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Vaginal MrSA
Started by Liz M
Posted: May 3, 2011 at 03:31
I am really hoping to get some help on this. I have had MRSA in my vaginal area
over the past year. It began around Feb 2010. I had a gyno exam and ever since
then I have continued to have mrsa outbreaks on my labia. At least once a month.
Sometimes even more than that. I try to use natural remedies but don't often stick
with it. Just recently I have had one again almost a month since my last one. When I
have these outbreaks sometimes i will try to deal with it holistically, with say
charcoal, turmeric, and garlic but yet they still keep coming. When I go on the
antibiotics that seems to help, but only for a little while.

To describe my outbreaks, it will start as a very smal bump under the skin on my
labia.. It doesn't come to a head. and then it just grows and gets bigger all the
while under the skin. because I normally try and treat it holistically to start out
with, it gets so painful I have to go to the Urgent care for an I & D.. I have probably
had close to 10 that I have had to have and I &D for.. Its not fun, I am almost used
to pain, which I don't know is a good thing or not.

I am really looking for some help from anyone, in particularly Bob Anderson.. i
understand that crushed garlic helps kill MRSA. but how does it work when the
entire boil and puss is under the skin. Since this is a very sensitive area, it is hard
to keep the garlic on for long before it starts to burn.

Any help would be appreciated.

I feel that it is beginning to take a told on me as every month at least i get one of
these. I don't want to talk about not having one because thats normally when one
comes back.

Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #1 by Bob Anderson
Posted: May 3, 2011 at 16:39
Liz M -

I believe non-irradiated crushed raw garlic (crg) would be very beneficial for you.

The most effective way of treating it would be direct application of the crg itself but as you have noticed the area is so sensitive that it would not be good because of the burning so diluting the crg in water and just sitting in the water for an hour or two would be greatly helpful and not burn.

Another thing that would be greatly helpful would be to douche with garlic water, that would kill the harmful bacteria in the vagina. If you are experiencing ongoing diarrhea then a garlic water enema will put a stop to that by killing the offending bacteria in the colon. Crg, even when greatly diluted, kills bactertia on contact and no bacteria, including MRSA can become immune to it. That's the great secret.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics work by attaching themselves to chemical receptors on the outer cell wall of bacteria whose receptors are the right configuration, others are immune and require a different antibiotic. The allicin in crg ignores receptors and penetrates right through the cell wall and into the interior of the cell, causing it to swell up and burst, killing it. No bacteria, including MRSA, can become immune to that microbial action.

Pharmaceutical companies don't like cheap effective alternatives to their expensive medicines and denigrate garlic at every opportunity and influence the FDA to keep it out of the protocols because it can't be quantified and reproduced artificially. Doctors cannot recommend it because it is not part of any approved protocol.

It's up to each person to find out for themselves and that is why I am here educating people about garlic and how it works. The more one knows about what one's alternatives really are, the better decisions one makes.

I would think that starting out with a shallow warm/hot tub in more concentrated garlic water as a sitz bath and slowly adding hot water as needed to maintain a high enough temp to keep the pores open to facilitate intake would work well. One could even squeeze-bottle douche with the garlic water at any stage right there in the tub and get the garlic water everywhere.

The more of the skin that is exposed to the garlic water, the more allicin can work into the body and get into circulation and stay longer. Allicin doesn't last long in the body so more exposure for longer periods gets more of it into the fight. It's important to completely submerge occasionally to kill hair and scalp bacteria.

Over repeated baths, the new outbreaks should stop coming. They can start up again from new infections pick up from the environment but at least you will know how to knock them out at first sight.

If herpes is involved, garlic water will make the outbreak go away early before it gets ugly but will not cleanse the virus from the body.

Thank you for your confidence and I hope you will report back on your progress so as to help others.

Good luck.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #2 by Liz M
Posted: May 4, 2011 at 03:39
Thanks Bob

I am going to try the garlic bath over the weekend. I have taken to crushing several
garlic.. letting it sit.. and then soaking a papertowel and sleeping with that one .. My
most recent one just occured over the weekend. I will have to really do the garlic bath
on a continual basis because it is clearly a consistent problem I have been having. I will
check back soon to let you know how it has worked for me.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #3 by Doctor now!
Posted: May 4, 2011 at 22:12

Crikey, get into a real physician, your condition needs to be examined and diagnosed directly, not by an unknown person throwing out worthless and potentially damaging 'treatments' over a message board.

Get yourself to a real doctor, preferably a ob/gyn or an internist ASAP!

