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successly treated MRSA
Started by Janet
Posted: September 25, 2007 at 01:20
Hi there. I know this will gross you all out, but I successly cleared a long running MRSA infection, with Urine Therapy in just 2 wks. It was totally unresponsive to antibiotic creams. Id read two books on Urine Therapy, and at last in desperation, having tried everything else, decided to try this strange treatment. It worked! Eleven days later I have beautiful skin. I was overjoyed! All I did, was apply my own urine to my skin and leave it on. I did this 4 times a day. The first week, it looked better every day, then the last 4 days it looked much worse, but I perserved. Then on the 12th morning I stopped, and the whole thing just cleared up beautifully over the next two days. I did some research and found that the urea in urine protects against the proteins that staph produces to ensure their survival. Not only is urine anti-bacterial, but protects your own good bacteria, so the infection doesn't resurge when you stop treatment. Your own urine contains all the antibodies your body needs to fight infection, and can also be used by placing a couple of drops under the tongue four times a day. It is not dirty, but sterile, and the perfect medicine for all ailments of the body, containing all the components your body needs to fight whatever infection your body is combating at any given time. Much like self immunization. After my experience, I am a believer. There is heaps of information on Urine Therapy, if any one is interested in doing a google.
Re: successly treated MRSA
Reply #1 by another piece of work...
Posted: September 25, 2007 at 03:36
Urine is technicaly sterile (unless there is a bladder or kidney infection...) until it passes your vulva and picks up lots of bacteria (mmmm, E. coli contamination anyone?) and yeast that cover your nether regions.

Yummy...drink up...
Re: successly treated MRSA
Reply #2 by Arrow
Posted: September 25, 2007 at 04:02
I know someone who cured her severe dibilitating pancreatitis with urine therapy and no I didn't recommend it to her but I have known about it for many years and have known other people who have done it, but none for MRSA so I can not report on that. Doctors did every test in the book on my friend and could not find a cause as to why she landed in the hospital every month or two in major pain needing morphine IV. Now she has been pain free for over a year and her health is greatly improved from urine therapy that she learned from her mother in Poland who claims she would have been long dead without it. Now doctors are wondering why she is well. She won't tell them ; )) She has a $200,000 hospital bill hanging over her head but glad to be alive and pain free and able to eat normally again, and no it was not her gall bladder. She doesn't have one any longer. Doctors were sure it was something up with the pancrease due to some enzyme or some other kind of tests that would come back highly abnormal.
Re: successly treated MRSA
Reply #3 by yeah, riiiight...
Posted: September 25, 2007 at 04:54
Part of the treatment for pancreatitis is to prevent an episode with reducing fat intake (no KFC binges) and other dietary changes, but then E. coli and yeast are fat-free.

Mmmmmmm, num num...

Re: successly treated MRSA
Reply #4 by maria
Posted: February 16, 2011 at 20:06
wonder how long she was on urine therapy to heal her debilitating pancreatitis. just started today and i noticed pain reduction. would love to get back to eating food regularly again. thanks for posting, it definitely gives me hope
Re: successly treated MRSA
Reply #5 by Peter From Nigeria
Posted: April 26, 2017 at 17:24
My name is Peter from Nigeria. I've been suffering MRSA for more than 13 years now! I experience blisters, rashes or boil in my manhood, and this occours monthly. I also have weak erection, and that's what moved me to get myself tested; behold, I was diagnosed MRSA! I treated myself but to no avail. Recently, I read something about Urine therapy on net that it cures all ailments, including staph. Then I gave it a trial. I have been drinking my own urine for the past 8 days now. I went on URINE FAST for 3 days within this 8 days. I can tell u convincingly that there's serious improvement. Since I was diagnosed a chronic MRSA and it has been long in my system, I still want to continue with Urine therapy for next one week to make I'm completely cured of staph let me enjoy my life once again. I have the faith that UROPATHY will kill Staph completely from my system. Since the day I stared drinking my own Urine ( first early morning urine, the middle stream), I have experienced good health, and seen changes in my body - looking healthy. I advise anyone who has any type of chronic sickness to drink his or her own URINE with one mind, I asure you, you Will see wonder of urine in your life.
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