 by Warren Banta
Posted: June 1, 2006 at 17:00
What the hell kind of post is that? I thought most of these scams originated from Nigeria and not from the Ivory Coast. I have a good friend from Abidjan and he would be ashamed that this post was from his home city.

There is a great network of individuals in the US and Europe from Abidjan. I see people staying with my friend every time I visit him. That is the network that someone would take advantage of, not a blind post trying to swindle people or steal their identity.
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #8 by Linda
Posted: June 2, 2006 at 14:20
Warren Banta
Thank you for saying what I have been thinking ever since I keep running into all these different ads on this forum. This forum is important, nessesary, as well as very useful to those of us who use it for information and support during a very difficult time in our lives. I don't think its right to see all of these ads for discounted drugs, especially ones that do not pertain to MRSA at all. All of these posts wastes everyone elses time when we're searching for help and answers. And all the rest of us who have been thru it and are trying to be available to help others by sharing our knowledge and experiences with them. Please keep these unwanted postings out of our forum.
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #9 by Kay
Posted: June 3, 2006 at 23:21
My husband did have the infection in his blood stream and it seems to be gone but it is also in his spine and that is not gone. He is in severe pain and has no quality of life. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to help him.
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #10 by Linda
Posted: June 4, 2006 at 04:16
Has your doctor ever suggested epideral shots for your husbands back pain? My whole family has had numerous kinds of back problems and both parents have had back surgeries. First my mother 30yers ago, and my father 2 years ago at the age of 72. My dad was given the epideral shots and held off back surgery for 3 years. Now my Moms having alot of pain in her knee and ankle and it's from her back. Now its affecting the vertibrae above the fusion done 30 yrs ago. They started her on a series of 3 epiderals last week. iF they work, she'll be relatively pain free and it could last for 3-5 yrs. I don't know of anything else to use for pain except a peppermint oil spray that I mix up for myself. Since my last year of MRSA, I've been having alot more back spasms and I make this mixture up in wintergreen alcohol and add 1/2 oz of peppermint oil, euccalyptus oil, and white camphor oil. This and using accupressure points work very well for me to help control my back pain.
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #11 by michelle
Posted: June 23, 2006 at 05:40
hello i was just wondering about this mrsa and the syptoms of it being in the bloodstream.. i have a set of 2yr. old twins and they were in the nicu for 3 months 1of the twins was postive for it and she stayed in isolation her whole 3 months..the doc.. told me she was a carrier of mrsa and it was colinzed in her nose??well lastnite she spiked a very high fever and she just lays aroud cant get the fever down to low still kinda high the docs. told me not to worry it wasnot anything to do with mrsa...???? need some adv????
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #12 by Linda
Posted: June 23, 2006 at 15:27
If I were you, I believe I would insist that your doctor do a MRSA test on your daughter. If she was left colonized, then it is highly likely that she will get relapses of it. Especially if you aren't giving her anything to keep her immune system strong and healthy. Also in my research, I've found that premie babies are very suscseptible to picking up viruses, infections and respitory infections all the time. My daughters best friend has triplets and were born 8 week premature and they get sick with all kinds of things especially respiratory infections. I dont think I would take a doctors feeling that it wasn't anything to do with MRSA. Because it appears that most doctors, aside from Infectious desease Dr.s know very little about MRSA and they certainly don't know how to successfully treat it. If for no other reason, get her tested for your own piece of mind. Linda
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #13 by Jerry
Posted: October 8, 2006 at 04:42
I have been sick with MRSA for 5 years my Drs. are scared but they tell me to have faith i am 32 and loosing my quality of life can anyone now my wife is getting sick and I feel guilt for the fact that I may have gotten her sick
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #14 by loretta
Posted: October 9, 2006 at 21:09
i have a 12 yr boy w/mrsa in his bloodstream.he was a healthy atheletic boy till one saturday he had a football game.he was dog piled and his hip was bruised..4 days later he was life flighted to childrens hospital w/acute renal failure..he has had 6 surgeries on his hip and shoulder...the drs say he has this msra in his blood and it attacked his football injuries ..he has always been a very healthy boy what kind of bacteria is this and what other problems is it going to have on my son??please help me learn more..
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #15 by sierra
Posted: October 18, 2006 at 20:28
i know about mrsa in the bloodstream my mom had it in her bloodstream and yes she did die from it in one month. what it did to my mom was attack at something that doesnt work that well (which was her lungs) and filled them up with fluid and it suficated her in less than 12 hours!!! i know its hard to believe that this can happen but it does and i ahve know clue how i wish i did. but i heard there is treatment that u can take and it will help but who really knows if that is true. i hope ur husband ends up being ok!!!!!
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #16 by LindaA
Posted: December 17, 2010 at 16:23
People please don't waste your money on Doxy or Augmentin or even clindamycin for MRSA in the blood because it does no good. The only thing that will affect MRSA in the blood is IV Vanc and now, since I've had it I believe they have developed 2 new IV meds that will fight MRSA in the blood. And there is a antibiotic pill that sometimes works but costs around $1000. per round of treatment. I had MRSA in the blood and had a very hard 19month battle. And nothing helped or worked until I went to an ID specialists and was put on IV Vanc given twice a day for several weeks. Getting it for 3 or 4 days is not going to get rid of it. I wound up having over 32 weeks of IV vanc within a 52 week period.

The good news is that the IV Vanc did work and I've been MRSA free now for 4 years. You can fight it and you can recover from it but it takes a lot of work and consistency and a lot of diligence on your part. The main thing is to re-build your immune system and then always remain on a maintenance dose of your re-building regimen.
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #17 by Janbolina
Posted: December 25, 2010 at 12:09
Yes, you can survive MRSA in the bloodstream though it is very serious.

A few days ago, I was released from the hospital after being admitted with sepsis caused by MRSA. The ER doctor said I was in serious condition at the time since a large internal abscess had erupted. Stupidly, Iíd ignored the pain and fever for weeks since I didnít want to be admitted to the hospital. This turned-out to be the worst thing I could have done.

Back in 2006, I acquired MRSA during abdominal surgery and it reappears whenever Iím run-down. To add to the fun, I have damaged kidney function along with Type I diabetes which makes taking antibiotics a bit dicey.

Stay strong!

Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #18 by jpdebbie
Posted: December 29, 2010 at 04:53
Sorry to hear about the situation with your husband. My daughter went through a horrible battle with MRSA. She was in the hospital for seven months and the did NOT expect her to live. If you watch the video at this link by cutting and pasting it in your browser ... ... (sorry it isn't professional quality) you will see a lot of potential life ahead. My daughter took many of the meds I have seen on this forum. Bottom line.....think positive. Don't dwell on the negative and the fears he may die. I honestly think this video will help you do that. Blessings to you and yours.
Re: MRSA in bloodstream
Reply #19 by Lyndsie
Posted: March 5, 2011 at 23:54
when I was 15years old I was rushed to ER with a softball sized bump on my leg.
I Went through surgery. Almost lost my leg. Almost lost my life. They told me
that my immune system wouldn't be the same again. I get sick alot now. More
easily then others I guess. They told me that I shouldn't get tattoos or piercings
cause I'm more likely to get an infection then others. It's been 5 years since then
Praying for all of you and your loved ones. <3
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