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MRSA and muscle aches
Started by momof3
Posted: July 30, 2010 at 04:55
I was diagnosed with MRSA almost 3 weeks ago. I was given bactrim but had an allergic reaction. Was then perscribed Doxycycline which I will be done with tomorrow. My problem is that during the time before I was diagnosed and dealing with my absess (walnut sized pocket under my arm full of puss) and up to right now my shoulder and arm are in constant achy pain. The worst is my bicep - I still do not have sull use of my arm. Typing sends aches up my arm. Is this from the MRSA? Is it eating away at my muscles? What can I do?
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #1 by MOMOF3
Posted: July 30, 2010 at 04:58
Also, I am depressed, tired all the time, have absolutely no motivation to to anything, and don't care if I don't. Is this a reaction to the Doxycycline or is it lingering effects of the MRSA? I feel awful.
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #2 by Uxmal
Posted: July 30, 2010 at 16:57
Hey Friend,

I'm also going through something similiar to that. It is pretty weird how Muscle aches when some one suffers from MRSA. gotta admit, it is painful sometimes. also, i go through mood swings, depression and im tired sometimes. but not because i choose to, this bacteria makes me feel like this. The muscle Aches is cause by the Bacteria's Defense, Which is called "Lactid Acid" This Lactid acid makes the human Immune system weak from protecting itself from Recovering itself.

I've done a little research online that staphylicocous aureus(MRSA) Only thrives by eating Sugar from the Human Host(unfortunatly, we are the Hosts) How much water do you drink? do you also feel Thirst and sugar cravings? You can kill this Bug and heal Your wound By having a raw/vegan Diet. Now a days, i don't eat Junk food.. no burgers no pizza(everyone loves pizza!) no bread, no sodas. Drink Lots and Lots of Water. try eating dark green Vegetables(avoid Sweets as much as you can, EVEN sweet fruits since they have Glucose) You can speed up your Recovery by "Starving" this Bug inside of you.

I'm taking some Garlic Pills, and this Green liquid called "chlorophyll" you can probably obtain both from your local Healthfood store, if not, search online. I'm also using this Cream called "MSM Lotion" Mixed with garlic Powder. I get bumps from this MRSA on my buttocks and some parts of my Torso(It's hell and painful) I use this MSM Lotion mixed with garlic powder on the Boils 4 Times a Day and it does seem to help. Try not to feel so depressed, you're not th only one, i'm pretty sure you will get over MRSA ona day, i've been going on it for 4 Months! don't give up. you can do it.

If you want need more support my E-mail is:

PS: Stay away from Antibiotics, Those medications only makes things worse by building up the MRSA infection inside of your system. take care & God Bless.
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #3 by lori peterson
Posted: July 30, 2010 at 21:30
I got my first MRSA sore on June 22 2010 and the sores are healing up very well. The problem is the fatigue. I sleep 10 hrs a day and am very lethargic. I've been off work for 6 weeks and am wondering when I will have the energy to go back to work. One thing I believe has helped is taking epsom salt baths daily. It pulls out the toxins from the sores. That's good feeback from Uxmal, as I have been eating lots of watermellon. Perhaps this is too much sugar. How long does it take to get your energy back?
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #4 by Uxmal
Posted: August 1, 2010 at 02:01
Hey Guys,

Honestly, Getting the energy back, that depends on Your daily Diet. Since, MRSA feeds upon Sugars from Our body, we crave it. it also depends how bad and how long you had MRSA. :( it takes a while to start feelng better. But eventually happens. never lose Hope

about a week ago that i read an article that this Bug consumes sugars from our body that we consume and in thrives, Reproducing worse and worse with Lactid acid, Protecting itself from Our own Immune system.

One Advice i can give, don't eat any sweet Fruit, sweet drinks, foods with gluten, bread, processed meats, or high acidity foods. means.. no cookies, no soda.. no starchy foods(like pasta or anything with bread as bread/yeast turns into liquor inside our bodies, turning more toxic)

Just try your best to eat pure green Veggies, steamed or Raw, Add some chicken in Rotation, eat Lentils, Beans, Oats, Salads.. AND importantly, Drink Lots of Water(i drink about 64 + Ounces of water per day to flush everything bad Out) If you don't like eating Raw Garlic, You can Get some Garlic Pills since Allicin(what garlic Produces) Kills Bacteria inside of us, it is a natural Agent. Keep your Bed sheets & your clothes clean to prevent break outs. keep your wounds covered and let them air out a little bit.

