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MERSA @ Cleveland Clinic
Started by Ken W.
Posted: August 16, 2010
On June 29th 2010 I had surgery for GERD, and contracted MERSA from the surgery staff and the 4" incision from my ribs to my belly button was swelled up an inch high and 4" long. I was told on July 3rd that it was normal and the swelling will go away. I was released on the 4th and I asked if I should have antibiotics for the swelling and the nurses got upset with me and told me again that it was normal. I called Dr.Rices nurse the next day and she again told me to wait it out, "Its Normal".On July 6th I was walking in my yard and my incision bursted and shot out about 16" with a surgical sponge sticking to my sweatpants that came from the wound.I then called Dr Rices nurse again and she told me to either to come in then or go to the nearest ER. I went to Aultman ER in Canton,Ohio and the ER doctor squeezed out about 6 more ounces of infection fron the wound, and perscribed me Bactrim DS. The next day it swelled up again and I called Dr Rices nurse again. She told me to be there by 10:30 that morning. When I got there they got me in right away. I told Maricar Gomez (nurse practitioner) to either numb me up or intabate me to drain the wound because I was in dire pain. She left the room and went and got Dr Rice. I told him the same about the pain. Without my aknowledgement, he poked the wound with a pair of scissors and then stuck his finger in the incision and ripped it back open. I grabbed his hand and told him to stop and he didn't listen to me! I was then re-admitted to the hospital to get IV's and a vac Wound pump
Re: MERSA @ Cleveland Clinic
Reply #1 by Blue
Posted: August 20, 2010 at 23:14
I can't even reply constantly because I can
completely picture you being treated that way.
All I can say is I'm so sorry that happened to you

I was in a Cleveland Clinic hospital earlier this
month with a MRSA infection and was allowed to
ooze puss all over the ER toilet as well as all
over my double occupancy hospital room. I
wiped with a Chlorox wipe because I knew better
except in the ER I was too sick and flustered. I
was appalled that they waited until blood culture
confirmed MRSA before putting me in a private
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