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MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Started by Worried in VA
Posted: October 17, 2007 at 23:19
I am due for surgery tomorrow and due to the recent death of a VA teenager (I myself live in VA), have become increasingly worried, or maybe paranopid and was looking to the advice of some of you veterans I have read about (thanks for the motivating support).

About a year ago, I noticed what appeared to be a spider bite on my leg. I went to three doctors, all telling me it would be about a year to see a dermatologist and until then they had no clue. I decided to pray and let nature take its course.
The "sore" has healed, leaving a nice scar, however on occassion I get bumps which I blame on poison ivy (which it may not be apparently).
Because I am having surgery tomorrow(orthopeadic, and my 3rd), I am preoccupied with my health. Could I have had MRSA and it has now traveled into my bloodstream? If so, what are the symptoms of this? On occasion, I get severe cramps, start sweating, get chills, all that good stuff which I have continuously blamed on colitis (intestinal sores from trigger foods like caffeine and chocolate). I have also lost substantial weight. If anybody could let me know what actual symptoms besides sores are, I'd greatly appreciate it.

My prayers are with all those struggling with this rediculous bacteria..Stay strong!
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #1 by Lois
Posted: October 18, 2007
I live in Va also and was diagnosed with MRSA two months ago. It started when I was taking care of someone in a hospital (I did an overnight stay with them). The next day it felt like someone punched me in the eye. I could not even touch the area. The following day my left side of my face was swollen from chin to hairline, I went to PT First and mentioned to the Dr about the hospital and he did a swab from my eye and it came back postitive!! My left eye at the tear duct grew a hugh looking boil. I had chills, pain, and could not sleep. After a week it drained, thought I was in the clear and bam last week the same thing happened to me again! This time it had traveled to the check area. Same symptons, with mass swelling, chills, pain and when the swelling went down it left the lovely boil on the cheek. (not a pretty site). I used steming hot paper towels to the area to draw out the infection site so it will not leave a crater. Go and get a swab of the area for testing.That is the only way you will know.Good luck
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #2 by Dee
Posted: October 18, 2007 at 02:23
I had MRSA in my blood stream, you will suffer from sweats, chills, nuasea, headaches, at first signs no appetite and later very hungery, exhausted but cannot sleep, and when you do sleep its not restful, muscle cramps, irritable, and moody. It took two years to get out of my blood stream and now 1 and half years later I still have symptoms, but my Doc say's it is gone, my lungs are bad my kidneys , adrenal glands, nervous system, digetive track, liver none of these organs function properly and I suppose never will, I am sorry for sounding so grimm, I am 42 and hope I see 43
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #3 by Nancy R
Posted: October 18, 2007 at 08:30
I am certain that you will be tested prior to surgery. It has become routine to do nasal swabs. What you describe is CA MRSA (Community Acquired) and not HA MRSA (hospital acquired). Usually, its the HA MRSA that goes into the bloodstream and effects organs. I had HA MRSA (I may still have it) and have been battling it since this February. I have been testing negative for the last 14 weeks. That is a first.

However, don't assume that since you had symptoms that you necessarily had MRSA. You could have had a simple treatable staph infection that wasn't antibiotic resistant. Entirely possible. MRSA stands for Methicillin Resistant Stapholacocus Aureus ( I probably misspelled that). It is essentially resistant to penicillin and its cousins.
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #4 by Dee
Posted: October 18, 2007 at 13:32
Nancy, I have not been in the hospital for many years and I had the boils and went through the swabbing and the nightmares, and it was in my bloodstream and what difference does it make if its ca or ha it is still MRSA this man worried in Virginia should be worried I did not contact in a medical facility.