Since MRSA needs a toxic environment, Our body needs Oxygen in Order to kill the Lactid Acid, Drinking Plenty of water a day, and avoiding bad foods, can help. specially if you just got this Infection.

I Hope the Best for everyone and Heal Quickly.
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #5 by LoisF
Posted: August 1, 2010 at 03:25
I had a long bout of MRSA in my spine. If it weren't for 3 months of IV vancomycin, I would be dead. Please be cautious when recommending no antibiotics. Ladyk can give you more advice on that. Building up your immune system is extremely important. Please take time to read as many posts as you can and do your own research. There is a lot to learn. It feels like the fatigue will never end. I so...remember how frustrated and impatient I was. It does end. It takes time. Good luck to you. My Best, Lois
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #6 by momof3
Posted: August 2, 2010 at 05:10
Thank you for your responses. I had my follow up on Friday with the surgeon and
he said I had healed up well. A few small lumps remain under my arm but he said
that can take weeks to go away. Regarding the muscle pain in my arm and
shoulder he suggested I may have strained the muscles as I had been holding my
arm at such an odd angle for so long (the abscess was in my armpit). I am not
encouraged by how long the fatigue takes to go away - I have 3 young kids and I
work part time...this is gettinn very frustrating. Very interesting about the sugar - I
have totally been craving sugar this past week - everything from chocolate to white
bread...its been awful! Now I know why and I will make sure I stay away from all
that stuff. I did notice also that I'm not drinking enough water so also need to
change that. I will keep reading everything I can and start eating better again like I
was before I got MRSA - hopefully all this will help me get batter sooner.
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #7 by Tana
Posted: August 2, 2010 at 19:00
Momof3, The fatigue gets better. I found that if you are diligent in treatment you get better,if you slack and go back to eating the wrong things and not taking care of your body,it will come back. I learned this the hard way and it took nearly 3 years of suffering before I took it seriously.Do you like Kefir?,it is great for replenishing good bacteria and it comes in great flavors strawberry banana,blueberry,vanilla. Eat Kale,cucumbers, spinach, they do wonders.If you need to talk, I have been there and have learned alot. My email is,make sure you put in subject matter Momof3,or I will think its spam.I think I can help you, God Bless

Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #8 by ladyk
Posted: August 3, 2010 at 20:39
momof3 -

A few thoughts come to mind while reading your post… are you using Hibiclens antimicrobial wash to reduce topical bacteria? Use a new razor when shaving uninfected underarm, be sure not to cross contaminate bacteria by using same razor used on infected armpit to shave non-infected armpit, as this can very easily result in cross contamination of uninfected armpit/legs/etc. Cleanse razor in Hibiclens before shaving. Do not share personal items such as razors. You might consider trying Tea Tree Oil on “few small lumps” as this has camphoraceous odor and cooling feel but does not escalate even on most sensitive tissue in my experience, it also serves to minimize itching, and acts as a natural antibacterial oil which soothes lesion site. BTY armpit is a common colonization site of MRSA.

Those of us with MRSA positive history get this…
[“I am not encouraged by how long the fatigue takes to go away - I have 3 young kids and I work part time...this is gettinn very frustrating.”]

Your system has experienced a serious bacterial blow, as well as all the toxic complications of infection and antibiotic therapy these have on our system. Your immune system can not work optimally doing its biological job of ridding system invader if it does not have the tools necessary to accomplish balance. Supplementing that which you lack from diet helps greatly. The measure of serious infection, toxic effects, and depletion of our system’s necessary balance causes grand fatigue and imbalance. Your system is in constant battle for the upper hand.

So as discouraged as you may be, *there is no quick fix when MRSA is concerned. It requires a life change which will bring you (and family) closer to a healthier lifestyle and understanding concerning the body’s needs in order to function properly protecting us - as much as humanly possible.

Side note: If pain in bicep does not diminish it would be most important to have this looked into. A CT scan often can reveal pockets and trails of infection and should be utilized in my opinion should this problem not resolve. Yes, MRSA can travel about, both internally and externally. MRSA is an aggressive opportunistic pathogenic contagion. A formidable opponent to us as host, and should not be under estimated.

