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urinary problems
Posted by lacey
Last Reply October 10, 2012 at 16:35
Started October 8, 2012 at 16:36
Ok, so i had mrsa from a spider bite when i was 18, had a
painful lesion on my arm that was surgically removed,
spent four days in the hospital then when i went home
finished all of my antibiotics, for the next three years had
horrible pain in my lower abdomen and very painful much so that it made it hard for me to stand
let alone keepa steady job. I tried so many drs and lots of
antibiotics but all the pills just made it worse. So i just
gave up because i was tired of people poking around
inside my vagina with no results, not to mention all the dr
bills i have, so many that i just started throwing away all
the one would listen to me they all thought i was
over reacting our trying to make it sound like i was in
more pain than i was.
Its been two years since them and I'm still in pain.its not
as bad as it used to be because over time i think i built up
a tolerance and i learned Wat food make it worse. I
struggle with fatigue and ... read more

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What Next?
Posted by Helen
Last Reply October 7, 2012 at 21:59
Started September 24, 2012 at 20:46
My MRSA infection went misdiagnosed for about 3 years. About 14 anti-biotics later, I
finally went to an urgent care and requested a referral to an ID DR. He put me on
Bactrim and Bactro- Ban ointment for my nose. It improved but didn't go away. So
another round of Bactrim and A different ointment for my nose When I finished that
round, I went back because the soreness in my nose had not improved although the skin
lesions were better. He did another culture and it came back "no-Growth" I didn't feel
like it was gone because of my nose but the Doc disagreed. Two months later, the skin
lesions are coming back. I have had so many antibiotics I am afraid to continue taking
them. should I see some one about my immune system?

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How do I know if I still have MRSA
Posted by Joseph M
Last Reply October 3, 2012 at 22:11
Started October 1, 2012 at 21:18
2 weeks I had a abcess on my abdomen. Got it drained and everything. Results came back and it was MRSA. I got put on Clyndamacin for 10 days stopped after 3 days because I was having an allergic reaction.. Then put on doxycycline hyclate for 7 days.. I have now finished and the abcess has gone away. How do I know if i still have MRSA? Can I get tested again? Please someone answer this question.
Thank you

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Cure Mrsa
Posted by Mary
Last Reply October 3, 2012 at 12:36
Started May 22, 2012 at 16:41
Hi everyone. Last summer my daughter had a strange looking bug bit(I thought at the time) on her leg that was intially red and swollen and over night pussed up into a blister. My mrsa nightmare began. I spread to me and my other two children. Right now I have been symptom free for about 2 months, two of my children for 5 months. Just wanted to share what I did to keep the MRSA at bay.

On the skin for any kind of red raspberry colored, itchy red spot. I mixed essential oils eucalyptus, oregano, pine needle and tea tree oils with a base of coconut oil. I used all 4 at once because the bacteria can become restistant pretty quick, as I found out when I only used oregano oil by itself. But with all 4 oils, I get a good sized raised red spot to disapear in about 3 days applying this mixture 2-3 times per day. (do becarefull with dilution,I used to much oregano and got a skin burn on one of my legs)Its a great oil if diluted properly.

Everyone bathed with Dial liquid body wash e... read more

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MRSA in Maryland
Posted by Barbara
Last Reply October 1, 2012 at 19:20
Started January 12, 2005 at 20:54
Hi Everyone, I know exactly how you all feel. My 20 year old son has MRSA and was diagnosed with it back in June of 2004. Sinse than he has had it 5 different places. He was hospitalized with it 2 times and had surgery to remove large infected boil type sores which they cut out of his body and left large open areas that had to be packed with dressings everyday until they were healed. Luckily we know what to look for now and the other sores were caught early enough were one was lanced in the emergency room and the other one he got while shaving. That one my son more or less squezzed the crap out of and we used antibacterial ointment on and it healed fine. Needless to say I bought him an electric razor after that. He has been on different antibiotics with a course of DS Bactrum hat he took for 3 straight weeks. Did the nose stuff for a week to kill any MRSA strands and evan did an antibacterial ointment under his nails for a week 2x's a day. We went to an infectiuos disease d... read more

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what are my risks
Posted by ben
Last Reply October 1, 2012 at 19:15
Started September 29, 2012 at 02:55
i am 29 had my 1st Abscess 3 monthes ago and its almost healed now. it had alote of fulid and was really really red .what are my risk now? it healed fast,they put me on antibiotics fast.they say now iam a carrier.
and they say i am fine now they never tested any more.

