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Roommate disclosure
Started by Grace
Posted: August 3, 2010 at 22:51
My roommate of a few months disclosed to me upon moving in that she was bi-polar and on medication. I said that was fine as long as she stayed on her meds or had a note from her doc saying she didn't need them. Things have been fine until she started developing severe acne and announced she was discontinuing her meds as they were the cause. I reminded her of our agreement and she told me that she had MRSA so she needed to take care of her skin. Now that I have been researching this disease I am so mad! She moved into my home with this communicable disease without telling us, and I have a fifteen year old and a pregnant nineteen year old!!!! She paid rent for this month and I have already given that to the landlord but my instinct is to pay her back anyway and ask her to leave immediately. We dont have a formal rent agreement, but I doubt seriously a judge would expect me to let her stay, especially in light of the fact that at the moment she has open sores which she can't keep her hands off, and she is not washing her hands after! I just learned this today, so I am still reeling. Any advice would be appreciated.
Re: Roommate disclosure
Reply #1 by Roomate Disclosure
Posted: August 4, 2010 at 04:25
Take it from me the fact that you have mrsa doesn't always sink in at
first. My adise would be to treat her with respect and have a
conversation about the risks involved with a newborn and MRSA. The
reality is that she might not have accepted the fact that she has Mrsa
and does not realize the implications. Maybe if you could approach her
kindly with a written information sheet she will understand.
Furthermore she will not want on her concious the possibility of
infection to a newborn.Be Kind and understanding and she will listen.

Give it a try.

Tired of it all
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