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mrsa scalp
Started by tara banyard
Posted: January 8, 2008
dear whoever... i am an auxilliary nurse in england kent and i was wondering if anyone had ever heard of mrsa of the scalp??? my mother, who has previously had mrsa in her hands, is experiencing hair loss, as are myself and my two sisters. any ideas anyone????????
Re: mrsa scalp
Reply #1 by Tim R
Posted: January 14, 2008 at 16:07
I have a really screwed up immune system, although its normally viruses that I constantly get. It all started with encephalitus.
My friend is dying in the hospital and one of the many things he has is mrsa. I have open skin wounds on my head and have been mysteriously ill with so many odd symptoms my doctor has seemed to have given up just saying i have a low immune system, yet i get more sick and the symptoms change. Started with strange swelling of my whole upper torso, mostly around nodes, but not all. Small fever, flu like symptoms, and VERY tired. Could this be MRSA and will a blood test show it? or is the nostril the only real test? My friend I have visited and suddenly there are restrictions of gowns, masks and no one with a low immune system, opps too late. The lesions on my skull are of my own doing, something I have had since I was a child, I am 40. Any thing I can convince my doctor I need testing is what I am looking for I guess. Wish all well.
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