Seriously look into immune support. There are many topics and posts on forum concerning this, which has helped so many of us gain a bit of normalcy back in our lives. Most of all - take it easy on yourself - set reasonable goals each day, and meet them while body is attempting to recover. If you have any doubt in the seriousness of this infection, research will confirm. Becoming knowledgeable about affliction will show how lucky you are missing a serious bullet, and also will prove to assist you and your family in how best to protect yourself and loved ones.

Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #9 by ladyk
Posted: August 3, 2010 at 20:40

*Also, best to use a discerning mind when taking advice on doing this or that (we are all unique with individual needs particular to us - although some measures are commonly used with good results), or sales tactics used by individuals hell bent on pushing their commissioned products for personal gain. Those of us who have been on forum for a lengthy period of time have seen this all to often, and it is common for reminders that such practice is unacceptable on this forum - as it is a grand conflict of interest. Just a caution to protect yourself.

It is best not to fall to extremes - balance is key! Becoming knowledgeable about affliction will protect you best.

How are you doing today?

Hope this helps.

PS Lois is correct… susceptible antibiotics have saved many lives which is represented here on forum, they are often a necessary tool in reducing bacteria when host is being overcome, and although they do carry complications of their own they should be considered judiciously in combination with other alternatives.

Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #10 by MOMOF3
Posted: August 11, 2010 at 05:33
Thank you LadyK and everyone for the information. I had to go back to the dr today b/c the pain in my arm has been terrible. No matter what I do it hurts and aches. My PCP thinks it may be a nerve issue. He referred me for physical therapy and to a pain management specialist. He wanted to give me vicodin for pain but I told him that doesn't work. He prescribed Amitriptyline for nerve pain but I haven't filled it yet as I am hesitant. The dr is certain it isn't muscle pain b/c of the way I described my pain so he won't order a ct or mri b/c he said there is no redness or swelling or other sores so he doesn't think it is pockets of MRSA in my arm. I was never swabbed to see if I was a carrier. Do you think I should request that? But as I am writing about this I am remembering that my now almost 10 yr old son had a cut on his knee last year and they said it was MRSA as it would never go away. It popped once during bactrim treatment and they cultured it and it def was MRSA. He ended up being allerigic to bactrim as well so they put him on clyndimycin (sp?). At any rate it finally cleared up but the pediatrician didn't say very mnuch about keeping him away from others or out of school, or basically how serious it was. She just said to keep it covered. I was the one taking care of him mostly and did wash my hands well after I cared for him but I wonder if I got it from him? Oh well I guess we will never know. I have no new sores now but this arm pain is becoming too much. I am wondering if there is anything else I can do at home. I am thinking of going to see an acupuncturist but not knowing exactly what is wrong is frustrating. Thank you for any advise.
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #11 by ladyk
Posted: August 11, 2010 at 19:07

I agree with PCP concerning PT and pain management, IF one can rule out infection progression.

In my opinion since PCP apparently would rather speculate/medicate… I'd take c/o arm pain to Infectious Disease specialist who understands the elusive nature of MRSA infections, and when making ID appt state you are seeking second opinion and wish to have a CT scan (due to cultured MRSA infection) to rule out infection progression - before covering pain by shoving pain meds into yourself. It is a reasonable request. You might also include son's MRSA history.

Have you tried cold compresses?

You wrote: [“I was never swabbed to see if I was a carrier. Do you think I should request that?”]

The problem with not having nare culture to determine carrier status is if you are colonized you have a reservoir of pathogenic contagion in which to spread about yourself and/or others. There is a bit more information on forum’s associated website should you be interested.

Yes, it is quite plausible you became colonized during your son’s outbreak infection, and taking the scenario a step further… should you have been colonized, picked up the bacteria on your fingers, and scratched a minute opening under arm or created a minute opening due to shaving armpit - this would be a perfect example of cross contamination and reason why I strongly believe we should decolonize when positive nare culture is determined. As well this is one reason MRSA pre-screening is done in hospital prior to surgery. If one is determined to be MRSA colonized they are sent home to decolonize and surgery is rescheduled upon negative nare culture.

Your wrote: [“I am thinking of going to see an acupuncturist but not knowing exactly what is wrong is frustrating.”]

