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Started by andrew
Posted: August 7, 2010 at 01:25
So i contracted mrsa after having sex with a new partner , been dealing with it for 8 months now, been on rimampfin and bactrim since being on these drugs my mouth seems to stay dry and my tongue feels weird .. also i was also diagnosed with sebboreah on face .. has any one else experienced these problems ?
Reply #1 by Uxmal
Posted: August 7, 2010 at 04:45
Hey Andrew,

im sorry to hear about your Misfortune.

unfortunatly, i got MRSA outbreak infection on my self due to a Wound on my left arm, then a culture of boils began spreading on my buttocks down to my upper legs.

Does your symptoms go away.. then return again?

Do you have Boils/open sores? or just$ Tired, depressed emotions?

I've also been on Antibiotics for about 3 months past, but they didnt make the symptoms go away completely.

I'm not a Doctor or anything.. But one advice i can give you is to have a really balance new Diet.. Because my symptoms have decreased ever since i started my Diet about 2 weeks ago.. I had breakouts coming back all the time. and spreading.. However, ever since i found out that MRSA consumes sugars.. i avoid sugars, ALL the time..

You should drink a lot of Water( i mean alot of water.. atleast 70 ounces of water DAILY), and eat a lot of green vegetables along with Grains, Legumes, and good quality Meat(like chicken) Add some Garlic Supplements to kill the Bacteria. it's true.. garlic does kill staph.

I've been drinking Garlic water for a few days and the Boils decrease.

You Should avoid Consuming.. Sugars.. ANY type of sugars, including sweet fruit. avoid sodas, avoid anything that has starch or glucose/fructose in it. Because MRSA feeds upon sugar. That's why we crave sweets when we have MRSA.. it's not us, it's the bacteria. Avoid Breads, Avoid Dairy Products.

If you have a new balanced Diet you'll feel much better in a few days

i wish the best for you.

Reply #2 by andrew
Posted: August 7, 2010 at 07:58
yea they leave for a month then come back with boil and folliculitis in various parts of my body now starting on my face .. i was taking rifampin and bactrim which seemed to help then i read up on herbal remedies which seemed to work for awhile astragalus / cucumerin/ garlic and echineachea. but yea mustve been the sweets that made it return found my self drinking more sugar like energy drinks. yes its very depressing i even got tested for hiv twice over this and convinced my self that an std was doing this and the drs ruled that out saying that i mustve got mrsa from the active infection of the person i was with . but yes over all i feel not my self i feel sick depressed and my mouth stayed yeasty from all the antibiotics. i was worried that the sebboreah on my face was from another virus but i researched that staph can trigger that to come about .. i got an appt on monday with my infectious disease dr maybe to switch up the meds .
Reply #3 by Mark
Posted: August 12, 2010 at 04:48
andrew I'm on Bactrim right now and I get "cottonmouth". I typically drink a LOT of water, but I have to drink even more since I started the Bactrim.
Reply #4 by ruth
Posted: August 13, 2010
MRSA uses up your B vitamins that's one reason for sugar cravings. Being low on B
vitamins drains your energy.

MRSA uses up amino acids. Whey is a good balanced way to replenish them.

MRSA craves the metals zinc, manganese, copper, selenium. These are critical to your
immune system. They need to be replenished.

MRSA uses pyruvate and makes lactic acid. Too much lactic acid causes pain and stiff
muscles. Alpha-lipoic acid improves oxygen transfer across cell membranes and
increases breakdown of lactic acid.

These are just a few things I do for myself. In addition to an ID doctor I think a
nutritionist is a good idea. If you're short on money research on the internet.

Just a few thoughts.

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