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recurrent infections/excema
Started by eriks mom
Posted: September 30, 2008 at 20:42
My 4yr old son has had continuning bouts with Mrsa. I was glad to find this site with people discussing persistent mrsa. We have tried everything, (with the exception of ladyks mention of the shower curtain that will be thrown away as soon as I get home).

My sons problem is excerbated by excema, which becomes more severe with every outbreak. Its a vicious circle for us. We keep him clean with a antibacterial soap, which kicks the excema into gear, he scratches and viola, another sore appears. Now even worse, he has it colonized in his ears, so everytime he gets a cold, we have mrsa pus literally dripping out his ear.

We started with his ped, went to a dermatologist,and now an immunologist. Somewhere in there, there was also the surgeon. I am thrilled with our new doc. We have a new regime that includes daily baths with gentle cleaners, hibiclens once a week, high dose cortisone cream for excema spots, bactraban for open cuts,hydroxyzine which helps the itching and helps him sleep deep enough not to scratch and altabax -if we use this, it means a trip to see the doc.

The spots have been cultured and treated with the appropiate antibiotics. Because he has 2 cousins that have primarary immunodeficiencies we have had some initial testing of his immune system, which looked ok. The new doc has also done some allergy testing (thru bloodwork) to try and find triggers to the excema. We are now just waiting. He has been off the last oral antibiotic (septra) for almost 2 weeks.

I guess I am looking for a couple things: talking to others that are fighting this, suggestions for minimizing outbreaks that we may not know yet, and finding a doc that specializes/studies this.

Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #1 by Joseph
Posted: October 1, 2008
Hi ! If you read through this side and read the replies to the topics you will find a lot of useful information that will help you to fight back against MRSA.The more you learn the better prepared you will be to stop the bacteria from coming back. I suppose that if you red the topics you will know by now that the Infectious Disease Specialist is the one who is the best fit to treat people with MRSA and you should see one if you have not done yet .You mentioned that your son was cultured and the appropiate antibiotics was given,I suppose you mean that the antibiotics to wich MRSA showed sensitivity to.You also said that he is using Hibiclens so you are doing the right thing . My experience with MRSA is that the combination of the antibiotics to wich MRSA show sesensitivity to and Hibiclens are the best weapons against it.I have said it many times here and will spread it again and again that I found Hibiclens the best thing out there so far to beat MRSA . Hibiclens kills Mrsa and you can use it on any kind of skin infection ,boils ,cuts .You have to watch for any kind of redness itchiness on the skin where an outbreak is about to happen and just rub Hibiclens on it ,do not wash it off and do that twice a day.You have to do it at the very biginning of the infection do not let it grow and develop into a large lump that is the key.Also if you use it on the whole body make sure that let it stay on the skin for ten minutes before you wash it off under the shower.You have to understand that in order to stop the bacteria from coming back again and again you have to stop it's mutating cycle and Hibiclens will do that but it will take some time . Also anything that touches the wound or the puss that comes out of it have to be disinfected. Shower areas,tshirt,underwear,towel,bedshhet,blanket, because he may be reinfected by those clothes without knowing how or why. 1 cup of Regular Clorox Bleach mixed in 1 gallon of water is proven to kill MRSA.
Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #2 by eriks mom
Posted: October 1, 2008 at 15:04
Thanks for the ideas. I have read everything on the site!! The hibiclens has not been as helpful to us since if we leave it on or do it do often, his excema flares up --imagine the inside of his elbows, knees and the back of his neck looking like road rash. Obviously this does not help with the mrsa. We are currently seening immunologist rather than the infectious disease doc because of his immune responses.

For the ideas on keeping him clean, any ideas on toys,games, etc??? We try and have toys go thru the dishwasher or laundry or wash with bleach water, but its very hard.

Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #3 by Joseph
Posted: October 1, 2008 at 23:25
If Hibiclens makes his excema flare up you should use it less often and only on the small effected area where there is a boil or infection. It is a good idea to see the immunologist because immunodeficiencies.As for the excema releted itching , have you tried Elocon 0.1% cream ? It is a prescription cream and I found it very useful for the itching please ask your dermatologist about it . On toys you can spray bleachwater with a spraybottle and let it dry for ten minutes,the games can be wiped with antibacterial moist towelettes or with a small towel dipped into Hibiclens. You also have to find out that what is it that triggers his excema and see an allergy specialist.He may be allergic to some food or dust or animal hear a simple skin test can find out about that.
Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #4 by MRSA / Eczema
Posted: October 22, 2008 at 05:10
I too have been battling MRSA with my two girls, both of which have eczema. I've tried nearly everything. If you check out my blog, it will update you and you can see what has worked best for us, as it's too much to list here. It's not easy going through this with your children.
Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #5 by pam
Posted: November 21, 2008 at 12:03
It's my first time on this post, and I feel like I'm reading the story of my life (from
these Moms)... I also have a child - boy, age 10 - who has had severe eczema and
allergies since infancy and now we are battling our 2nd bout with MRSA. We only had
"three weeks off" before we noticed an abscess appear his head. The first time he was
on Zithromax, and I'm not sure if it ever really cleared. From what I've read, not many
seem to be treated this way? In any case, he is now on Bactrum - using hibiclens
(which is starting to exacerbate his eczema), Altabax in nasal cavity of entire family,
Altabax on his open eczema sores and an allergy pill - prescription Allegra as he is
allergic to ethylene diamine (a preservative found in Zyrtec and Hydroxyzine) to help
control the itching from the eczema. His skin always has some open, raw spots from
the eczema so I don't know if we will be able to ever be MRSA clear. I am very scared.

I am taking all the necessary precautions and practically follow him around with
antiseptic wipes and sprays. He does play hockey - so we have to have him dress at
home - and wipe everything down with bleach/water mix or washing in hot cycle and
drying for over 60 minutes to kill any bacteria. Sheets are washed right now every
day, no more hand towels - only paper in the bathroom. This is taking over our lives
right now.

I had a few questions that I don't know if someone can help me answer ... his
dermatologist is from one of the best childrens' hospitals in the country, however they
don't talk about it like it is a huge issue.

1. we are going to relatives for Thanksgiving, and there is a 1 yr. old little boy with
very minor eczema - should we go? Due to the antibiotics, my son shouldn't have any
pustular sores by next week... they are starting to go away already.

2. we did tell the school nurse, she is a friend of mine, but know this can be a huge
public health scare - so we have told very limited people.... my son is very social, do
we need to tell any of his friends/parents that enter the house?

3. Can say, his hands, contaminate if they simply touch something but doesn't have
MRSA sores on them? If I cover the sores, can he try to continue life as usual?

Any advice on these social issues would be helpful - I don't want to put anyone else
directly in danger of contracting MRSA, but also know how common this seems to be.

Best wishes to everyone else battling this! pam

Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #6 by eriks mom
Posted: November 21, 2008 at 16:31
My son has just gone almost 3 months with no outbreak. We are keeping our fingers crossed. It sounds like you are in very much the same situation we have been fighting. I would highly recommend seeing an immunologist. This was what finally got us hopefully over the hump. They can help you put together all the pieces- allergies, excema and the MRSA. With our son, we have to keep all 3 under control all the time.

We use Cetaphil soap and lotion daily for the excema. It has worked great. It is mild and easy on the excema. Then cortisone cream on scaly spots, which we are using less and less often. Any open scratches get topical antibiotic. Cetaphil has an antibacterial soap we use once a week. We have pretty much given up on the hibiclens. It just seems to aggrevate him. One thing that our doc did was give us something to help him sleep without scratching. We had no idea how much he was scratching in his sleep!

One thing I would question for you is compliance with a 10yr old. For us its easy to assure that our his bath water is not too hot, that he doesn't stay in too long, that he gets covered head to toe in lotion, that all the itchy spots get cortisone, that he doesn't reuse a towel because we do it all for him.

As for the social issues
1. Our baby was born on the same day my son went into for surgery for MRSA. We were scared to death about taking a newborn home into it. The baby has never had any problems. With common sense protections, you should be fine, but I think the little boys parents should know.
2.heres what our doc recommended: People have a fear factor associated with this. If they know your kid has it, they may attach a stigma and your kid will be blamed no matter what. Tell those who need to know (the school nurse, his hockey coach etc), but don't advertise it. Be prepared to educate people!!
3. Sores must always be covered. Even minor cuts/scratches. Invest in stock in BandAids. MRSA also colonizes in the nose. Your son is old enough he probably does not pick it (sorry I had a 3 yr old where this was a real problem) but he should be aware that it can spread this way too.

Ecema and allergies are obviously due to weak or out of whack immune systems which the MRSA takes advantage of. Good diet, plenty of rest, multivitamins. We know that as soon as our son starts showing signs of a cold we need to up our preventative measures. When his immune system trys to fight a cold, it also starts to fight itself and the excema gets very bad very quickly. If you continue to have bouts with the MRSA have a doc check his basic immune functions- his immunoglobulins.

One warning, I have seen tea tree oil advertised for helping with MRSA. A friend put this on my sons toes, and 2 hours later he could not even fit in his shoes due to his allergies/excema. Go slow in trying any "cures".

Good luck to you and your family.

Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #7 by Kathy Jones
Posted: November 22, 2008 at 18:10
Look into the healing properties of a natural treatment -- oil of oregano -- it needs to be pure, which is called wild from the mediterranean area. Any health food store will have it or google Dr. Cass Ingram. Wild oregano P73 is the best.
Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #8 by pam
Posted: November 24, 2008 at 23:32
Thank you everyone... yes, it does help. Good advice, suggestions and websites! It
also helps to know we are not alone in this battle! I had forgotten about Cetaphil, he
used it for a while - and then the derm. had us switch to a glycerine based soap, but
that doesn' have antibacterial agents. We also found that a product sold at Target by
CleanWell - an all natural, antibacterial foaming soap - comes in a light vanilla/orange
scent - but again all natural so it doesn't aggravate his skin is one of the few soaps
he can wash his hands with. We are constantly battling the showers as just running
water will sting and leave him crying. But, we make him take them nightly (extremely
stressful in our house at 7 pm)- even if it's a quick rinse with his glycerin soap and
then load on the Aquaphor, and topical steroids (every other night right now) and
currently Altabax to fight this newest battle... the MSRA.
His eczema is from contact allergies - and unfortunately he tested positive for
everything he comes in contact with in the environment. He is just off the charts with
his allergies, but little we do seems to help. And, of course his hands are our biggest
battle. He wears cotton gloves quite often at home and in school and we will have him
wear them on Thanksgiving. I did talk to the parents of the 1 yr. old - they had some
knowledge of MRSA - and we are heading back to the doctor on Weds. hopefully for
an official OK to attend Thanksgiving! His skin and the MSRA pustules look good right
now from the antibiotics, so I'm assuming we should be ok. I did find Hibiclens wipes
and will bring those and bandage up any spots where he has been scratching. We give
him an antihistamine at night - Prescription Allegra 30mg, but he still does a lot of
damage at night.
One of the products we found for itching that does work is Aveeno anti-itch
concentrated lotion - sold near the first aid products in most pharmacies. It has a
little calamine, which can be drying - but that in combination with ice packs if
necessary usually will stop itching if you can catch it in time.
Thank you again for advice and I am going to have his Derm refer us to an
Immunologist and see about checking his immunoglobulins. It frustrates me that his
team of doctors (allergist, derm and PCP) haven't suggested this yet! We have been
desperate enough to try acupuncture (a small fortune!), kinesiology (again $$) and
some homeopathic medicines....
Best to everyone. Pam
Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #9 by eriks mom
Posted: November 25, 2008 at 16:27
Hi Pam,
Just wanted to let you know, your allergist may be an immunologist. Docs normally specialize in allergies/asthma and immunolgy. Your sons problems sound like maybe they are more due to allergies, but you could ask. We went almost immediately to the immunologist because his cousins have a primary immunodeficincy which is genetic.

I would agree with ladyk, ask your doctor about the topical antibiotic use. MRSA is now gaining resistance to the topicals. For our strain we use the bactroban on cuts/scrapes, and save the altabax for places that appear to be MRSA.

Our son also hates showers, the water hitting hurts. Though not ideal, we went to baths. He can get in, get soaped but then he MUST rinse with fresh water. We let the tub empty and then refill and rinse. I am sure you already know this, but your water bill will skyrocket with MRSA!! When my sons excmea is bad, we basically bribe him at bath time. His favorite is ice cream. We have even let him eat in the tub.

Good luck to your family.
eriks mom

Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #10 by pam
Posted: November 25, 2008 at 18:43
Hi - Thanks! I will be certain to ask again about the Altabax use. We were actually
told that Bactroban is now supposedly showing resistance to MRSA?.. and that Altabax
would be the antibiotic ointment for Ryan for life. But it certainly makes sense that it
may risk resistant issues if used inappropriately. I will add to my list of questions!

It's all so much information and difficult to keep it all straight. I can't wait to go back
tomorrow and make sure we are on the right track, I will feel so much better. Your
input (from both of you!) has educated me and helped a lot.

And yes, bribery does seem to work at shower time. Usually allowing video game time
with Dad before bed. And because of his age, he showers himself - sometimes wearing
boxers so I can "soap him up" & shampoo if his hands are too sore -then puts dry
boxers on and then we immediately "attack" with Aquaphor (although I'm going to ask
tomorrow and look into ordering the Exederm) and put on necessary topical ointments.

I actually do think our allergist is an immunologist - but they haven't done any blood
testing only patch and the routine allergy? We just switched to a new allergist
affiliated with the hospital and had him retested and found he was allergic to 18 out of
20 seasonal & environmental things. The allergist prescribed the Allegra and said "see
you back in 6 mths"... I found that very frustrating! Again, it was great to find this
site... because as Moms, we definitely have to do our homework and be the best
advocates for our children!