Personally, being MRSA positive I’d think twice about any intrusive procedures such as having needles placed ‘into’ the skin surface, which could potentially provide avenue for MRSA bacteria to enter.

Hope this helps you MOMOF3.

Best wishes to you and yours,

PS Any disease process is depressing both physically and emotionally, BUT… MRSA can be controlled if you indulge in pro-active measures. You might find strength in reading some of the personal stories of others on forum who have battled their way through, and in turn gained back a bit of normalcy in their lives. Be strong... you have others (mom of three) who need you, and don't wish to see you suffer. ~hugs~

Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #12 by Henry
Posted: October 24, 2010 at 22:26
You can't starve a staph infection. Even if you eat no sweets. every cell in your body contains sugars. It will find the food it needs to survive. Eat healthy and cuting down on sweets is my way of dealing with it. Just my own thoughts after readig evvertthing I could find on the net.
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #13 by JAY
Posted: October 25, 2010
Wow .... I never realized the connection to sugar that MRSA had. Even
though I am not yet diagnosed, I remember when I felt the worst I was
going thru these crazy sugar cravings. It was baffling as I'm not
someone who normally eats sweets.
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #14 by Jason C
Posted: May 24, 2012 at 03:57
Hello all. I am wondering if this topic is still active. I recently
went to the doctor for an infection on my left calf and the doctor
said "It looks like MRSA. I am on an antibiotic and I was hoping that
the muscle pain would have gone away by now. It feels like there is
constant pressure on the muscle and tendon after I sit idle for a
period of time.
Also I have had low energy and drive for several years. Could this
mean I have had this virus for several years I wonder? I have lost
several jobs over this fact and even girlfriends due to lack of
motivation and drive to do anything.
All of the information in this forum has been very helpful and I thank
you all from the bottom of my heart. I can only hope that with a
change in my diet and extra attention to my daily hygiene, I will
start to feel better and have more overall energy.
I will add this site to my favorites and check up on any followups but
if anyone wants to answer me my email is
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #15 by danielle
Posted: May 25, 2012 at 07:39
mrsa is a lactic acid bacteria, that can affect the muscles

Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #16 by concerned mom
Posted: June 21, 2012 at 16:58
my son went to the doctor after suffering with a lump on his upper leg for about 3 weeks. the doctor lanced it, put him on antibiotics and sent him on his way. He was back the next day, it was confirmed mrsa. The leg swelled and continued to swell...we made several trips to the emergency room, when finally they admitted him due to the severe swelling and redness traveling up and down the leg and other side effects. He was kept in the hospital for 5 days and released. The swelling and redness is completely gone, however, he has attempeted to go back to work a couple of times and sent home from severe muscle pain. The antibiotic he was on in the hospital made him nausea so he has lost lots of weight. he was unable to keep anything down even though he was given fenegren for the nasuea. He needs to work, has a house payment and family to support. Any help on how to strenghten the leg muscle so he can return to work and feel better?
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #17 by cheryl
Posted: August 25, 2012 at 14:37
i was just dignosed mrsa from a boil i had and now been on medication since june 19 2012 3 rounds of bactrim the antibiotic it has healed up pretty well but should i still continue to put the salve in my nose on daily basis

Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #18 by worried
Posted: August 25, 2012 at 18:04
For Cheryl: What did the dr say? Usually the RXs I get say 5, 7, or 10 days, with sometimes directions to do it again in a couple of weeks. Some people do it every month or two for a set # of days as maintenance/prevention.
Re: MRSA and muscle aches
Reply #19 by Angie7
Posted: September 16, 2012 at 15:28
I had MRSA a few yrs ago and now it's back in 2 places; armpit & booty. My boybriend has boils all over that he told me were ingrown hairs.Now I think maybe they haven't been ingrown hairs but MRSA! He said he's had it to on his leg but these boils are over. Most scabbed spots. I guess I'm doomed now to be like that?? I have a 10 yr old that had it too a couple of yrs ago so I'm very afraid that will happen to him too. Those things on my boyfriend couldn't be MRSA could they? Wouldn't he be in a lot of pain? They don't ooze. Ugh i know this sounds disgusting but I thought they were like he said, ingrown hairs. What are they?? He doesn't take MRSA very seriously and doesn't seem to be in pain. Please help!
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