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new w/ probable mrsa infection
Started by educateME
Posted: August 7, 2010 at 18:21
new here. read forum guidelines. was hoping to find a thread for newcomers like me so i wouldn't have to start a new topic. but need to be on this forum because i feel very alone and scared.

about me: i am a physical therapist assistant and work in an the outpatient rehab department at my local hospital. the building i work in is outside the main hospital. i just turned 46. i am healthy except have genital herpes for the past 18 years that is very well controlled with preventative acyclovir.

current situation: was in key largo. laying on hammock with my boyfriend. i felt like what was a mosquito bite on my right buttock. said, "i got bit, we better go inside." the next day we both got tattoos. that night the "bite" turned into a flaming, red, swollen, painful mess that was about the size of my whole hand.

i went to the hospital that i work at but not the ER. i first went to occupational health because i am an employee there. the PA looked at my buttock and said he wouldn't touch it and that i needed to go to the ER.

went to the ER. had it lanced and packed. there was one mention that he could be mrsa. had packing removed. boil went away. left small scar.

6 weeks later... (which was about a week ago). first was constipated, got a horrible migraine, sweats, nauseous. felt a boil coming on on the opposite buttock. the position of this boil is to the left of my butt crack where the first boil was on the right. went to the dermatolgist a few days ago. she lanced it. pushed the pus out (she was actually out of breath while she was doing it) and took a culture. she asked me what the results were from the culture they took at the hospital. i don't even know if they took a culture at the hospital. went to medical records to get lab results from the first ER visit and awaiting them. in meantime, my boil refilled with pus larger than before i saw dermatologist. i took a sitz bath with domeboro's soaks and am applying altabax as per my dermatologist. i researched a litte and bought the hibiclens which i wash with in the shower. i use a 2"x4" antibacterial band-aid for a cover. my best friend is lysol. i am shaking with fear that everything i touch and everyone i love will catch this from me.

interesting note: about a month before my "bite" i went to salon to get my hair done. after a day or two, i noticed little itchy bumps on the base of my skull. i would itch them like crazy. started to use a medicated shampoo which helped a little bit.

question: could my scratching my scalp and then scratching the "bite" been the cause of my first boil?

bigger question: if the ER told me it might be mrsa would they automatically do a culture? (will know for sure on tuesday when i get medical records). if not, why? if they did and it's positive for mrsa, why wouldn't they inform me? especially since i am an employee there!!

thank you in advance for any help/advice/comments...

Re: new w/ probable mrsa infection
Reply #1 by educateME
Posted: August 7, 2010 at 18:24
one more thing: i am scheduled to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy on august 24th. how will this be affected if i do indeed have mrsa? still reading a lot of posts, especially about the garlic. i am so tired because i haven't been sleeping well. but intend to devour this website.
Re: new w/ probable mrsa infection
Reply #2 by educateME
Posted: August 7, 2010 at 18:28
oh yeah... on bactrum prescribed for 10 days. was also on bactrum after first boil.

sorry guys... can't think straight. can't think about anything else except this; it's so overwhelming. especially because if i do have mrsa and they knew at the ER, they didn't even tell me how to take care of myself and more importantly PREVENTION!!!!
Re: new w/ probable mrsa infection
Reply #3 by abcdeb
Posted: August 7, 2010 at 19:10
You sound so similar to me! Same age, same mosquito bite thing in just about same place, same name, same type of job (I知 a teacher and also work in a public place).
There are many people here who are much more educated on MRSA than I am, and who are awesome about sharing their experiences. They値l be able to give you better details than I can, and some great advice. Things are also explained in an easy-to-understand way, for those of us without a medical background! You値l learn a lot here.
I値l share some things I致e learned (and you値l get more details from browsing the site as you池e doing) there are things we can do! Taking care of ourselves, for one. I致e learned about proper diet from this site (although I知 a bit lax). Also, taking vitamins and pre- and pro-biotics, especially when on antibiotics. I take DanActiv and it has really helped. Getting enough sleep, trying to stress less, staying hydrated all these things help boost our immune systems. Taking care of our environment, for another. You池e Lysoling that痴 great. Don稚 forget doorknobs, computer keyboard and mouse, phones, car keys (and car, for that matter), wii control stick, you get the idea. I also bleach pretty much everything except for school clothes. You値l also learn about garlic baths and the miracle of garlic as you browse the site. One thing I can稚 control is my school and because of that, I am extra cautious about keeping my immune system at its peak and controlling my home environment. I also wash my hands like a million times a day, and use the Purell the other times! I am not kidding when I say I buy the Clorox wipes in the huge tub. I致e also learned about colonization here (and not from my doctor). If it were me (and I had the same type of hysterectomy last August), I would ask them to do a nasal swab to see if you池e colonized before your surgery. And keep an eye on your tattoo! Speaking of doctors, you値l want to get an infectious disease doctor if you don稚 already have one.
I was just as terrified as you, and I still am. I check 杜y spot every day (I致e had three lesions in the same spot) and I知 getting pretty flexible from all that twisting around! I freak every time something itches, and run to the bathroom to look, although sometimes a mosquito bite is really just a mosquito bite. I was in tears in my principal痴 office (I was completely honest with my principal) because I was afraid of infecting the kids. I致e found that I知 probably the cleanest one in school! Keep checking the site and ask and share often. You池e not alone.

Re: new w/ probable mrsa infection
Reply #4 by educateME
Posted: August 7, 2010 at 19:31
thanks for replying abcdeb! i just finished lysol-ing everything you mentioned! and yeah... i am definitely going to read everything and make some decisions on how i want to handle this as far as doing whatever i can to prevent future problems. (everything you mentioned and more). still on the fence about "coming clean" with my employer... because my employer is the HOSPITAL! i already had a gut feeling like they weren't willing to find out if it is mrsa and i just don't know what will happen with my job if i "out" myself. but again, because i take care of people there's the ethical obligation that i take extremely seriously. a lot to think about. but... again, thanks...
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