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Can mrsa cause paralysis
Started by Jeannie
Posted: October 28, 2011 at 05:31
My daughter was diagnosed with mrsa in 2009. She was hospitalized for 10
days treated with iv vacomycin. She has not had any lesions since 2009,
however in march of 2010 she started with paralysis, the muscles on her face
and arms twitch. She will tell me her "body hurts" . She went to a neurologist
and was diagnosed with migraines, which she never had a headache. She went
to see another neurologist and he feels it is the start of ms and has started her
on vitamin supplements. MRI was normal EEG normal emg normal. She is only
22, don't know what to do. I do feel this is related to the mrsa, does anyone
have any suggestions?
Re: Can mrsa cause paralysis
Reply #1 by ladyk
Posted: November 2, 2011 at 14:47
Jeannie -

In answer to your question... ["Can mrsa cause paralysis"] Yes, this is possible should MRSA get into the right place to do the damage.

In my opinion… it will be up to you and your daughter to gather a fair understanding of her symptoms. This can only be accomplished by educating yourselves on factors which will rule particular medical maladies out, and hopefully lead to identifying affliction. You’re on a fact finding mission! Likely answers will come from diagnostics, and adept physicians willing to explore possibilities as they relate to her symptoms. I’d look toward Infectious Disease special to work in concert with Immunologist/Rheumatologist and her Neurologist. Rheumatologists are trained to take care of patients with lupus. Some rheumatologists take special interest in lupus and other immunological diseases. Lupus is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune (defense) system of the body is purported to act more than it should. Myasthenia gravis is also an autoimmune disease. The basic problem in the immune system in both lupus and myasthenia gravis appear to arise through similar mechanisms. So, immunology is a common mechanistic thread between the two diseases, and an immunologist should ideally take care of both. But, symptoms of lupus are closer to Rheumatology and symptoms of myasthenia are closer to Neurology, and therefore, traditionally, these specialists have respectively taken care of these problems.

I utter the word ‘proactive’ quite often, and you will need to be.

Tentatively check off (diagnostic results - *reports to gather)…

MRSA culture (positive)

MRI (neg)
EEG (neg)
EMG (neg)


Rule out.

-ANA blood test (detects antinuclear antibodies in blood)
-Bell’s Palsy

Hope this helps provide leads to investigate further.

Best wishes,

Also, Vitamin B12 injection can help protect the nerves. Email sent.

Re: Can mrsa cause paralysis
Reply #2 by Sarah K
Posted: May 15, 2015 at 20:33
Yes, I WAS PARALYZED! I had MRSA in my joints. My left shoulder and my right ankle were operated on to flush out the MRSA infection,part of my shoulder was removed and replaced with a spacer filled with an antibiotic. I was in 2 hospitals from November 3,2014 until December 24,2014, after that I was in rehab form December 24,2014 until February 13,2015!

After the surgery, While I was at the first hospital I could not turn over nor move very much at all,only lift my bottom for the bedpan! At the Continuing Care Hospital,I started therapy. I could not sit up,stand or walk! I call that being paralyzed. Today is May 15,2015 and I am still having therapy! But I'm glad to say with a lot of work I can walk, sometime I have to use my cane for balance, I can reach my microwave with my left hand. I can give my self a shower,
this will be my 3rd shower by my self. I still can not reach my head, so have to have someone else wash my hair for me. I hope with a few more weeks of therapy I will be able to as before MRSA! By the way, I am 79 years old and not ready to give up!


Re: Can mrsa cause paralysis
Reply #3 by Anna
Posted: February 13, 2018 at 10:53
Following up with everyone.. Im still trying
to find answers. I was told I had MRSA
through ER paperwork that I had to research,
also cellulitis. My body went into over
drive from going numb on one side, tongue
numb, muscle spams, thought I had lupus, and
other autoimmune disorders, my neck swelled
up down to my spine with fluid cause my
broken tailbone of 18 yrs to vanish causing
the area to turn green. While all of this
was going on and is still going on I was
taking antibiotics for the infection. I had
inflammation through out my body, jaundice a
few times, IBS which I think had bacterial
infection, signs of endometriosis, signs of
crohns disease, spots all over my body, skin
inflammation and pain in my bones, muscles,
horrible terrible headaches, earaches which
I've never had. Now I'm dealing with massive
amounts of mucus drainage from my nose,
constant sneezing, dry cough, shortness of
breath, sweaty and still inflammation on
skin, chest and bones, cold feet, sometimes
warm hands and sometimes cold, fell while
getting out of bathtub and ended up landing
on my hand which pushed back my pinky
knuckle which now rest in the middle of my
palm... The fall wasnt that major to cause
that to happen but it did. Causes my hand to
turn reddish brown. I had my liver swell up,
kidney problems and even swelling in spleen.
I threw up a few times, cold, hot, white
ghostly in skin color but blue in lips, some
days I couldnt even get out of pain, major
hip pains, and again bone and muscle pain
all over. Never had a major fever. Still
trying to get answers from doctors. Blood
test shows possible infection , atypical
lymph and reac lymph. Oh and my lymph node
was cut into when mrsa was drained which
caused lymphedema in my arm so now all my
lymph nodes are still swollen, hurting and
some not hurting and hard.... And still the
doctors just say nerve damage, possible
infection but they didnt run a test to find
an infection , didn't do any xrays or
anything to show how my spine is crushing
down, didn't seem to care when I said I had
green discoloration around my tailbone with
fluid and didnt seem concerned in my ear
having scar tissue which has affected my
hearing and causes me to talk louder which I
used to always talk soft, my husband likes
to remind me of this lol. I will be 30 in
april. Still in pain, tired of the zapping,
shock pains from the nerve damage. I have a
heart and lung condition from birth ( soft
tissue connective genetic disorder ) so I'm
sure this doesn't help my speeding
recovering. Still do my research and slowing
coming up on how all EBV related even
bacterial are the main causes to our
autoimmune disorders. Might sound crazy but
more and more I read on it the more it
sounds about right. Not sure if my MRSA that
turned into cellulitis turned into
meningitis and affected my spine and
followed through my organs. Right now its
been 4 months since and im still having
problems and still don't feel close to good.
I only had a 10 antibiotics 2x a day.
Re: Can mrsa cause paralysis
Reply #4 by Bob Anderson
Posted: February 13, 2018 at 17:14
Anna -

Wow! I'm sorry to hear you are in such distress and I hope you gain an enhanced sense of well being soon.

Many people have felt better after a series of garlic water baths though I don't know if it would help you. If that sounds interesting to you then you might read my garlic and garlic water posts in this forum and see what you think. Be sure to read the Garlic Success Stories thread and read the posts of people who tried it. It seems to help most people feel more relaxed and gain an enhanced sense of well-being.

This is not modern medicine but an old herbal folk remedy that does wonders and now I understand how and why it does what it does and try to help others learn and understand.

Good luck to you.

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