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MRSA experience and 5month old's rash?
Started by icesk8r
Posted: September 17, 2007 at 11:55
I started getting MRSA infections after the birth of my son in April. Of course, all doctors are quick to say it wasn't because of the hospital. Possible I became colonized from my daughter (was going to daycare). I had her 2 yrs ago and never had issues with MRSA after her birth. She and my son are both colonized with MRSA.

Anyway, started as a bacterial vaginal infection and UTI not long after being in the hospital (had stitches in the area). Husband got an infection on his leg at the same time. (possibly from doing the laundry or just being in the same bed). We both take antibiotics then a few weeks later I get it again under my arm from a shaving cut. Go to Infectious Disease doc and get antibiotics. Husband gets it on his neck a few weeks later where he had a nick from shaving. I then get it again about the same time. We both just used bactrum cream on our boils because we're sick of antibiotics.

Now, I have it again as a vaginal bacterial infection and I'm on antibiotics. I was on about the last day of my cycle and maybe things were still irritated from that and intercourse may have made it worse and MRSA just infected where I was irritated. I'm sure I still have MRSA living on my skin in key areas just waiting for the smallest irritation to invade.

Another issue is my 5month old. He does drool like a madman and I know that can cause a rash but his rash is soooo out of control. No boils though. Can MRSA cause a rash but no boils?

So..after all of question is if anyone has had to deal with vaginal MRSA infections before and if so, had any issues with that? I never really had bacterial infections in that area (maybe once in the past) until birth of my son.
Re: MRSA experience and 5month old's rash?
Reply #1 by Jessica
Posted: September 17, 2007 at 14:40
Do you mean an internal vaginal infection, or a skin infection down there? My "official" outbreak was on my rear end, but I'm quite sure that I had smaller boils along my bikini line before that, as they were similarly red and painful. To address this, I have totally stopped shaving in that area--I used a depilatory cream over the summer and will now start going au naturale until next season. I also used mupirocin to decolonize in that area and now I give a swipe of hand sanitizer along the bikini line twice a day. It sounds like it would be ouchy, but really not. I wouldn't do that if you are still shaving down there, though, because that really might feel like setting yourself on fire.

I have also been diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis a couple times while all this was going on, but I've been guaranteed it's not MRSA, and that it's almost unheard-of for MRSA to cause BV. They said there's no evidence of the "bunch of grapes" appearance of staph bacteria under the microscope. Complicating this is the fact that my OB/Gyn says it's not BV, while my GP says it is. I guess it's just a question of how much bacteria is normal down there. Anyway, no staph down there.

I too have a little one at home, as well as a 4-year-old, and I don't know if they are colonized or not. They both have sensitive skin and get mysterious rashes a lot. But I'm generally inclined to assume it's *not* MRSA unless it's obviously an infection--with swelling and/or a pustule. Both have had one infectious skin rash in their lifetime--though in neither case was it anything like an MRSA boil--and in both cases they were speedily treated with mupirocin and have not had a recurrence.

It's really very though-provoking how many women seem to get MRSA infections shortly after the birth of a baby. Is it being in the hospital? Is it the stress of childbirth/nursing weakening the immune system? It's something that should be looked into.
Re: MRSA experience and 5month old's rash?
Reply #2 by icesk8r
Posted: September 17, 2007 at 15:26
The doc said I had BV first after receiving the test results. The MRSA culture was being done at the time and I just found out Friday that it was positive for MRSA. The first time I had it I had a BV and UTI after birth of my son. Even then, the doc said the UTI test could have been contaminated because urine touches the skin, which could contaminate the test but that the BV was definitely positive for MRSA. They didn't say anything about it just being on the outside.

Twice, when I have had it in that area, I did develop a boil in the area AFTER I was diagnosed with an MRSA infection. This time, I have NO boils but I've tested positive for MRSA infection. Wondering if I get the BV then the MRSA invades and makes it worse. Who knows...I feel like I have a UTI right now.

Just spoke to the pediatrician and they want to see my son for his rash even though they jsut saw him last week.

I'm afraid to even have intercourse with my husband at this point. I will seriously be checking into the natural remedies I've seen here and other sites. This is getting ridiculous. The pediatrician's nurse just told me they are seeing a huge increase in MRSA cases. Wonderful.
Re: MRSA experience and 5month old's rash?
Reply #3 by Help!
Posted: October 4, 2007 at 15:53
I have had a MRSA infection under my arm after giving birth and then my 7 month old gets one on his chin after getting bitten by a bug. I now have a spot in the skin near the vagina that has come and gone a couple times on it's own. It looks like a pimple, comes to a white head, drains, etc. It has been gone for several weeks and after finshing my cycle last week it appeared again. Now the "pimple" is not as noticable but there's a little pain/discomfort and tender where this spot is. Should I go in for antibiotics or should I try applying bactroban cream?

Re: MRSA experience and 5month old's rash?
Reply #4 by KATHY
Posted: October 11, 2007 at 18:11
Re: MRSA experience and 5month old's rash?
Reply #5 by tammy
Posted: November 24, 2007 at 17:49
I have had a rash for abot 4 wks it is on both of my sides of my body and I do find it to be itchy and goes away a bit and then comes back but the spots that are disapearing are scarring there is no drainage from them>but just today my brother-in-law whom we have been seeing regularly in the hospital and rehab facilities for the past 2 months was diagnosed positive for MRSA I am quite concerned at this point.What does this mean
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