Mr. Anderson, you are dispicable.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #4 by Bob Anderson
Posted: May 5, 2011 at 04:55
Doctor now! -

I agree she should see a doctor and be professionally diagnosed if she has not already. She said she had a gyno, knows her diagnosis is MRSA and gets a prescription for antibiotics, presumably from a doctor, which have so far shown to be inadequate to clear up the problem.

I would never tell anyone not to see a doctor nor would I try to give any medical advice because I am not a doctor and do not pretend otherwise.

This is a free and open MRSA patient's discussion forum where people exchange stories and relate experiences in order to help one another, surely you don't object to that. I discuss my experiences with garlic and so do some other patients. It is our right to do so.

As to whether I am despicable, I really don't feel very despicable and I think the people in this forum who have said that they were greatly helped by using the information on garlic water to successfully make their own lives better won't think I'm very despicable either and some of them have expressed gratitude for the information.

In fact, if you look around this forum you may find people who think that what is despicable is getting MRSA at a hospital when you went in to be treated for something unrelated. Some 30,000 to 90,000 people a year (depending on whose statistics one uses) die from HA-MRSA. That's despicable. Not one hospital that I know of has ever been found liable and they have all profited many millions of dollars from MRSA and there is no apparent motivation to clean up the conditions that lend themselves to infection. Some people think that is despicable.

Because of the multiplicity of options patients today must educate themselves so as to have a better understanding of the available choices and consequences and consulting more than one physician with different specialties is the usual case. Educated patients generally make better decisions involving treatment than less informed ones, in my opinion. Ultimately, it's the patient's decision.

If you were to Google into the chemistry of garlic you would encounter three names often due to the large volume of research they have done; Larry Lawson, Ph. D., Eric Block, Ph. D. - Chemistry Chair SUNY, Albany and David Mirelman, Chemistry Chair, Weitzman Institute, Rehovot, Israel.
Read Larry Lawson's book "Garlic - The Science and Therapeutic Application of Allium Sativum L. and Related Species"

By the time you finish you will know more about garlic than 99% of doctors and you will understand the chemistry of how it works and why no bacteria, including MRSA can become immune to it. It's something you should keep in mind if you ever get MRSA yourself.

Garlic baths and other antimicrobial uses of garlic are folk remedies that work well as an adjunct with mainstream medicine. They don't call garlic Russian Penicillin for nothing. It really works on contact and we are allowed to discuss it.

I would like to hear from others about their experiences with garlic.

Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #5 by ladyk
Posted: May 5, 2011 at 18:57
Liz M -

First and foremost… do you have and Infectious Disease specialist on your team?

It is my opinion it would be in your best interest to seek one who wears the correct hat for the job. Since MRSA is an infectious disease, one who specializes in such… is top option for appropriate care, as MRSA can rapidly spiral out of control. Seeking an ‘adept’ ID specialist, just as with any physician… is our responsibility. If one does not fit criteria - seek another. But it really doesn’t end there, we are responsible to become knowledgeable about our afflictions in order to make the most educated decisions possible for us particularly. If one is not knowledgeable about affliction how can we be ‘as sure as possible’ correct meds and treatments are being utilized? What about leading edge treatments? And knowing of study results, for example… ‘inducible resistance’ found to be the case concerning Clindamycin (brand name Cleocin) antibiotic therapy where a D-test depicts resistance. Erythromycin is another antibiotic which falls to low level resistance/inducible resistance even when shown on C&S to initially be susceptible. Also there is the avoidance of Red Man’s Syndrome by assuring Vancomycin IV antibiotic therapy is given at appropriated rate, which often avoids this complications.

After reasonable research, and considering all opinions gathered, including your own gut instinct as to what is best for you particularly - all things considered (health, pre-existing compromising factors, meds, etc.)… final health care decision still rests with us ultimately (unless we become incapacitated to the degree another makes such decisions for us).

Some things you might consider.
-Outbreak triggers… compromising health factors such as diabetes for example, may perpetuate cycling lesion outbreaks beyond one’s impeccable cross contamination precautions. Out of curiosity do you know your blood sugar range?
-Shower every single day to reduce bacteria overload on skin surface barrier. Bump up Hibiclens showers. Utilize alternatives between Hibiclens showers… if you decide - garlic, Epsom Salts, bleach baths, etc. *Note: It is imperative to maintain impeccable skin integrity, as even most minute opening is avenue for MRSA to capitalize on. There is also a moisturizer poster ‘abcdeb’ researched which preserves Hibiclens extended protection.

