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Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Started by Melissa
Posted: October 2, 2011 at 02:13
My dear son will be 3 in a month. In march of 2010 (age 1) we had
taken him to the hospital for a red swollen area on his bottom, it was
very painful so I knew it wasn't a diaper rash. After getting to the
hospital they cut it open to find it filled with pus deep under the
skin, he tested positive for MRSA. Going through this was
heartbreaking and we thought we were in the clear till last month (aug
2011) he had what looked like a zit on his tummy but he would scream
if we even tried to look at it, we suspected MRSA right away and took
him to the ER where they lanced it. Both times he was on antibiotics
for 10 days. Now only a month later he has another bout of MRSA at the
base of his penis, we had it lanced and he is now on antibiotics
again. I am devistated by having to put my baby through this and the
antibiotics taste so bad even mixing it in choc milk doesnt help so we
have to hold him down and plug his nose. I am going crazy over this, I
can't keep taking him to be cut open and scream mommy I'm sorry and
plead for a hug. We have 2 other children as well, one will be 2 in
nov and the other 10 weeks old, I am terrified of them catching this
as well. We have been told by a couple drs that we will have to deal
with this forever and most likely with our other children to. Does
anyone have any suggestions on things they have tried to prolong the
space in between breakouts? I am begging for help on this and any
information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

* side note: myself and our other 2 children have never had MRSA. My
husband had cellulitis while on a ship with the USMC where they had
unhealthy living conditions, this was while I was pregnant with my son
who has it. other then that no other outbreaks from him.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #1 by Bob Anderson
Posted: October 2, 2011 at 03:23
As unlikely as it amy sound others have obtained relief from garlic baths. The allicin in crushed raw non-irradiated natural garlic kills MRSA on contact and MRSA cannot become resistant to it.

I suggest you search this forum for garlic and garlic water posts and you will read about several families with the same kinds of problems you are talking about have used garlic baths to knock out their infections.

Protect yourself and your family, learn as much as you can about MRSA and what is effective against it, both mainstream and alternative. If what your doctors are doing aren't effective, you can learn about alternative treatments here which other patients have used successfully and which you can try yourself at home.

Read as many of the garlic posts as you can and after a while you will begin to understand how and why it works and why MRSA cannot become resistant to it. The decisions as to whether to employ any particular modality are up to the individual patients.

You will also learn why irradiated garlic does not work and how to tell natural garlic from Irradiated garlic.

Learn all you can, the educated patient makes more informed decisions.

Good luck to you.

Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #2 by ruth
Posted: October 2, 2011 at 05:21
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #3 by mombidextrous
Posted: October 2, 2011 at 05:28
Potty training and dietary changes helped my daughter who is now 3. She
hasn't had an outbreak in 7 months. My son, however, is 8 months old and has
had 1 boil. I thought I was immune but now I have a boil, I think because I
"accidentally" bought doughnuts. In our case sugar is bad and cow milk is bad.
Our pediatrician told us that young otherwise healthy children that he treats
typically have recurring infections for 1 year to 18 months and that being out of
diapers often helps. I am preparing to decolonize the whole family but want to
do it properly. Noses, home, and skin.