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MRSA, RA, OA, Osteomylitis
Posted by Brenda
Last Reply October 1, 2012 at 18:53
Started September 20, 2012 at 18:59
HELP! My mother is 76 years old and has MRSA; RA; OA; Osteomylitis; compression fracture (mostly healed); a 27 year old metal implanted knee......
Mom began feeling very fatigued (more than usual with the RA) late last year. In January & February made almost weekly trips to the doctor with back pain and also an ER visit in late February, 3 days after her remicade infusion. Each time sent home with more "pain killers" & told to "rest". They had scheduled a cortizone injection in her spine for 3/12/2012, but on 3/8/2012 was taken by ambulance to the ER after her leg gave out causing her to slide to the floor & not be able to hardly move at all. They drugged her HEAVILY, inserted a catheter & tried to send her home with me! I insisted that was not possible & they need to look at her EXTREMELY swollen knee. They insisted the problem was her back and started preparing to perform vertaeplasty? Then the blood tests came back with the Staph infection and on 3/12 they began Vancomycin AND D... read more

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Posted by CATM
Last Reply September 30, 2012 at 06:35
Started September 30, 2012 at 06:35
So my sister and I work in a nursing home and have almost no knowledge or MRSA except for what precautions to take when caring for a person with MRSA. As of yesterday she came to me and was worried because she thought she had a bladder infection but when the burning went away and she was able to hold a normal flow schedule again she noticed a very familar smell. It's the same one we smell at work everyday when we empty these catheter bags we don't really have any money to go in and test her but does anyone know symptoms we should look for before I take her in. She won't go unless we have a real reason to believe there is a problem

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New Garlics in America
Posted by Bob Anderson
Last Reply September 26, 2012 at 15:03
Started September 25, 2012 at 18:34
I thought I would make a thread clarifying what kinds of garlics I am talking about so people would have a better understanding of the garlic posts.

Up until 1989 in the USA there was only one kind of garlic in stores and it was California Late, a hot but not very flavorful Artichoke variety of garlic from Gilroy, California.

In 1989 as the old Soviet Union was collapsing, it called the USDA to finally approve a garlic gathering expedition to the old Silk Road between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea where garlic originated and spread to the rest of the world. They visited many towns and villages collect samples of the local garlics and brought them back to the USA and had them grown out by experienced growers and thus they entered the public marketplace. To distinguish these colorful, flavorful garlics from ordinary white grocery store garlic they became known as gourmet garlics because they all had different appearances, degree of garlickiness, pungency (hotness when raw)... read more

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Staph and quorum sensing
Posted by ruth
Last Reply September 26, 2012 at 14:58
Started September 26, 2012 at 14:58
In Staphylococcus aureus, the quorum sensing system was identified as a regulator of
virulence factors.

VLDL and LDL interfere with the quorum sensing system that upregulates genes
required for invasive Staphylococcus aureus infection. A shortage of choline prevents
the liver from making VLDLs and delivering its fat stores to the appropriate tissues.
This causes fatty liver disease.

Our calorie-rich but nutrient-poor diet processed food has led to an epidemic of fatty
liver disease that tracks our rising obesity and diabetes rates.

The low-profile but essential nutrient choline provides the solution to the problem.
Supplementation with lecithin is an effective and affordable way to get enough choline.
Increasing methionine consumption also improves fatty liver disease. Methionine Food
sources include beans, eggs, fish, garlic, lentils, meat, onions, soybeans, seeds, yogurt.

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I survived
Posted by kevin barker
Last Reply September 25, 2012 at 16:00
Started September 25, 2012 at 15:26
I was a scrap metal worker and I got the mrsa through a cut on stainless steal. I went to the doctors complaining of a sore back , and then went to the hospital. I went there on Thursday night and woke up in I.C.U 7 days later .Mrsa got into my bloodstream, I was on life support and had renal failure as well. I was in hospital for 5 months and went out in a wheelchair .I have since then a total hip replacement as the disease ate my bone. It also destroyed some of my back , and affected my kidneys and heart . I am a very lucky man , praise the lord .I am 58 years old ..kevinbarker54 at hotmail dot com

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phage therapy
Posted by onelove87
Last Reply September 24, 2012 at 23:10
Started September 24, 2012 at 13:20
I was wondering if anyone has gone to Georgia or Tijuana, Mexico to receive phage therapy for MRSA. If so, please let me know the cost and the effectiveness.


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Mrsa treatment??
Posted by Heather f
Last Reply September 23, 2012 at 04:51
Started September 21, 2012 at 04:39
I recently went to the doc for what I thought was a spider bite, but the doc said it
was more than likely MRSA. It was seeping yet so he wasn't able to take a
culture..instead he put me on augmentin. I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant so I'm
assuming that's why he didn't put me on something stronger. But everything ive
read said augmentin isn't strong enough. Should I go back and request
something stronger or just hope the augmentin works?? Thanks in advance!!