Will let you know how the appt. goes.
Best, Pam

Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #11 by eriks mom
Posted: December 1, 2008 at 21:43
ARRRGGGHH!! New boil on his tush.

Got new soap/lotion on Friday and somehow we managed to put the cleanser on at night after bath instead of lotion and we did not know. He woke up in the morning and you could tell by looking the eczema was in full bloom. Scratching, and now a new spot. Thankfully it is relatively small and already has a head on it.

But I am upset. I screwed up something and now here we go again. We finally had a routine with the baths, meds, and had his immune system working for him, instead of against him. And now... I don’t know. We are all just tired, of tons of laundry, of a tub of medicines, of cleaning toys, of saying ‘wash your hands’, of doctor appts.

Also it’s hard to explain to people, he’s an active, daredevil, climber, snuggler, learning to read, play in the sand box kind of 4 year old who wants to know why he can’t go to the preschool today.

Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #12 by eriks mom
Posted: December 3, 2008 at 22:24
Thanks for letting me vent. He is doing fine today, bouncing around like only little ones can. The spot opened and drained, treated only topically. And we are back on our routine. Yes, pretty sure outbreak was due to my slip up. Sorry, I said new soap and lotion, but I just meant new bottles.

I am curious about your question about immune support. Other than all the topical stuff, he is just on a multivitamin and protobiotics. I read your post in “MRSA reply #4”. The immunologist wants us to stay our routine – it has worked well for 3 months. We are hesitant to add anything new because several have seemed to trigger eczema. After we get it all back under control, we may try one new thing at a time and see how it goes. I truly think if we can get his immune system back on track and not fighting itself, we may at least be able to discuss cure vs dormancy.

All we want for Christmas is dormancy :)
eriks mom

Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #13 by djwbeyer
Posted: June 2, 2009 at 20:27
My 13 month old daughter is beginning to show signs of excema on her legs and arms. I have read some information that is out there about bleach baths, my main concern is how young can they be without huring their skin and if she is of age how long do you let them soak in this type of bath water?
Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #14 by eriks mom
Posted: June 4, 2009 at 22:11
I would check with your daughters doctor first. My understanding is that the bleach should be tried after other treatments have failed. We started my son pretty young. We put ¼ cup bleach in a bathtub of water, let it sit for a few minutes to make sure the fumes dissipate, and then let them play for 15 to 20 minutes. Always make sure to rinse with fresh water and then apply plenty of hydrating cream or lotion.
Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #15 by Nav Gosal
Posted: July 27, 2017 at 10:43
My beautiful baby boy was born a perfectly healthy baby. As a working mother, I had a perfect plan for him: breastfeeding/formula supplementation for 6 months, food introduction at 4-6 months, and then traditional milk and so on, and I stuck to that plan.
Mom quits job and flourishing career to manage son’s severely worsening eczema, keeping him at home full time, attending multiple doctor appointments, getting blood work done on various diseases, cooking allergy friendly foods and changing our lifestyle to a hypoallergenic one — read, read, read, track, track, track, stress, stress, and more stress.
Finally I found enough time, had enough insight into the condition, and knowledge from reading research papers and studies to start sharing my experience. Now I am runing blog with name of ( This is blog an outcome of my experience in managing my son’s severe eczema, food allergies, asthma, along awesome allergy free-recipes, latest research and treatment plans that worked for us. I welcome you to join me on my journey and share yours!

Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #16 by John
Posted: September 4, 2017 at 21:19
I just found out i have mrsa. I now
remember when i got infected. I was given
antibiotics for about 6 months by a dr for
my acne which triggered all types of
psychological and physical ailments. Now
im wondering if that was due to the mrsa.
I am going to a i.d. dr tomorrow. My face
and back is terrible.and im always in lips are swollen etc. Any feedback
Re: recurrent infections/excema
Reply #17 by Bob Anderson
Posted: September 5, 2017 at 01:06
Not being a doctor, I can't give you any medical advice and so I won't. To educate yourself so you understand MRSA better and discover other ways of dealing with it so as to bring yourself an enhanced sense of well-being, please read my posts about garlic and garlic water in this forum.

Also, please read the Garlic Success stories" thread where people in this forum wrote of their experiences with garlic water. Those people no longer post in this forum because they no longer have MRSA and know how to deal with it at home with garlic they can grow themselves. Even in this day of antibiotic resistance, this old-fashioned herbal folk remedy works wonders. All you have to do is learn how to use it and to understand how and why it works.

Good luck to you.
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