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Garlic success stories
Started by DaddyOfThree
Posted: December 8, 2011 at 16:25
Maybe this already exists, but since there is a lot of commentary about garlic for mrsa, I wondered if people could give their personal anecdotal experience with it. Did it work for you?
Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #1 by BobS
Posted: December 8, 2011 at 19:15
It hasn't really worked for me topically, just irrated my skin. I did make sure i got the correct type with the little green sprouts still in it (non-irragated) from farmers market. Not to say that it doesn't work though, maybe i didn't try it for long enough, i did hot baths with it, plenty of it infact but just irrated my skin.

I've personally found better results topically with a mix of tea tree oil, eucluptis oil and lemongrass oil. I mix with coconut oil or olive oil (or aloe vera for sensitive areas). If you do your research on essential oils you'll see many are having success with them. Be sure to get 100% essential oils though.

Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #2 by Bob Anderson
Posted: December 8, 2011 at 21:27
DaddyOfThree -

I don't keep track of success stories but maybe I should start. Actually, there are quite a few sprinkled throughout the forum this year, some in threds with garlic in the title and some in other threads.

At present the only way would be to read through the posts and count the ones who claim success. Of those whose treatments were successful, some have come back to say so but no longer post on here because they no longer have active infections.

One of the things I noticed was that those who got positive results were usually pretty happy about it.

People have to decide on their own to try garlic water therapy because it is not approved by the FDA for use in any treatment protocol so few doctors will recommend it.

If conventional antibiotics aren't working or have unpleasant side effects it is a viable alternative because it does work for most people.

Good luck to you.
Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #3 by Bob Anderson
Posted: December 8, 2011 at 21:35
BobS -

One of the thing I am learning as I research old treatments is that garlic works quite well for most although there are some for whom it is ineffective and they are usually those who are allergic or are more sensitive to garlic than average or who just don't like it so, no, it doesn't work for everyone. People should use what works for them.

Essential oil of garlic; however, will not work because the process of producing the essential oil destroys the enzyme that causes the reaction that results in the antimicrobial properties so they never form.

Hope this helps.

Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #4 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 22, 2012 at 03:00
Here's a success story:

Re: MRSA in the ear canal
Reply #43 by June Posted: March 31, 2011 at 15:42

I wanted to post some encouraging words for those who may be fighting a mrsa infection. I had a very serious mrsa infection in my ear that required a surgery to clean out the ear canal and remove infection directly on my eardrum. I was given clindamyacin orally for 10 days and I also treated myself with garlic water that I dropped into my ear canal. I did that for 2 weeks. I also used the garlic water in my nedi-pot. I am so happy to report that I am mrsa negative so far. I have had 3 swabs and they have came back negative. I have no pain or drainage. I am also using some supplements to build up my immune system. I feel that it was the garlic that helped me the most. My best to all.


Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #5 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 22, 2012 at 03:03
Here's another success story:

Re: MRSA in external ear canal
Reply #2 by June Posted: May 6, 2011 at 23:32

I also had a MRSA ear infection....never had an ear infection in my life. Bob told me about the benefits and properties of garlic in treating MRSA infections and I decided to give it a try. I took a clove of fresh garlic and crushed it and let it set for about an hour. I then strained it and added it to a small amount of water. I used this water as an ear drop. I did this for about 3 times a day for a couple of weeks. I also used the water to flush out my sinuses. I am happy to report that my infection completely cleared up and I later tested negative for MRSA. It has been a couple of months and I am feeling fine. If I should ever have the first hint of an ear infection, I'm giving the garlic a try again. I am recommended this treatment to anyone I know that is suffering from MRSA. My best to you and your husband.



Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #6 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 22, 2012 at 03:18
Here's another garlic success story:

Re: My 3 year old has MRSA
Reply #3 by Mom in Calif Posted: September 29, 2010 at 16:52

Bob has great advice regarding garlic...Don't forget other immune support -
vitamin C and D, probiotics, some of the recommended immune-support
supplements from here. These will work in conjunction with garlic or regular
antibiotics, and will be much more healthy for your child(ren).

Susceptibility to staph seems to be a lifelong thing, but outbreaks get much
more manageable once the immune system is back in excellent shape. All of us
have staph on our skin, it is an ancient pathogen that co-evolved with humans.
The good news is that the longer you go without using pharmaceuticals, the less
resistance the bacteria has. The bacteria will gradually "forget" how to deal with
antibiotics if not constantly challenged with them. Natual or plant-based
antibiotics do not have the same effect - no resistance develops.

