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I haven't had MRSA for 6 yrs.
Started by caringaj
Posted: April 30, 2010 at 20:19
I have been MRSA free for almost 6 years. In 2004 I was hospitalized two times for MRSA. The first time for 5 days when I was diagnosed with MRSA. I had three boils. They put me on Levaquin and Vancomyacin IV. I was sent home with an IV for 5 days. My doctor had no idea how I got this. I haden't been in the hospital, my immune system was tested twice after the fact and I was fine, and to this day my doctor and I have no idea how I picked it up.

The second time - 8 months later I again was put in the hospital with a boil on my leg and it had to be lanced. I was in the hospital for 8 days, put on Rifampin and IV vanco and was sent home with a PIC lines to continue with the vanco and also to continue with the Rifampin. Again my immune system was tested and everything was fine.

Be very careful if you are given Rifampin. 6 weeks after my last stay I had to call an ambulance and was put in the hospital for 5 weeks. The Rifampin, in addition to Macrobid I was taking daily to prevent UTIs, Tylenol PM and the statin I was taking for chlorestoral caused me to have TOXIC DRUG INDUCED HEPATITIS AND TOXIC DRUG INDUCED LUPUS. I was under a doctor's care for these terrible ailments for almost a year.

I have been MRSA free for 6 years, do not have Lupus and do not have Hepatitis. The only preventive measures I take since my hospitalizations are to swab my nose with municipron about twice a week and constanly wash my hands and use antiobiotic gell. No garlic, or antything along those lines.

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