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2012-2013 Influenza Vaccine
Posted by ladyk
Last Reply September 18, 2012 at 17:39
Started September 18, 2012 at 17:39

Live nasal spray vs. dead virus flu shot?

With flu season rapidly approaching… I would like to bring awareness to the following distinction between ‘live virus nasal spray vs. dead virus flu shot’ vaccines.

[There are two types of influenza vaccine:
*Live, attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) contains live but attenuated (weakened) influenza virus. It is sprayed into the nostrils.

*Inactivated (killed) influenza vaccine, the “flu shot,” is given by injection with a needle. This vaccine is described in a separate Vaccine Information Statement.

Vaccine Information Statement

Influenza Vaccine
LIVE, Intranasal

*LAIV is not recommended for everyone.

The following people should get the ‘inactivated’ dead virus vaccine (flu shot) instead:

-Adults 50 years of age and older or children from 6 through 23 months of age. (Children younger than 6 months should ... read more

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please help, running out of time
Posted by rosefed
Last Reply September 18, 2012 at 02:12
Started July 29, 2012 at 04:17
Hello, i have been fighting MRSA for over ten years, sometimes im on top, sometimes im not, but, i have made it this far, in the process i now have CHF, RF, kidney disease, i have fought back from being told i have 6 mnths to live 2 years ago, and as of right now, i am in a rehab hospital getting physical therapy so i can start walking again, but, for the last 4 weeks i have had an active infection, at first i went to the er, told them oral antibiotics don't work for me, so of course they gave them to me and sent me back here, i ran the course of them, then the dr here put me on IV meds, but, the wrong ones, i told them what i had, they didn't do cultures or anything.

Finally, after a week of those not working, they changed me to CHLEMDAMIACYN *spelling may be off* since i had already developed an allergic reaction to VANCOMIACYN , so couple weeks on that, no better, plus, i get an allergic reaction to it.

So now, since they wanna show they are at least trying something, they ... read more

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Meth sores
Posted by mnfella
Last Reply September 15, 2012 at 22:31
Started September 15, 2012 at 22:31
i am wondering if this is a way to tell if my friend is still using
meth?? how long does it take for the sores to heal after a person has
stopped using meth?

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Posted by Tleecet
Last Reply September 14, 2012 at 16:32
Started September 13, 2012
I was just diagnosed with MRSA today after a lab came back positive. My concern is that I have had a very low white blood count with it being at 2.1 two days ago. My General Practitioner has only prescribed Septra as the antibiotic to treat the MRSA however it is my understanding that it can take various types to clear it up. In addition, I am experiencing flu-like symptoms and am concerned that with my already weakened immune system and low WBC, my body could be having a difficult time fighting everything going on. Should I be worried? If I do go to the hospital, will they treat me with something stronger to take care of the MRSA?

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ITCHING: What remedy works?
Posted by RAY
Last Reply September 13, 2012 at 16:05
Started September 2, 2012 at 04:49
There are a few threads on itching and some have recommended remedies, but I have to ask again, what remedy works. I have itching on the skin in the groin area. I have taking garlic baths every night for the last eight nights, and it has helped. But I am certain if the itching is side effect of bathing in hot water too much or not. I don't scratch it, but it is painful. I have tried tea tree oil, aloe cream, and several other creams without much success. Maybe taking too much hot baths, dries and cause skin inflammation? I have even used lemon juice as someone recommended in one of the threads, but that has not helped either.

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MRSA Success Story
Posted by Michael Halperin
Last Reply September 11, 2012 at 15:29
Started September 6, 2012 at 16:44
Hey People. I am a 22 year old, just graduated from College. My junior year in college I
got a MRSA infection on my left hip. I took bactrim, and figured it would go away, not a
big deal. A month later it came back even harder. Hours of applying warm moist
towels on it, showering in weird Hibiclens antiseptic, and taking more Bactrim. It hurt
so much. Then I got two MRSA stye infections in my eye. They sucked. I treated it as
well as I could and then six months later it still came back! I have never felt such dread
in my life. I was convinced that I would have this forever. The worst part was reading
these awful internet posts about MRSA. Never a success story. I was so discouraged. I
got three more infections. I was worried that I would never have sex with a girl again,
that I would become anti-biotic resistant. I blamed myself for the disease, saying that
it was because I picked my nose, or because I wasn't clean enough, or because I ate too
mu... read more

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Posted by mouse
Last Reply September 8, 2012 at 15:59
Started July 16, 2012 at 21:38
we just recently found out that my stepfather had this, he just passed whats the chances that it was passed on to others that are very suspetable on infection? or the rest of us???

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