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fibromyalgia link????
Started by Melissa
Posted: July 29, 2010 at 02:59
anyone suspect a link?

All the overwhelming effects I've read, and having experienced them myself since contracting a fatal MRSA infection--internally--in my head--no visible sore, but a severely swollen face-unknown sorce--not hospital (I was a healthy, fun loving 28 yr old 3rd Grade teacher, for crying out loud!) 2 summers ago, I have never been the same.

Was on potent, agressive treatment of antibiotics--via IV/picc line, 4 hrs. a day for almost 2 months; still had picc line when I started school--could now drive myself over an hr to my disease/infectious specialist who literally saved my life---after initial trip to ER via my Dad, then diagnosis- and watching the look of horror and defeat on the faces of numerous docs/specialists/surgeons-even the staff--rushing me off to others who were also clueless as what to do w/me.

Finally had to go on long term disability back in Dec. b/c I couldn't get rid of yet another severe case of Strep Throat--4 rounds of antibiotics & steroid shots/pills--my family doc-since I was 8-was frustrated and felt helpless-

-sent me to a specific rhim/arthritis doc in January, having mentioned fibromyalgia possibility (didn't know anything about it; wish it had never entered my life), but after a multitude of paperwork, questions, inquiries, procedures, and exams--he regretably diagnosed me as having a severe case of fibromyalgia--started me on the new drug treatment, Savella, along w/various anti-depressants, pain meds, and anti-anxiety pills (on decent days, I would get so "revved up", over do it, and have an anxiety attack).

Anyway--MY NUMEROUS DOCS/SPECIALISTS & MYSELF CAN'T HELP BUT WONDER IF THE MRSA LED TO THE FIBROMYALGIA. It has already been stated that the medical field believes a severe infection, accident, trauma might trigger the Fibromyalgia--I am now really thinking MRSA may be one of the infections that can lead to Fibromyalgia.

Last night, I read ALL the comments & replies concerning the effects of MRSA after the infection has been treated, and could truly relate to all the symptoms people were suffering.

Just thought I'd share my story; looking for Any info? thoughts? stories?
Re: fibromyalgia link????
Reply #1 by ruth
Posted: July 29, 2010 at 04:00
Fibromyalgia ruins your immune system so infections like MRSA can take hold. The drugs
that the docs give you will get the infections under control but you need to rebuild your
immune system.

Glutathione, SAMe, SOD, manganese, selenium. Amino acids, fatty acids. Vitamin D. Are
the most helpful for me.

No junk food or drink.
Re: fibromyalgia link????
Reply #2 by Melissa
Posted: July 30, 2010 at 21:35
Thanks so much for your reply & helpful tips!
I have always had a weak immune system-docs always trying to strengthen me-fatal infection as a baby--probably what made me so likely to catch MRSA in the community, & why it was so fatal for me--
Then diagnosed w/fibromyalgia after 2 yrs. of trying to lead a relatively normal life-ha! what was I thinking?

I/docs have tried a few of the remedies you mentioned--was on a potent RX dose of Vit D--made me feel somewhat better--need to get back on that
have done to no sodas thing & consuming only products w/no or very low
sugar. Gotta stick to it-felt better & lost weight pretty quickly.

I'm gonna write down all the other things you suggested--heading to the drug store later for more Vit-D before I go back & get RX.

Thanks again-keep in touch & God Bless!

Re: fibromyalgia link????
Reply #3 by Tana
Posted: August 3, 2010
Melissa, So sorry to hear of you battle.Are you taking a good probiotic,if money is an issue try Kefir smoothie drinks and or activia yogurt.Use emergen-C packets from Target or Walmart.I have chronic joint pain also from Mrsa along with nerve damage. I just started working out again after 4 years,my last outbreak was a year ago today.Just to let you know how bad I have gotten. I use to body build and 40-60 pound dumbells for bicep curls was not a problem for me to do.Now I just started with 8 pounders and I am struggling with doing more than 10 min of exercise.Mrsa is the worse thing I have ever dealt with,giving birth is easy compared to the pain of Mrsa and the toll it takes on the body.I will not quit and you should try to strengthen your body,even yoga, anything.It will make you feel alive again,slowly,it will hurt,but do it.Believe me,I know how you feel.The meds for depression and everything else, I just felt horrible on them,I decided to stop and go natural, I take Passion Flower recommended by a natural Medicine Dr. for depression.I went on a raw and or veggie diet and I feel much better,I don't think I will ever be 100% again,but I am trying.Good luck to you and keep your chin up.
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