Sir in Virginia you should have a blood test before you undergo your procedure, too many times this super bug is made to become a light subject and it is not it is your health and possibly your life I am very sick I am not a cuke I am a real sane person I have a husband dieing with lung disease because of this super bug and he got it after I did it was communicable and rampant in Missouri and still is I contacted the state health Dept's and the CDC nobody would listen, The hospitals and Doctors here called it spider bites, a whole lot of people are sick from this just this morning the CDC was on the Today show talking about how bad it is in this country, go to the home page of this web site and look at the top of the page click on the UK site and read whats taking place over there. The Today show announced yesterday that this was an epidemic worse than aids virus. Don't take it lightly it is serious and maybe some think I am making a mountain out of a mole hill but that is the reason were having an epidemic nobody took this as serious, I spent two years begging for someone to listen to me and now this area is plagued with MRSA there is a post on the UK site talking about MRSA being air born I have believed this from the get go. It is serious and it is up to you to take precautions and asked the right questions and make your health care team take the necessary measures to ensure your health, Get a blood test!
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #5 by Nancy R
Posted: October 18, 2007 at 16:15

You are correct in that MRSA is MRSA. However, the way your TREAT CA is different from the way you treat HA MRSA. For the most part, iff you have HA MRSA and if you choose the traditional medicine route, you will be on course after course of IV meds, usually Vancomycin, Cubicin, Zyvox and or Bactrin. With CA MRSA, its ususally treated with oral meds and surface cleansers and creams. The boils sometimes must be lanced and drained. HA MRSA or deep wound MRSA doesn't present with boils. It presents with fevers, chills, nausea and or diarrhea, joint pain, swelling, deep wound and incision abscesses, blood infection and even lung problems (such as pnuemonia). HA can be fatal very quickly.

Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #6 by Dee
Posted: October 18, 2007 at 20:59

I am not trying to get into a debate here but I will sau this I was treated with vancomycin until I developed an allergy to the drug, then I was given Zyvox, I also suffered from all of the symptoms you describe above and I know many people in our area that have undergone the same treatment and symptoms, I appriciate the fact that you are a health care worker be it Nurse or Doctor, but it is obvious to me that it dosn't matter were one contacts this MRSA if it is or becomes blood borne it is TXed the same way

Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #7 by Original Poster
Posted: October 18, 2007 at 22:05
Thank you to everyone who replied. Praise the lord I am sound and well a couple hours after surgery. To my dismay, none of the doctors or nurses really took me ligitimatelly and I was not tested. They think I am some paranoid person or are in denial of the actual bacteria due to the possibilities of it coming from hospital settings.

After one surgery, three doctors, 5 nurses,(during surgery) and again a doctor and two nurse (prior to surgery when I attempted to have a culture done), no one has tested me. I have all of the symptoms in more acute manners at differnt times as the gentleman whom responded in regards to his personal story. Any advice on HOW to get tested since doctors are not listening?
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #8 by Dee
Posted: October 19, 2007

I new there was more to my sickness than just being in my mind and I just demanded to my Doctor that I get tested and that I would not take no for an answer, if that dosn't work you might ask at the county health dept how or were you can get tested for MRSA they could probably point you in the right direction, I hope this helps you, and good luck you need to ask for an anti robi test Not sure of the spelling

Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #9 by Nancy R
Posted: October 20, 2007 at 15:43

I am not a health care worker. I am a victim of HA MRSA, fighting for my life. I have been on many courses of IV meds, had 4 major surgeries so far this year and hopefully now have HA MRSA in check. I assume that treatment varies with each patient. That is why we go to the doctor in the first place.

However, if you simply go through old posts on this board and the UK board, you will see that MOST CA MRSA is treated differently than HA MRSA. That is my point. Certainly, whatever a physician prescribes is based on test results and hands on observation.

