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MRSA and Psychological disorders
Started by Undefined
Posted: January 30, 2010 at 19:11
I am posting this question/story in hopes of finding anyone else with similar situations or answers. I have a life long friend, who was diagnosed with MRSA some three years ago. She has always been a fun loving person and good friend. She is only prescibed meds when she has an outbreak, and the location of the MRSA is in her nasal passage. Her outbreaks occur 3 times a year or more and last up to a month. It seems however that the past 6 months, her personalityhas completely changed. I would describe this change as vicious and nasty. The question I pose is "Are there any connections out there with MRSA spreading to the brain and causing neurological disorders, including complete personality change?" I fear my friend will never be the same since these aren't mood swings, but rather a complete transformation over a six month period.

Thanks to all,
Concerned Friend
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #1 by Lois
Posted: January 30, 2010 at 19:39
MRSA can go anywhere including the brain. First, does your friend have an Infectious Disease Doctor? She needs to consult with him/her. From there the doctor may recommend a neurologist become involved. Of course, she needs to see a mental health provider to rule out any mental illness. Is your friend taking any new medications that may cause these symptoms? How old is your friend?
Does she have family that will help her, also?

Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #2 by Undetermined
Posted: January 30, 2010 at 21:37
Hi Lois, thanks for the reply. No she is seeing a MD, not a specialist. She's not taking any new medications that I know of. She doesn't see the changes that others see, and thinks she is perfectly justified in the things she says and does. She is 45 years old and has had a full hysterectomy done decades ago, so I rule out Alzheimer's and menopause. Finally, she has no family and unfortunatly is losing friends because of her behavior which has now included anger (throwing fits), deciept and betrayal. The changes in her character are rather extreme.

Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #3 by Lois
Posted: January 30, 2010 at 23:53
Your welcome JA. You are a good friend. Will she allow you to go to the doctor with her regarding her MRSA? or other concerns? It would then be relatively easy to confide in the doctor.

Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #4 by Nancy R
Posted: January 31, 2010 at 14:49
Sounds like frustration and depression to me. It's hard to stay positive when you are fighting for your life for a long time. I know what its like. You start living in a very dark world. Perhaps she needs to talk to a good shrink who will likely prescribe anti-depressants. It takes a while for them to work, so please be patient. Her regular GP should be monitoring her case more closely, but many really aren't thorough. That is a problem with medicine today. Get em in, and get em out quickly. What a shame. It gives medicine a bad name.
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #5 by nyker
Posted: February 22, 2010 at 08:08
I wonder what type of medication she is taking. When I had my second bout with mrsa, I
was given rifampin for 4 days. It was horrible!! I was crying all of the time, my muscles
felt weak, etc. I read the warning information and it said something about the effect of
emotional distress and even warned of eating disorders!

Maybe the doctor can change the medication. But she needs to see someone
immediately, and get a couple of expert opinions--never rely on only one!
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #6 by Barbie
Posted: February 28, 2010 at 13:22
My boyfriend and I work and live on a shrimp boat, he has had many bouts with MRSA and apparently is in the low persentage of the population having the drug resistant type. In the last yr I have had him in the ER 6 times for treatment, and in that time period I have noticed a change in his personality as well..I started thinking he may be bi-polar. Now I believe I have been exposed enough to where I am getting it, my legs have been very itchy in the last 2 weeks..I get little rash like bumps that I could literally scratch until the skin bleeds, I dont tho. So here is my Q. has anyone found information linking MRSA to personality disorders and what natural remedies can I use to prevent and maintain existing MRSA?
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #7 by Bob Anderson
Posted: February 28, 2010 at 15:39
JA -

My suggestion would be for you to buy your friend a bulb of natural (non-irradiated) garlic and crush a small clove or45 cut a piece off a large clove and crush it and have her hold it up to her nore a breathe in the fumes. If it gets to be too much trouble to hold it in place, wrapping it in gauze and placing it in a sanitary mask to hold it in place will do wonders if your friend is not allergic to garlic and few people are.

Fumes from crush raw non-irradiated garlic kill MRSA and all bacteria. People knowledgeable about garlic have known this since 1936 when a study proving this was published in the peer review journal Food Science. A single clove of crushed raw garlic was placed in the center of a large Petrie dish covered with many kinds of bacteria. Four hours later all bacteria out to 8" away from the crushed clove was dead. I rest my case.

Some Chinese companies irradiate their garlic to keep it from sprouting.

How to tell if garlic has been irradiated:
Remove one of the cloves from a bulb of garlic and cut it vertically down the center. Normal healthy garlic has small creamy light green leaves in the center. If there are no leaves and the center is empty, dessicated or brownish, it has been irradiated and has NO HEALTH BENEFITS. Irradiation kills the enzyme that triggers the process that results in allicin so allicin cannot form. The garlic bulb is also dead, that's why it won't sprout and grow - dead things can't sprout and grow.

Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #8 by Ross
Posted: March 16, 2010 at 01:56
Maybe she changed because of long term use of narcotics? I know when I'm on Dilaudid, Morphine, Perocets, or Vicodin, more than a couple of days in a row tends to make me snotty, and disagreeable.
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #9 by Mom in Calif
Posted: March 16, 2010 at 04:13
I suppose that Lyme disease should not be ruled out either - it is very difficult to test for accurately, and long-term effects of the spirochete infection can include serious brain and spine problems...Did the original poster ever reply with more information?
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #10 by Robin
Posted: September 23, 2013 at 10:22
I can tell you from personal experience with MRSA and a mental psychotic break
with reality that, yes, absolutely, MRSA can spread to the brain, and drugs given
to control symptoms or infection must be closely monitored to determine their
effect on a person, including any possible allergic reaction! I had a bout with
MRSA that included infectious outbreak resulting in extremely high fevers and
cysts on various parts of my body, as well as eventually extreme mental
confusion that made me think my husband was my slavemaster rather than the
kind, loving man that he is, and made me think that my neighbor was really my
husband rather than simply the funny, gentle, happily married man that he is.
During my time with this outbreak of MRSA, I had a ten day period where I did
not eat or drink or sleep at all. I was rebellious and violent. At one point, my
husband, who is a Marine, felt he had to hospitalize me so that he would not kill
me as a gut reaction from his lack of sleep watching over me. I had to be
hospitalized for two three week periods because of this. It is only by the grace of
God and because of intercessory prayers of my brothers and sisters in Christ that
I am able to think clearly and reasonably now. It is ONLY because of a miracle
straight from the hand of God that I do not have to take any of the drugs doctors
prescribed for me! I do a lot with essential oils and take a silver supplement, and
read my Bible and pray as though my life depends on it, because I know now
more than ever that it does!
But as a good friend, which I can tell that you are, you must know that this may
be a time when your friend cannot care for his or herself and you may need to
help. If you don't personally know The Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior, find
someone who does and ask them to introduce you and then the two of you will be
ready to start dealing with this situation with your friend.
Because of my experiences, I believe this is a physical problem that becomes
mental and therefore spiritual. I believe that the Devil wants to steal and destroy
your friend's life as he tried to do mine, but I know that God is faithful, Who will
not allow your friend to be tempted above that he is able, but will with the
temptation also provide a way to escape. You may just be that way for your
friend. Watch out for him or her!
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #11 by Alison
Posted: January 26, 2014 at 17:00
Your friend needs to see a MRSA specialist. I messed around with non-specialists for over a year, with iv antibiotics and then went to a specialist at the University of PA and she was wonderful, discontinued the IVs and put me on oral antibiotics for 3 weeks and that is it. I have used essential oils in a diffuser all day and night and did not even get a cold during the winter months when they were all around me. I use a nasal spray with thieves oil (mild) in it daily. I grow organic vegetables in pots and, even now, when it is -26, I have fresh peppers, spinach, and many other herbs. I dehydrate my tomatoes and mushrooms and other veggies from the summer.
I have always been a health freak, and am a nurse, but, this caught me off-guard and I had to learn to fight on a new level and have become a bit of a germaphobe. I, too, believe that God has been faithful in directing me to an amazing physician, great direction on natural, herbal remedies, and healing. There are some great links MRSA and essential oils. I use Eden's oils Thieves and Immune blends, Mountain Herbs products, GAIA oils, oregano, silver, tea tree oil. Be sure to dilute pure oils - olive oil is good for that. Garlic and Onion are excellent and fresh fruit and veg smoothies give good nutrition. Those are my tips and I pray for more physicians and hospitals to take this seriously.

Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #12 by Gail
Posted: May 4, 2014 at 19:38
My husband had a brain tumor removed in September 2013, he developed MRSA
in October on the side where the tumor was removed and in January of this year
we had to take him back because it had spread all over his brain. They performed
a "wash out", inserted a drain tube and started him on antibiotics directly into his
brain and through an IV. The CCU doctor and Neurosurgeon both told us that he
would not be able to breathe on his own, that we could have them insert a trach
hooked to a ventilator but we needed to decide if that was the kind of life he
would want. We had them install the trach, two days later he removed the
ventilator tubes himself and has been breathing on his own since. He is in rehab
because he was in the hospital for so long that he lost a lot of muscle mass and
strength. Neurologically he is having problems but is getting better. If it wasn't for
prayers and our faith in GOD he would not be here today. We sent out prayer
requests to everyone that we knew and they in turn sent out their own requests.
The power of prayer and faith in GOD is the reason that my husband is continuing
to heal. Before each of episode with MSRA his personality changed, he also
became mean. Your friend needs to see an infectious disease doctor as soon as
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #13 by Andi
Posted: June 28, 2014 at 07:00
In my opinion, she needs to see a psychiatrist and infectious disease
specialist. Personality disorders are usually life long and stem from
an event that occurred in childhood. They don't manifest suddenly.
Mood disorders are a different matter. I have a long history of
mental illness and also MRSA, and I know that psychiatric disorders
can lower the immune system which in turn leads to physical illness.
Prayer and other religious beliefs are helpful, but for the truly
mentally ill, medication is crucial. Until someone is stabilized on
medication, they are not able to apply their religious
beliefs/practices. Actually, in a psychotic state, I've witnessed a
relative receive "messages" from God that made no sense at all.
Professionally diagnosed mental illnesses are no different than
physical illnesses in that they both require professional help and
medication. Also, severe pain and chronic illness can make anyone
more agitated.
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #14 by Cusanus
Posted: May 16, 2016 at 13:13
I've an ex wife who has been extremely unstable since age 4,
diagnosed schizo affective and personality disorder. All 3
children were born with unusual symptoms and 2 later developed
violent tendencies and persecution complexes with certain painful
physical syndromes as well. The ex wife had a complete physical
and mental breakdown in 1996 with similar episodes with the
children. All of us have had sinus problems that the MDs have gone
to great lengths to dismiss or conceal, especially myself. I've
gone through many years in unending agony stemming from the sinus
area, vitamins and exercise helping me cope while I dodged MDs and
shrinks peddling psychoactives. Finally, after the infection
recently destroyed several teeth, the truth of the matter hit home
without any possibility of error. YOU KNOW WHEN YOU KNOW. My ex
wife was infected with MRSA at age 4 when treated in the hospital
for a broken leg and pieces of flesh fell out of both ankles that
were in traction. I was infected from a botched wisdom tooth
extraction in 1996. The children were congenital MRSA, one also
autistic. There is NO doubt that all of these troubles have come
from MRSA. I've been on hard antibiotics for 3 weeks and confident
I'll kick the bug within a few more, but no MD would have helped
me with that. The real parasites are the med profession and their
pharma masters. Mostly likely most so called mentally ill people
are sufferers of MRSA without outward physical symptoms. I hope
this has answered your questions and may help you. I might add as
well, that during the worst of this I did meet Jesus and got to
know God. These are all facts. Nobody is going to help you but God
to endure, and yourself using vitamins and exercise and nipping
the bug with a whopping combination of antibiotics.
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #15 by Cusanus
Posted: May 17, 2016 at 01:00
Let me add a few comments from a combined total of over 200 years
of MRSA infecting five family members, 3 children congenital MRSA.
Not that the infection cannot reach the brain (and back and
kidneys, etc), but its preferred residence is the sinus where it
viciously assaults the cranial nerves. Most people don't know that
the cranial nerves control the emotions and the attack will cause
severe imbalance, abrupt personality chance, severe disturbances
in behavior, possibly even violence. It comes on so fast that
victims generally cannot comprehend the lack of rationality in
their behavior, leading to alienation from family and friends that
invites further feelings of persecution and a negative cycle. The
MDs are almost always going to ignore or downplay the sinus
infection and avoid MRSA diagnosis in favor of prescribing
psychoactives because they get hefty, recurring commissions and
even expense paid vacations for meeting quota by big pharma. This
is not conspiracy theory, there is no room left for speculation.
Clearly, hundreds of thousands, no millions, are suffering from
MRSA in the soft tissues and sinuses and many driven into the
streets and heavily drugged with psychoactives. This is what we
are up against. By following a firm plan of supplements and
exercise, and with God's help, I've managed to endure the last 36-
47 years, and now within another month I am fairly sure I'll be
rid of the infection. It may take another few years for the
diseased tissue in my sinuses to dissipate, no fun, but I'll make
it. It's too late for my ex wife and children, they are gone.
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #16 by D
Posted: July 18, 2016 at 11:01
My older sister suffered from a MRSA STAPH INFECTION after getting her
legs waxed. She went from a fun loving person to a person suffering
from delusions and becoming vicious & mean. She has created
extravagant lies of vacationing in places she's never actually been
to. She once told my mom she was becoming a recording artist and sent
her two mp3s of what she said were her singing, but they weren't her
voice. I come to find out they were recordings of an amateur music
artist who uploaded her songs on youtube. She has accused my mom of
allowing her to be abused as a young girl and other things that are
simply not true.

I've been trying to find the root cause of her issues and the only
thing that makes since is about 8 years she suffering from MRSA and a
staph infection. Before she had MRSA she was much nicer and seemed
more level-headed, but she isn't that person anymore.

Could it be the MRSA is causing these psychological fits? As far as I
know her staph infection and MRSA were cured by military docs, but if
a number of people are having long-term psychological issues after
being treated for MRSA than this must be what is going on.

I don't know how to help my sister and I doubt she'll take any advice
to go see a Psychiatrist or disease specialist.
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #17 by Tina
Posted: August 16, 2016 at 22:19
My son at 15 years old had MRSA. He was in football - had an injury and then hospitalized for MRSA for a week. Ever since then he has been in out out of Psychiatric Hospitals. He stopped high school also at 15 years of age- everything changed.... Three days before 18th birthday - it was given the name schizophrenia. He is now almost 23 - on medication and disability. I have always wondered if MRSA could have been the cause. Is there studies, doctors, etc... that are researching link between MSRA and mental illness?
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #18 by SUSAN M
Posted: May 20, 2018 at 16:51
Re: MRSA and Psychological disorders
Reply #19 by KAREN
Posted: May 20, 2018 at 16:54
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