Our teenager spent a year on supplements (plus constant outbreaks,
progressively milder) until we combined natural supplements, an ordinary
antibiotic plus garlic soaks to good effect.

Is he "cured"? We just had an insane heat wave here over the weekend, through
Monday. 113+. Our son broke out in folliculitis at his last MRSA site - tops of his
thighs. Many small red pimples. Garlic-infused water stopped them all in their
tracks over night - it was a non-event compared to what would have happened a
year ago. All that is left are the faintest pink dots, only a few.

It is a lot of work but health Dan be regained! Don't give up! :)


Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #7 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 23, 2012 at 16:38
Thanks to this Forum
Started by Tana Posted: July 31, 2011 at 21:11

Hi,My name is Tana and I came to this forum about 4 years ago as I also had repeated outbreaks of Mrsa.I was repeatedly given antibiotics by my Family Dr for over a year an a half and nothing helped of course because they never cultured the bacteria.After going to IDC I was put on Cubicin IV which helped,but Mrsa still came back.I was told there was only one other antibiotic I could go on which was Zyvox as all others were not working. Taking all these drugs not only killed my immune system,it weakened me to the point that I could not get out of bed.I also had numerous other side effects that were debiltating.I had read Rob Andersons info about garlic and have used natural meds over last 20 years for everything and gave the garlic a try.I also used tumeric,EmergenC packets,hibiclens soap and stopped eating anything with sugar and started eating green veggies daily,kale,cucumbers,wheat grass juice etc.IT WORKED!!!! It has been since July 30,2009 since my last outbreak. I just wanted to thank Rob and Ladyk for everything you have done to help me and others with Mrsa the Monster.If there is anyone out there needing help,you have come to the right place,just be diligent with your regimen.Mrsa changed my life forever and I will never be able to thank Rob and Ladyk enough for their compassion and support. I love you both,and God Bless!!!!


Re: Thanks to this Forum
Reply #3 by Tana Posted: August 2, 2011 at 03:38

Ladyk, You Rock!!! I have kept a plan that I follow and all I can say is beating Mrsa was the hardest and scariest thing I have had to deal with.I have been through so much with many surgeries in my life,severe trauma, and Mrsa messed me up the most.I just wanted to share that there is hope, and for Mrsa sufferers not to just visit this site and browse.They need to know that there is truth to the advice given by the moderators here and if they just really try and follow the advice of this forum,they too can get better.I am living proof of that. I was told by an IDC that I had one last antibiotic that would possibly help and that was it.They told me that once the Mrsa became resistant to that antobiotic,that was it for me.Hearing that was devastating and thats when I really got serious and made a plan of attack on Mrsa with the help of you and Bob.I owe both of you big time.You said I made your day,you guys made my life!!!


Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #8 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 23, 2012 at 19:34
Here's one I came accross in another forum:

[YEA] 08/12/2011: Mommy V from Washington, D.C., Usa writes: "My family (self, hubby, children, father, mother-in-law, sister, niece, nephew... ) suffered from recurrent MRSA skin infections for several years. At the worst of it, my husband had multiple boils the size of baseballs over his legs and backside. My sister and her 2-yr-old daughter went through half a dozen types of antibiotics over the course of a year, and even after resistance tests the MRSA would recur a month or two later. We saw infectious disease doctors, pediatriciants, naturopaths... We disinfected everything over and over. We eliminated sugar, white flour, preservatives, dyes, and MSG from our diets. (We lost a lot of weight and my allergies cleared up, but the MRSA kept returning.)

One night, after hours of prayer, I stumbled across a page by Bob Anderson (garlic farmer) on the MRSA Forum USA. He explained that while the allicin in garlic is potent enough to destroy MRSA on contact, it does not survive in stomach acid and therefore doesn't reach the skin when injested. He recommended bathing in garlic water. Sure enough, within a week my husband and both of my boys had clear skin!! In the 4 months since we tried garlic baths, my husband has had only one recurrence (which happened after we stayed a week in the home of someone else who had MRSA) and one garlic bath cleared up the boil overnight. WOW! What a relief! Praise God, whose "medicine" is so brilliantly complex (and free from side-effects).


1. Crush 4-6 cloves of non-irradiated garlic (look for white/green sprout in middle of each clove)

2. Let stand 30-90 minutes to allow allicin to develop.

3. Add garlic to warm bath. Submerge as much of the body as possible.

4. Soak for an hour or two, two or three times a week."

Replies08/24/2011: Mommy V from Washington, D.C., Usa replies: "Important note: It is likely that the first garlic bath will bring existing boils to a head. (This may make boils/rashes appear worse after the first bath. ) But, keep going... things should improve rapidly with subsequent baths.