Read forum, it’s a great source of first hand experiences others have dealt with concerning MRSA infections. Cycling outbreaks have been a topic on forum in the past.

Another source of information is forum’s associated website MRSA AMERICA & Beyond
(drop down menu) Particularly Carrier - Colonized.

MRSA bacteria thrives at superb human host colonization sites. To name a few… armpits, groin, perineum, buttocks. As a female who experienced this first hand… I get it.

Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #6 by ladyk
Posted: May 5, 2011 at 19:31

Tea Tree Oil is quite helpful in halting lesion progress if caught at early stage, also eases itchy, painful lesions. Soothes with camphor feel/odor although did not escalate to unbearable sensation in my experience, even on most sensitive skin.

CAUTION: You might want to re-consider keeping wet soaks at site for extended period of time. You are compromised, therefore MRSA is not the only opportunistic pathogen out there willing and able to capitalize on your weakness. A situation where open lesion is kept dark, warm, and wet… is perfect set up for acquiring Pseudomonas bacteria in open wound/lesion.

Above all remember MRSA is a pathogenic contagion, easily spread about yourself and others. Can’t emphasis enough the importance of cross contamination precautions.

When was your last lesion culture done?

What are you doing to support/build your immune system function to optimal?

Complacency… on your part concerning topical care maintenance in attempt to control MRSA - will be your enemy! One can perpetuate outbreaks with non/inappropriate care until host illness can/will become progressive.

Hope this helps. Ask the million questions, I’ll do my best to help you along.

Best wishes,

Pass ALL meds/supplements/treatments by ALL physician(s).

Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #7 by Forum Administration
Posted: May 5, 2011 at 20:02

Gentlemen -

Let it stand as correct... it is the responsibility of each and every single person who comes to forum to exercise said responsibility in seeking professional advice to assist them with their affliction(s).

Thereafter, should one consider it useful to utilize a particular method of care safely (in ALL respects)… it is their decision and *one should not be pushed in any direction other than one of safety. Fact is... what is useful and effective for one, is not necessarily the case for another, as this forum reflects.

Personal safety first! Professional opinion(s). Diagnostic confirmation as to affliction. Blending of medicine (both conventional & alternative) for best possible patient outcome.

*Pass ALL meds/supplements/treatments by ALL physician(s).

I trust there is an understanding.

Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #8 by Joe
Posted: May 8, 2011 at 21:07
Liz M ! You need to see an Infectious Disease Specialist just like I did in order to get rid of mrsa. I had four different outbreak of wich three required surgery . It is important that sample is taken from the wound and sent to the lab to test against different antibiotics. Only the lab test will show the right antibiotics to wich the bacteria is resistent to ,without the lab test there is no way that any doctor can give you the right antibiotics.Second thing that you have to remember is Hibiclens. Hibiclens is an over the counter antibacterial liquid soap that proven to kill mrsa bacteria,that is what the Infectious Disease Specialist gave me and it worked.I got rid of mrsa for good because the right antibiotics and Hibiclens.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #9 by Bob Anderson
Posted: May 12, 2011 at 16:53
Joe -

Had you known about garlic and how to use it at the very beginning, it likely would have stopped the MRSA completely and prevented all your subsequent difficulties.

With mainstream medicines they do need to do the lab work to discover which antibiotics the bacteria is resistant to but with garlic it doesn't matter because none of them are resistant to allicin nor can they become resistant to allicin and it kills the bacteria on contact. Several published studies have borne that out and one even showed that allicin was so potent it killed bacteria out to eight inches away just from the fumes. (Walton, Herbold & Lendegren in Food Science Journal.)

If you would take the time to do a Google search on the chemistry of garlic, your findings would amaze you.

If you will read the garlic posts in this forum you would learn a lot but don't take my word for it, do the research yourself and with an open mind and you will come to the same conclusions in time.

Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #10 by here2maine
Posted: May 13, 2011 at 05:37
It is amazing that so many people want to hate on bob, I do not get it. Bob's advice about garlic has helped my family, and given us a sense of freedom from the doctors, and meds. I am not saying it will work for everybody, especially ones with severe chronic cases. But, I have been on this forum for about 3 months, and the one thing I have noticed is people come and go. Lady K and Bob are the one constants on this forum, trying to, simply, help people, I don't see anyone else sticking around to help. The critics seem to disappear as fast as they appear. Anyone who is really looking for help, should try everything that may or may not help, along with doctors and meds. This web site and the advice I got here has changed me, saved me, & helped me.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #11 by Morgan
Posted: May 15, 2011 at 22:28
I have had something like this... mine was actually MSSA but it started on my wrist in October. Took Clindo (found out I was allergic) so they put me on Bactrim. It "went" away. Around Thanksgiving it came back on my stomach because of the way I sleep. Again with the Bactrim. In February I had another spot on my stomach and on my left labia. The one on my labia was lanced on a Saturday and by Monday it was swollen to the point that I could not walk. I had a celluitus infection around the MSSA boil. Fun times. I was hospitalized for a week so I could get IV meds. My infectious disease doctors told me not to shave my pubic region anymore as ingrown hairs can be a reason it appeared on my labia.

This was during a time when I was taking hibclens and bleach baths, putting the crap in my nose, washing and changing my sheets daily as well as only using wash cloths and towels once.

From this 8 month ordeal I also had thrush twice, black and hairy tongue and now have issues with my gums. I also am being tested for all kinds of things because I cannot stay awake for longer than a few hours.

I am active duty military and contracted the original boil from the gym on base. It has been hard to explain to my co workers how this feels and am tired of them looking at me like I am trying to get out of work when I have had to go to the hospital because now I am paranoid that any pimple or anything could cause me to be in the hospital or on the meds again.

Liz I would seriously go to an infectious disease doctor and see if there is any correlation between your personal grooming habits (i.e. shaving, waxing, nair etc) and the outbreaks of your boils.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #12 by Liz
Posted: June 16, 2011 at 15:40
Thanks everyone..

I feel bad. I hadn't come back here in a while to read all the replies.. After the one that
I posted, it had cleared up for a while.. month - 6 weeks and low and behold I have
another one comin right now -__-

As for the people who have asked if I have gone to a doctor... YES I HAVE. I have had
everyone boil that had an I & D done on and it came back as MRSA. Except for the last
one but I believe it was only bc the Doctor didn't actually lance where the MRSA was

Ladyk you asked if I had seen an infectious disease doctor.. No I haven't. I just moved
to another state and no longer have insurance until i start another job so I can't go an
visit on now. I will try again after i start my new job and the insurance kicks in.

For the person that suggested I go to a dr and get antibiotics cuz that may clear it
up.. not the case because everytime i've been to the dr they have given me antibiotics
yet im still on here writing because they keep recurring.

I am wondering if it may be diet related because this most recent one seems to start
occuring after a slight change in diet after my move.. Eating more white sure/ white
flour than I did before..

Since I don't have any insurance currently I will have to go the natural route and hope
that it works
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #13 by Bob Anderson
Posted: June 16, 2011 at 22:48
Liz -

Thanks for coming back.

If you are going the garlic bath route, be sure to get garlic that has a small internal sprout in every clove. Garlic baths are a great tool but they only work with natural garlic that has not been irradiated. Irradiated garlics have no sprout and no health benefits.

Please let us all know what you did and how it worked out for you.

Some of us are here for you; some seem to be here for the health care industry. I monitor this forum regularly and if you have any question related to garlic, just ask. I'll try to help you learn and so will others.

Hope this helps.

Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #14 by Joe
Posted: June 17, 2011 at 03:35
Hi LizM !You have to understand two basic procedure when dealing with recurring Mrsa infections. The first thing is that without a culture test taken from the wound and sent to the lab for test against different antibiotics there is little chance that any doctor can give you the right antibiotics to wich the bacteria show sensitiveity. And that explains why you are experienceing recurring infections ,because Mrsa is resistent to most of the antibiotics out there. The second important thing to remember that until the bacteria's mutating cycle not broken mrsa will come back.To brake the mutating cylcle you need topical treatment directly applied to the skin and the one of the best right now is Hibicelens. Hibiclens is an antibacterial liquid soap available without prescription in any pharmacy. I had to deal for more than nine month with recurring infections of wich three required surgeries because I was given the wrong antibiotics by my doctor and even by the surgeon. The break came when I went to see one of the best Infectious Disease Specialist here in New York City who gave me the above described treatment. After his prescribed treatment, my condition started to improve rapidly and more than three years now I have no more infection, no more antibiotics no more Hibiclens. So I hope that this reply will help you clean up Mrsa for good.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #15 by samantha
Posted: October 22, 2011 at 07:29
I have MRSA on my labia and but crack they had to lance and drain my but and pack it
everyday because the wound has to heal from the bottom up. The one on my labia same
thing. You will never fully get rid of MRSA but you can prevent from out breaks. The
wound has to heal from the bottom up with packing strips soaked in anti biotic. You can
NOT treat mrsa organically. It will just keep coming back. You must keep a bacteria free
living space and constantly wash hands and body. Do NOT pick your nose because it
lives in there, i have 2 anti biotics a cream and my packing gauze for my wounds. But if
you dont keep the wound open to heal it will close and get infected again.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #16 by SuZie
Posted: October 23, 2011 at 07:00
Anyone with groin area issues with mrsa might want to consider an
antimicrobial perineal cleanser spray, many available, can spray in that area
and leave on, normally used for incontinence or nursing home bed changing
but some,look for ones that u can also safely spray on fabrics and bed sheets
and that talk about killing mrsa. Some people spray on underarms too.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #17 by Charles
Posted: October 23, 2011 at 16:45
Have you tried Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy with 35% food grade Peroxide, you can read about it on the internet, the reason mrsa keeps coming back is the bacteria can hide in the body where antibacteria drugs can't kill it, you need to find a treatment that is a maintainance, with your problem you need to keep in mind that mrsa bacteria is inside your body and then surfaces at your Vaginal area, you need to treat the whole body, the mrsa bacteria can not live in oxygen hydrogen peroxide is oxygen water, when you put a couple of drops in juice and drink it, it completly send oxygen thu out the body and kills mrsa, you can also mix a highly diluted mixture of peroxide and water, 1 teaspoon of peroxide and 1 cup of water, use 3% peroxide when doing this, when you look up Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy on the internet it will tell you how to take it.
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #18 by Grandmom
Posted: March 19, 2015 at 02:44
My grandmom heard that garlic was good for a skin infection she had on her
forearm. She put crushed garlic on it for many days. When she realized the
infection was worsening, she finally went to the doctor, the doctor said " save the
garlic for your kitchen, you need antibiotics" he prescribed her antibiotics later
they found she had mrsa and changed antibiotics again. By this time, it was too
late, she had to be hospitalized, then she got pneumonia in the hospital and died.
Sad story, but the teaching part is GO to the doctor first! Dont wait until it is too
late. don't put yout health at risk. If you arr not satisfied with a doctor's opinion,
then research for another one. Mrsa can be really serious if not receiving the right
treatment at time
Re: Vaginal MrSA
Reply #19 by Bob Anderson
Posted: March 19, 2015 at 18:09
I am truly sorry to hear about your grandmom. In my view it was a needless tragedy that might have been prevented. Your grandmom heard it right but apparently used the wrong garlic. Natural garlic contains one of the most powerful antimicrobial agents in nature - allicin, which forms when natural garlic is crushed. I believe had she gotten that and used it the same way, the sore would have healed up and she would still be with us.

Unfortunately most grocery store garlic is grown in China and has been irradiated to keep it from sprouting. This garlic looks the same as natural garlic but it is dead so the enzyme that forms allicin no longer exists so no allicin forms and when she rubs it on the sore, nothing happens and the sore festers.

On the other hand, if she had been able to buy locally grown garlic that had not been irradiated, when she crushed and applied the garlic, it would have burned her arm but killed thew infection and everything would have been ok. She had the right information all along and was wise enough to use it but the garlic she used did not have the healing power of natural, living garlic.

There are several ways to test garlic to find our whether it has been irradiated or not. One is to remove a clove and dissect it or just tear it apart looking for a tiny growing sprout. Every natural garlic clove in the world has a living growing sprout because that is how it reproduces itself. Radiation kills this sprout and it withers and dies so the sprout is not present in irridiated garlic. Asiatic varieties of garlic are the earliest harvesting of all garlics and also the earliest to sprout and grow so Chinese distributors irradiate the garlic to keep it from sprouting so it will look good on the shelf longer.

Another way is to remove a clove and bite off a piece of it and note the flavor. If it is hot to the taste, it has not been irradiated because the hotness that you taste is the allicin. If it tastes like garlic but is not hot, you may be sure that it has been irradiated.

Stories about people like your grandmom are the reason I try my best to teach people how to tell irradicted garlic and to be sure to use truly organic or locally grown garlic, or better yet, grow their own if possible.

Yes, I believe your grandmom could still be here and healthy had she been anle to get the right kind of garlic.

Garlic is not all the same. There are vast differences between varietes and also between the myriad cultivars and how they have been grown and treated. Chinese garlic is actually pretty good garlic before they irradiate it.
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