You must be very worried about your baby. My son's first and only boil so far
came shortly after I introduced solids. I think breast milk is a baby's best
defense. Good luck.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #4 by mombidextrous
Posted: October 2, 2011 at 05:41
I am curious about the lancing. Doctors don't want to do it here. Some claim
that it is more effective than antibiotics. Did it hurt him to get it lanced? I
asked a doctor about lancing my son's boil and she seemed surprised that I
suggest cutting my son. Then she prescribed him a dose of antibiotics over 3
times the Max for his weight. Another doctor told me that dose would have
made my son very ill. Fortunately the pharmacist had red flagged the
prescription so we saw another doctot. Our daughter's and son's boils have
opened and drained on their own so far. I hope mine does too. I had a hot
garlic bath today. I hope it helps.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #5 by Charles
Posted: October 2, 2011 at 13:54
The comment that breast milk is the best defense is true, when you research why it's the best defense you will find that breast milk contains hydrogen peroxide which kick starts the baby's immune system, our immune system produces hydrogen peroxide, it's the first line of defence that our immune system sends out to kill invading bacteria, so if your told that you have a weak immune system, that means your body is not producing hydrogen peroxide many people with weak immune systems supplement there bodys with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide which when taken in small doses is not harmful we add 1 drop to our cats and dogs food to keep them healthy, juicing carrots contains high amounts of hydrogen peroxide, you may want to try that, read about hydrogen peroxide therapy on the internet.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #6 by ruth
Posted: October 2, 2011 at 16:07
MRSA has a golden armor that is resistant to hydrogen peroxide. Niacin, red rice yeast
break down the golden armor so hydrogen peroxide is more effective.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #7 by Joe
Posted: October 2, 2011 at 20:05
Hi Melissa ! Was a culture test taken in the lab where different antibiotics were tested against Mrsa ? And if they did do you have a copy of that report ? You see this procedure is very important because there are just a very few antibiotics out there to wich mrsa is sensitive to (to most antibiotics mrsa is resistent to that is why so difficult to get rid of it)and you have to make sure with your doctor that he was given the right medicine otherwise mrsa will keep coming back.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #8 by Debbie
Posted: October 5, 2011 at 18:54
My now 4 year old started with boils at age 3 (already potty trained, so that had no impact). We've had pretty good luck recently with our current regimen - weekly bleach baths, hibiclens 3x a week for one week every other month, and daily Vitamin C, probiotics, multi-vitamin, Omega 3 and Vitamin D. Only 2 of hers have had to be lanced by a dr, the others we are able to have open and drain just with warm water soaks. Good luck, it's heartbreaking.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #9 by Melissa
Posted: October 7, 2011 at 02:09
Thank you everyone for your advice. The lancing for my son is very
scary, they use numbing pain through shot to numb the area before
lancing. He doesn't seem to feel it but is scared after the numbing. 2
of the times he was lanced it wasn't needed but they did it to help it
drain instead of waiting for it to fill and ooz causing much pain. My
son has been potty trained since 22 months old, (aug 2010) so 6 months
after first outbreak and 1 yr before the 2nd and 3rd. He is allergic
to milk so he is on soy and I make sure to cook all 3 meals so we
limit any bad food he consumes. Where do you get the probiotics and
vitamin c? We have started doing baths with dial antibacterial hoping
it will help, we have always been good about keeping the house clean
and discenfected. Taylor was only tested the first time for MRSA, the
other 2 times he was not, from past history they didn't think it was
needed and we are in between health insurances right now so they were
"looking out for us" in a way I suppose but the next time we will def
have it tested again. Sorry for taking so long to reply, im not used
to not getting email reminders. Thank you.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #10 by mombidextrous
Posted: October 8, 2011 at 06:50
I have never been told by a doctor that mrsa is forever and I acertainly hope it
isn't. I was told at the infectious disease clinic that once infections stop
recurring a person has the same likelihood as anybody of getting mrsa. I do
suspect a susceptibility factor like very sensitive skin. It's a pretty terrible
thing for a doctor to say your young child has a life sentence. Our pediatrician
said that pediatric mrsa presents quite differently and usually ends, but he
doesn't know why. I wonder if the parents just become germ phobes. I know
we have upped the ante with each successive infection.

What is really troubling me is that I now have it, since taking a bleach bath.
This practice seems to make everybody in our family worse. We are having
better results with chlorhexidine (hibiclens) but I wonder how long we'll have
to use it for. For now it's twice a day for me until the pimple like spots on my
bum go away. My boil healed but then I ate ice cream yesterday and had more
threatening spots by bedtime. They seem to be going away though.

I'm wondering if potty trained kids continue to get infections because they
aren't great at wiping their bums. I'm home on mat leave so I usually use a wet
wipe to clean my 3 year old after she poos on the potty.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #11 by Bob Anderson
Posted: October 8, 2011 at 14:32
Mombidextrous -

If you will do the non-irradiated garlic baths like so many posts in this forum explain how to do, I believe your family's MRSA problems would go away and stay away. The choice is yours.

Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #12 by Sandi
Posted: October 9, 2011 at 03:04
HA MRSA is forever, but I do not know about CA (community aquired), The things the ID doc told me was wash dishes in the dishwasher on the hotest setting. Clorox all sheets and towels, and just try to keep other from using the items used by the one that is infected. I know would be almost impossible for children. One thing I will tell you that the shots, hurt. He may not feel the lancing, but again the shorts hurt. I will keep you in my prayers. I have fought MRSA for 5 years.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #13 by mombidextrous
Posted: October 9, 2011 at 04:40
We do use a dishwasher but I am surprised that dishes would be a major
concern. I thought that staph was not orally transmitted and did not survive in
saliva or stomach acid. I know it can live in blood, bones, and skin. Am I wrong
about the digestive system? My big headache is the shower curtain. The tub I
bleach twice a day before each child's bath but it's more difficult to clean the
shower curtain.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #14 by Melissa
Posted: October 9, 2011 at 05:09
Im sorry to hear about everyones problems with this. I am having a
hard time coping with my baby having this and feel everytime he has to
go through this it is breaking his spirit. He is such an amazing
little boy with so much love in his heart and I don't want him to lose
it or his trust in mommy and daddy. I will be looking into the garlic
baths, at this point I am willing to try anything. For his potty
hygiene me or my husband go with him everytime he uses the potty and
wipe him thoroughly with wet wipes. I wish there was something I could
just pin this to and work on it so I could lesson his chances of
getting it but as mombitextrous had said we have have become germ
phobes and still no luck. Aside from this he is completely healthy. I
know the shots hurt, I had them for my c sections, the only benefit
from them is that he is numb for a few hours which makes him happy.
God bless all you dealing with this, I hope that you all find yourself
and families free of this someday
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #15 by mombidextrous
Posted: October 9, 2011 at 21:25
The latest thing that I am trying is canestan antifungal cream. I've noticed that
the dot rashes often follow a scald type rash in creases. So last night there was
scald rash with dots and I put canestan on it and it was gone this morning. I
know that antifungals don't kill mrsa but the chlorhexidine wash gave me a
yeast infection so I figured it might do the same to my son. I think the yeast
may be weakening the skin enabling the mrsa to cause an infection.

