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Speaking with the Press
Started by Winnie
Posted: November 10, 2007 at 12:33
I will be speaking with a reporter next week regarding my MRSA experience.
If anyone has any concerns about MRSA they'd like me to voice while I'm being interviewed, run them by me and I'll see if I can run them by her.
Re: Speaking with the Press
Reply #1 by LindaA
Posted: November 10, 2007 at 15:54
please tell then that it would be nice for the CDC and all the Medical profession to quit making light of such a serious situation. The CNN report last week that followed the death of a high school student was tell the public that it's no big deal and that it isn't contagious as long as you wash your hands. We all know that that's a crock of crapola, as all it would take would be for 1 child in a classroom to be starting to get a cold or someone to have something as simple as a papercut and come in contact with an infected child or carrier and away we go. The public needs to know how serious this is and how contagious it is as well as how easy it is to contract it. People have been dying all along from MRSA but it's just now starting to get some recognition . More people are dying of MRSA than AIDES in todays society, and something needs to be done about it.
Re: Speaking with the Press
Reply #2 by ladyk
Posted: November 10, 2007 at 19:26
Winnie -

Tell her about us here on the forum. We are from the UK, Canada, USA, etc. They'll see how long ago it has been since we've been waiting for help connecting the dots with all of us out here in the world who are MRSA infected and are trying to stop it from spreading.

Re: Speaking with the Press
Reply #3 by Winnie
Posted: November 11, 2007 at 12:30
I couldn't agree more that it's a load of crapola, so yes I will bring that up.
LadyK, I will mention the forum... I had a hard time finding somewhere to talk with people about MRSA, so I was very glad to find this forum.

Re: Speaking with the Press
Reply #4 by Arrow
Posted: November 11, 2007 at 17:03
Sock it to 'em. please!

Please tell them that hospitals have too long been slack in infection control. They do not educate their staff enough, ( including cleaning staff) nor family members with MRSA. They are not using the fantastic technology with Ultra Violet light to kill all pathogens in surgical suites, patient rooms and ventilation systems. Regulations need to be set up to implement this technology in all medical facilities. Then his should be a crime punishable by high fines and eventually imprisonment for noncompliance.
Re: Speaking with the Press
Reply #5 by mry
Posted: November 11, 2007 at 23:23
please ask them to investigte bacteriaphage therapy being practiced in republic of georgia and now experimentl in poland with 95% success in eradicating it from the body. the fda does not allow it here but they need too.
Re: Speaking with the Press
Reply #6 by Tina Johnston-Wilson
Posted: November 12, 2007 at 19:17
YES!! I'm glad to hear that your talking to them, and then to think of us, well I'm so greatfull to you!! tell them how many doctour's that you see just blow you off even if you are very sick, 8 months of hell because abscesses all over, now in my abdomin and keep ripping me open because the skin is so thin, and a major case of pneumonia, feeling like your drowning all the time, and now the pain is going up my spine making walking almost it so hard to walk, and the pain has made me sick, all of this because I'm alerject to most antibiotic's, and I don't have a doctour, so they blow you off, because no one wants to give you the time you need to get better. and if it wern't for this site I wouldn't be here. I hear all the time from people the same thing happening to them here in Canada ,and the USA. get off thier asses and help us
Re: Speaking with the Press
Reply #7 by Winnie
Posted: November 13, 2007
I'm so excited to have everyone's input. This is a tough road to ho alone, so it's ironically good that we can be in this thing together.
I completed the APUA survey. That felt good if for nothing else than to vent! MRSA isn't really social conversation when you're infected.

Re: Speaking with the Press
Reply #8 by Tina Johnston-Wilson
Posted: November 22, 2007 at 17:41
Winnie did you talk to them yet? how did it go if you did?
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