Also, trust your intuition. If you sense skin irritation, take a couple days off. If you are bathing children, use less garlic and shorter baths."

Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #9 by reply #4 & #5
Posted: January 23, 2012 at 20:30
same person
Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #10 by Bob Anderson
Posted: January 24, 2012 at 01:16
This is true.

I had intended to combine them into a single post showing that five weeks later she was still MRSA-free but I goofed and forgot to combine them.

Thanks for pointing that out so I could explain it.

I think it is a good idea to post successful results in one place so people can see something other than my word for something that sounds a little weird to begin with. Of course, when it works, is it still weird? It truly does work and I am glad that people are coming forward and saying so.

I also think it is a good idea for people to say so if they did not get good results so that I can help them discover the reason why. There's always a reason when it doesn't work and that is usually because they just used grocery store garlic without checking for irradiation or they boil it and eat it when I tell them to crush it and dilute it in water and rub it on or bathe in it. Sometimes people just don't read as closely as they should.

Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #11 by Tana
Posted: January 28, 2012 at 21:15
Hello Bob and Ladyk,has been 5 months since I last posted about my MRSA and I am still free of any outbreaks Since July 2009 and just wanted to drop in and let you all know I am doing great.I want to let everyone know that garlic really really does work.I live in Michigan and have several family members in Puerto Rico that have had MRSA.I want to thank you for the wealth of information you have given me to help them also.MRSA has become a huge problem in PR and the Drs are not treating it properly.No culturing,testing,swabbing of nose or proper treatment.They simply take it extremely lightly there and I am deeply concerned.I have passed the information on to family about treatment and hopefully they will follow it.I was in Puerto Rico in Nov 2011 at which time my sister-n-law had a terrible outbreak of MRSA and was hospitalized,I had been in close contact with her at a family wedding.I am so glad I have never become laxed in my maintainance with garlic treatment.I traveled with my arsonal of garlic,silver,tea tree oil,tumeric and I never became sick with Mrsa even though in contact with Mrsa again.I did however end up on antibiotics for strep throat,so even with a compromised immune system from being sick,still no MRSA outbreak.I use garlic twice a week and Probiotics daily and that is all I use now forstaying MRSA free.
Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #12 by Ronda
Posted: March 5, 2012 at 01:34
I had a horrible abscess in January on my inner butt cheek that had to be
lanced. It had go be packed every other day for about two weeks. I've had small
boils pop up on my legs and underarms that I've been fighting with anti-
microbial soap, tea tree oil and garlic baths. The original abscess that had to be
lanced was cultured after I completed a 7 day round of bactrim and it tested
positive for MRSA. It is now a month and a half post lance and I can still feel a
lump under the spot the abscess was lanced. I want it to go away, any
suggestions on what I should do? Should I use garlic baths daily? I am a 25
year old healthy female.
Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #13 by Bob Anderson
Posted: March 5, 2012 at 04:13
Ronda -

The main thing is to be certain you are using garlic that has not been irradiated. If the garlic you use has been irradiated, it simply will not work because because the radiation has killed the enzyme that causes the allicin to form when it is crushed and so it cannot form allicin.

Loose bulk garlic in the stores has usually from China and has been irradiated to prevent it from sprouting, that's why it doesn't sprout and why it doesn't have any antimicrobial properties.

The smaller bulbs that come two to a box and are packed in little cardboard boxes with cellophane windows have not been irradiated. They are usually small domestically grown garlics second rate garlics due to their size but store well and are fully capable of sprouting and do have antimicrobial properties.

If you can see a sprout, the garlic certainly has not been irradiated. Most natural garlics are hot when bitten into raw but not irradiated garlic, it tasted garlicky but has no hotness.

To be certain, remove a clove and cut it open and look for a little sprout deep inside each clove; if you can find a sprout, it is good garlic but if there is no sprout, it has been irradiated and has no health benefits. In nature, every clove in every bulb of garlic has a sprout inside it because that is how garlic reproduces. The only garlic without sprouts are those that have been irradiated to kill that sprout so it looks good in the store longer but at the price of the health benefits.

Some natural garlics have internal sprouts but little or no hotness when eaten raw because that is their nature but they are very expensive and you almost never find them in ordinary grocery stores. Milder natural garlics do not have as much medicinal properties as hotter garlics. It's the heat that kills the bacteria.

If you have been using natural non-irradiated garlic and not getting satisfactory results then you need to either use more of it or use it more often.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Good luck to you.

Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #14 by Bob Anderson
Posted: March 22, 2012 at 20:45
Here is an email I received at home today:

My name is David Panza and I am a 22 year old holistic health advocate, inspired by the compelling information on your website...A little over a year or two ago I contracted a deadly staph infection MRSA...Being that antibiotics are completely resistent to most of these strain of bacteria, I began to do my research and after using Mannuka Honey & French Green Clay, I came upon garlic.

I began using it internally and externally, I even bathed in it...But you see none of this seemed to be working, which contradicted all the strong information I was reading about this powerful God-given medicine.

To make a long story short, I went the course and continued believeing in the natural way, and no sooner did I come across your website that I discovered the part where you said, if you cut the garlic open and there is a brown spot where the green shoot should be it is NOT medicinal.I work at a Food Co-Op in Albany and I got it from there. I supposed it must have been good garlic, but I cut it open and sure enough it was irradiated!

After spending some 20-30$ on garlic, bathing in eat, eating it, and applying it to an open wound painfully I discovered this CRUCIAL LIFE SAVING TID-BIT of information that made all the difference, as advised I went to the store at 2AM and purchased the BOXED garlic, but not before cutting it open with my house key in the store to make sure it was the REAL STUFF, and it was. I went home and ran a hot bath and cut the garlic and let the oxygen get to it for 12 minutes so the allicin could form...and I bathed and held the garlic to the infected area, and God-as witness I testify to you sir, I woke up the next morning and after a month long battle I had finally won, it was half gone! And if it wasn't for the information on your website I may have been forced into conventinal medicine, and a slow but sure death sentence by my estimation.

So thank you for your research and dilligence and experience in this field, and gragariousness to share it with the world and people like myself who desperatly need it!...I was so inspired by this experience that I feel it is my Divine mission to spread information concerning holistic health and this matter.
Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #15 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 2, 2012 at 23:45
I received this email today:

Garlicmeister, thank you for the information about garlic cleaning out toxins. Actually a few weeks ago I learned about your site from a post of yours. I had an infected finger that was not healing and was worried about it. From your site I learned about coating it with crushed local organic garlic and soaking it in garlic water (ouch!). Inflammation and pain were reduced markedly within a few hours and I continued the garlic treatment until it was completely healed. I am very grateful for the information you provided as I'm sure it prevented me from a trip to the doctor for antibiotics. I planted my first garlic this fall and the shoots are now about 4" tall. The informaiton on your site will help me with watering, harvesting and maturing the bulbs. My husband and I enjoyed the TV clip about you and your beautiful farm.

Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #16 by sad mommy
Posted: April 3, 2012 at 05:31
Tana -
It's wonderful to hear success stories like yours!! It gives me some
hope that my family too can get rid of this nasty bacteria for good.
I have been battling this for 6 months with my 5 yr old son, I sure hope
this will be our last round of MRSA. I'm turning into crazy mom with
showers, cleaning & laundry!
Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #17 by fightingmrsahome
Posted: April 10, 2012 at 04:50
My 10 yr old son ans i were both hospitalized last month for bad mrsa
infections. Ive completed the meds and currently have 5 new boils. Im
desparate to find some answers. Been using teatree oil but doesnt seem to be
helping me. I ran across this garlic discussion and am anxiousto try it. So far
my reseach has not been encouragaing. My boils are on my stomch, legs,
privates and under arms and tend to really breakout before my monthly cycle.
Ive talked to 4 doctors and all ive gotten is pills and cream, take bleach baths
and wash my hands. Im having a hard time - if you have found anything else
that helps, plz let me know.
Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #18 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 10, 2012 at 05:21
Fightingmrsahome -

I suggest you go back to the topics page and do a search for garlic threads and in these threads read as many of them as you can and after a while you will learn what kind of garlic to use - ordinary grocery store garlic usually won't work because it has been irradiated. If you will read these threads you will learn how to tell the difference between irradiated and non-irradiated garlic and exactly how to use it.

The information you seek is already here in many garlic threads, all you have to do is read the garlic threads and the answers will reveal themselves to you.

Good luck to you.
Re: Garlic success stories
Reply #19 by Bob Anderson
Posted: April 20, 2012 at 19:16
Re: Fatigue and MRSA
Reply #7 by lori Posted: August 9, 2010 at 20:57

Thank you so much Bob. I watched your u-tube video and it inspired us to plant even more garlic (my husband grows enough organic garlic to feed us for the year)
I wish this message could become more wide spread. If I had not run across your posting, I would not have tried these baths. Your postings are greatly appreciated.
I also really encourage people out there to try a bath. Our bathroom smells like garlic while I'm in the tub, but I do not smell like garlic the next day. It's super cheap and easy and what do you have to lose?

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