I have a long list of suspected factors, one of which is the soap on disposable
wipes. That said a poopy bum is worse. I wash my baby in the sink every
diaper change but that can't be done with an older child. Any time I go out for
a day and use wipes he gets a rash.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #16 by Debbie
Posted: October 14, 2011 at 16:04
Other things we do to prevent recurrences - DDs clothes get washed in hot water, and her underwear are a separate load on hot with bleach. All towels in the house get bleached. Sheets washed on hot. I also bought DS a bigger infant tub at Ikea to keep their baths as separate as possible longer and not transmit to him - I suspect he'll fit in it until he's 3. During outbreaks we wipe doorknobs, faucets, etc religiously.

For supplements I buy multivites, omegas and C at target and probiotics and D online.

From what I've understood from our docs, once a child has recurring MRSA, they will likely have long term troubles with it.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #17 by Nancy R
Posted: October 14, 2011 at 18:44
I so understand how scary it is having survived myself. I would
suggest that you go to the Dollar Store, Ollie's or KMart and buy some
inexpensive shower curtain liners. I think Ollie's usually has the for
about $4. Buy a few and wash them in the washing machine so you'll
always have fresh curtains.

However, I would be surprised if MRSA survived on a shower curtain.
After all, they get wet and slippery. One of the reasons plain old
soap is so effective with many bacteria is because is IS so slippery.
The bacteria literally slide off and go down the drain.

In the end, MRSA is everywhere, not only in your home. You must BOOST
your child's immune system for him to ultimately be cured. Exposure is
Nature's way of "vaccinating" people. Try to incorporate more dark
green leafy veggies, low sugar fruits and baked, braised, boiled,
broiled and roasted meats. Avoid frying, for the coatings are usually
flour based and that converts to sugar in the body. Be sure he gets a
good vitamin supplement as well. And, by all means, get him outside in
the sunlight. Be sure his vitamin B12 and D vitamins are adequate.

By reducing the bacteria in his environment and boosting his immune
system, over time, his body will be able to fight off the bacterial
invasion. Be sure to finish whatever antibiotics are prescribed. Never
stop just because the symptoms seemed to have subsided. That is
EXACTLY why we have so many ineffective antibiotics today. Once his
body can control the bacterial build up, he will be fine. Your
cleaning is to help him make that transition.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #18 by Melissa
Posted: October 17, 2011 at 10:21
Thank you everyone for all of the suggestions. I have written them all
down and me and my husband have been trying to keep up with all of
them. His MRSA has now cleared up but as all of you know if you see a
little red spot, unlike most parents who think heat rash, we are
dreading a trip to the hospital. We have finally got approval on child
health care so we are gonna try to get him into a specialist. Has
anyone tried the decolonization of the whole family? What was the
outcome? I am trying to keep my childrens nutrition up, we dont fry
anything, do a lot of boiling and roasting and only give them whole
raw fruits, veggies are a different story. My dear son is very picky
and its very strange because the only way I can get him to eat
vegtables is through baby food... I don't know if the idea of it
looking for like an applesauce makes it more appealing or what but he
has been like this since my almost 2 yr old started on baby food. We
have also started him on pediasure nutrition drinks and make sure to
get plenty of outside play. We have 3 bathing areas in our house,
during an outbreak my son uses a bath that is just for him, we also
bleach it after every bath. SPeaking of which how do bleach baths
work? The thought of putting my son in bleach scares me but its the
only constant I have gotten from people and drs, though the drs never
told me how to do it. THank you.
Re: Toddler recurring MRSA help!
Reply #19 by Cap
Posted: November 15, 2011 at 19:15
My son has had two bouts w/Mrsa... The first which hospitalized him & the
second just antibiotics at home. Both have been extremely traumatic for him. He
is only 6yrs old and both times they lanced and drained the infections. I am so
paranoid now.. Every time I see any little spot, I freak out! I hate feeling this way. I
have done so much research on Mrsa and the things we are doing now are
number one: better hand washing! Which is difficult to monitor w/a child being in
school all day, but I have told him that he has to wash his hands better or he will
end up In The hospital again. Also, PROBIOTICs!!! He takes two pills a day!!
Boost the immune system! Stay away from junk food and a few times a week I put
tea tree oil in his bath. And most importantly, I discovered Manuka honey. It is so
healing and natural! Any time I see a spot, I put it on it.... It is supposed to
suffocate/kill Mrsa on contact. I hope some of these ideas will help people w/this
horrible problem so many of us are facing.
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