It was told to me that once MRSA does get into the bloodstream, it is extremely dangerous and often fatal.
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #10 by kb
Posted: October 23, 2007
When you get mrsa in your bloodstream you will not get better on your own. My son has had it in his bloodstream on two different occasions after spinal fusion surgery. The first time he was very very sick like a bad flu but it also caused him to become anemic. He was getting sicker by the day. After 10 weeks on Zyvox he immediately had the symptoms return. This time they weren't as obvious but again he slowly got worse (and amenic again) and the symptoms did not come and go. Even though it might take a few days for cultures to come back, other blood work gets out of wack like the sed rate and crp. A simple blood test that includes blood culture should be taken if you have any question as to if it is in your blood. My son seems to have conquered it at this time as he has had 6 months of good bloodwork but he will be requiring more surgery on his spine in December. Demand a culture if you have any question.
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #11 by mrsa in nose
Posted: October 23, 2007 at 04:10
been on nose creams,body wash, oral antibiotics nothing heps,,,should i be on iv,,,also get nanylarge boils.....
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #12 by cindy
Posted: October 24, 2007 at 02:21
I went to the doctor for a regular visit for my diabetes II
this week. She looked at a couple of red marks on my legs
and one on my stomach. She said she thought I had MRSA staph
and prescribed Clindamycin 300mg and SMZ/TMP DS800-160 both
to be taken twice daily for 14 days. I took the pills twice
yesterday and was up all night with dark diarrhea and pain
in my stomach. I so exhausted I called the doctor and told
her and she said to stop the SMZ/TMP DS 800-160 and continue
with the Clindamycin. I have a very sensitive digestive
system was treated for IBS. I think I should of been tested
first before treatment to be sure I even have this. I don't
want to create any more problems. Please someone out there
advise me if you've heard of any of these problems.
Thank you,
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #13 by LindaA
Posted: October 24, 2007 at 13:44
You definately need to request a culture done and a sensitivity test as well to see if you're resistant to any drugs. The results I've seen, including my own personal experience with clindamycin does not work against mrsa. And if you are given it more than a few weeks you will develope c-diff from taking it. Overuse of many antibiotics will cause c-diff, but clindamycin is the one always listed as being the one antibiotic that seems to always causes it. If you already have a sensitive digestive system, you certainly don't want to get c-diff. I have had a partial gastrectomy due to pre-cancerous ulcer desease, and I got c-diff from taking 3-4 weeks of clindamycin, which was the 1st drug they tried for the MRSA. All it did was make me sicker than a dog. I had to go to IV Vancomycin and wound up having almost 30 weeks twice daily during a 52 week period. Get back into your doc and get it cultured and dont take anymore clindamycin if your Gi tract is that sensitive, and make sure that your doc knows this. Good Luck, LindaA
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #14 by cindy
Posted: October 24, 2007 at 17:45
I sure appreciate you writing LindaA. I am not feeling very
confident in this doctor right now as she advised me to continue taking the drug that had the worse side effects. I am locked in a HMO situation and unless I just get a doctor and pay all the expenses I have to go back to her for now. I am trying to look for another doctor. My close friend died two
years ago from c-diff. I think it should be a requirement
to tests sensitivity before having people take these medications. Thank you for your response. Cindy

Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #15 by Rick
Posted: October 24, 2007 at 20:03
THINK YOU HAVE MRSA. Then do a palm check.
While outside in bright sunlight look closely into the palm of your hand(s). Do you notice what appears to be tiny glittery like particles that appear briefly then disapear? If not check again when your symptoms seem worse. If you do notice something, consider having it swab tested.
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #16 by CASSANDRA
Posted: October 26, 2007 at 18:18
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #17 by meghan
Posted: October 27, 2007 at 01:25
i am currently in the navy and was told that i have community mrsa. i have outbreaks once a month for the past 5 months and the doctors dont take me seriously. i am about to go on deployment and i dont think my body can take it. any adivce for me would be really helpfull.. feel free to email me at
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #18 by Tina Johnston-Wilson
Posted: November 3, 2007 at 17:19
OMG!! you guys just scared the hell out of me!! I have every symtom of it being in my blood, my spine has really started to hurt, and Meghan I know how you feel I'm having the same problem with doctour's, if you want or anyone you can e-mail me at oh yes try this one place it's got alot of support it's a cool place,
Re: MRSA in Bloodstream?? Symptoms??
Reply #19 by TIA
Posted: November 28, 2007 at 06:13
exacly what do boils & mrsa have in common...reguarding mrsa going ito the bloodstream how long does it take to get in the blood...where does this mrsa appear on the body...could mrsa come about from an infection caused by boils.....Yes, please All comments Welcomed...Tia
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