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confused and scared for my kids
Started by Tanya
Posted: January 14, 2008 at 05:56
Hi there, I have a 3 yr old girl and a 16 month old boy. 11 days after John was brought home from the hospital he had a huge boil in his groin along with some carbuncles there too. I went in of course and they never cultured...I am so mad at myself for not thinking of it and telling my Dr to take one. Needless to say with proper cleaning with antibacterial soap and really going through habits to keep it clean it cleared up. 4 months later my daughter started to get styes and boils. Went to dr countless times and never did they suggest a culture. Shame on me for not pushing it harder. The doc finally treated her with bactrim and after that about 10 days later more would appear. He put her on it again....same thing happened, they cleared and more came.

Then John got another one this Oct. and we finally got a culture and it was MRSA. They both were put on clyndomyacin (spelling?) for 7 days. John is starting to get sm. pimples/boils again so they put him on it again. He is on day 4 right now. Won't the staph be resistant to that since he was already on it once? I thought jessica was in the clear but I noticed tonight that she is starting to get pimples on her butt again that remind me of the previous boils. They are not as big but I am so scared and sad for my kids. Can anyone help me on what to do?

Is there any alternative things to give them to try and keep this at bay? Will they always have problems with this? She already has red scars on her butt from all the previous boils and I just don't want either child to suffer anymore. Please help.

Sorry this is so long but I could go on and on...
I would appreciate any replies...God Bless, Tanya
Re: confused and scared for my kids
Reply #1 by Helen
Posted: January 15, 2008 at 03:02
Hello Tanya,

I'm sorry to hear your kids are dealing with MRSA. Here are some tips I do at home. You need to get antibacterial wipes or spray. Everytime someone in your family uses the toilet have them clean the toilet seat down. MRSA can live on toilet seats and bathroom floors. Everytime your children wear something make sure when they are done it goes in the laundry basket. Never wear anything twice when dealing with MRSA. Use Antibacterial soap when bathing and washing hands. I don't know what kind of couches you have? Mine I can slip the fabric material off the cushions and wash them in hot water. You can use Lysol spray also and spray your couches down everyday. I believe I caught my MRSA sitting on my sisters couch. Couches need to be sanitized. Also beds can carry MRSA. If I were you I would get plastic slip covers put over your childrens beds. Everyday the plastic cover should be sanitized than dry it. Put clean bedding on the beds everyday. I know its alot of laundry to do. Just remember MRSA likes fabric stuff like beds, couches, clothes also bathroom floors and toilets. Hope this helps.
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